Monday, March 13, 2006

Dinner At The White Dog Restaurant In Philadelphia
The dinner was a few weekends ago, but I only managed to get the picture from the digital camera to the computer on Sunday night. Just been crazy busy or lazy. I like the digital camera (Nikon Canon Powershot A520) but am not getting rid of the trusty old Minolta SLR which has given us many great pictures and memories.
When we visit Philly and our friends B & M who work at the near by UPenn, it's often easy for us to go to the White Dog for dinner or a weekend brunch. As their web site "Known for our unusual blend of award-winning cuisine and social activism, the cafe presents numerous events throughout the year which please palates while raising consciousness." It's not just the food (which is great) but also their social activism that makes it a magnet for foodies. Their menu combines high quality, seasonal farm fresh ingredients purchased from local farmers. We had a most succulent, delicious steak, an excellent salmon and a veggie dish (B is a veggie). The creme brulee was good as what the choclate cake. Yum!
I do believe that to some of us have sort of lost the connection with food and the earth and the whole process of sustainable agriculture. A lot of the meat we consume today has been raised with animals fed an unnatural diet or hormones or pumped full of antibiotics.
It can be strange eating say cauliflower or lettuce coming from California in the dead of the winter here on the East Coast. As a personal opinion, I do find that eating some of the produce from half way across the country out of season just does not taste the same if it were grown organically and/or locally in season.
Ayways if any of you get a chance to visit Philly ( a city chock full of great restaurants) do go to The White Dog. Great food and cool ambience.


Mr. J said...

Cannon is a nice D-Cam. So looks like you had some meal there.. Bon Appetite.. when you going there again.

Ethan said...

I just had a filling lunch, but reading your blog, i feel hungry again.

I was in india , last week and the bird flu scare kept me away from chicken for a while. seemed like it was a blessing in disguise. I suddenly prefer veggie food to non veg. I was expecting to just go crazy on chicken when i come back , but the opposite seems to have happened.

Jinal Shah said...

Oy! I celebrated my 19th birthday there.. you from philly? I love that place. But I'm a bigger fan of Bubble house, right next door.

karmic_jay said...

Jinal, I am from Wilmington, DE. Philly is less than a hour away for us or a bit longer on the Septa. We visit often cos we have friends there. Will try out the bubble house next time we are in the neighborhood.