Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Friday Geek Blogging -
Is this cool or just an added distraction for already distracted drivers?
Together with the graphics card manufacturer nVidia, a revolutionary new navigation system is being developed in Volkswagen's Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) in Palo Alto, California. This new system uses data from Google Earth to generate 3-dimensional images of the route. Moreover, the navigation system can gather online data to provide the driver with important real-time information, for example about the traffic situation or weather.
Link here.

Something else that is cool although it's not for me I think.. not yet that is -

Cellphones are an indispensable tool for business people on the move, and the emergence of broadband services makes them even more valuable. However, small, light phones have a crucial limitation – the size of the screen. Mobile displays simply aren’t practical for many of the business-oriented applications enabled by broadband networks.
Contrast this with the convenience of a feather-light screen that unrolls from the phone or a tiny case to provide a larger, paper-like display that allows users to read content with ease. This is the power of rollable display technology. It completely transforms the experience of viewing content, so the phone becomes an even more versatile business tool. This in turn will drive consumer demand for ‘anytime, anywhere’ data-oriented broadband services, increasing operator revenues and opening the way to new application areas.

Link here


opinionatedinjerzee said...

wow, and i want is a razr phone!! am i being too un high tech!!

opinionatedinjerzee said...

sorry, i mean all i want is a razr.

Brad said...

Check this out:
Where Google Maps get transferred onto mobile devices. It still is a work in progress as there are a lot of hiccups.

White Magpie said...

Feck me!! That shore is going to cause mighty distractions for all. Too much jazz methinx.