Tuesday, March 21, 2006

After Conquering (or destroying depends on your POV) Main Street Walmart Moves On To China - My Morning Rant

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. plans to hire up to 150,000 employees in China over the next five years, five times its current work force there, as it expands its number of stores, the company said Monday. WalMart has targeted China, which has long been a major supplier of its products, as a key region for its international store growth. It now has 56 stores in China with about 30,000 employees and plans to open 20 more stores this year.

I don't like Walmart, sure they sell lot of crappy stuff for cheap, but their warehouses are energy hogs, they have discriminated against their women employees, turned a blind eye to subcontractors employing illegal alines as workers, and don't pay some of their workers enough to even afford health insurance or offer them any. Not to mention the fact that shopping at Walmart is depressing. They have also driven out smaller retail and mom and pop kind of operations out of business with the efficiences of scale and all. With all the aforementioned I refuse to shop there.

I was listening to NPR on the drive home, and heard about the report that I link to. They had some analyst on saying people in China want cheaper prices, they don't care where and how that happens, so if Chinese mom and pop retail stores go out of business it won't be too bad as the people won't be too concerned.

WTF? Did he poll the Chinese people? Are the Chinese people so enamored with Walmart and their newly found ability to consume that they don''t care about the rather unpleasant sideeffects of a Walmart expansion? The other things that concern me is that it will be easier for Walmart to get away with it's anti-labor practices in commie China. Also what if the Chinese want cheaper stuff than what they get? Will Walmart start operations in the new Iraq (which our nitwit president keeps telling us is fine despite the little violence which we see magnified by the media)? I am sure it will be cheaper than China. ;-)

Rant over!


opinionatedinjerzee said...

yeah!! i hate walmart.. they are like the freakin retail mafia..nice post.. i heard about this yesterday as well! As well as Dell is going to hire 900,000 more people in india.. mainly call centers.. once hubs had an interesting conversation with a guy in the HP call center in india.. the poor guy was so nice, he was inviting us over there to visit!!

Mr. J said...

Now let's go get something to drink. ;)

The Comic Project said...

would be interesting to see China gobble up Walmart :) Amazing how the Chinese have the US in a deathgrip.

Viewer said...

donno wht will happen if comes to india who is currently in the phase where people are crazy abt malls and stuff

... said...

I have a slightly different point of view on this one. As sad as it is to see your childhood "kirana" stores being wiped out, I think "walmarts" are good. I don't mean the brand per se. They provide employement to thousands and FORCE the local monopolizers to offer competitive prices and services.

However, I didn't like Walmart because as soon as it came in our neighbourhood in the US, it caused the property value to crash and also brought in a different kind of a crowd that made us feel a little uncomfortable.