Monday, March 13, 2006

I have been tagged
by Opinionated In Jerzee to come up with 8 different points that would make up the perfect partner. So here goes -

1. She would have to be open minded and progressive. I cannot imagine being with a conservative or an ultra religious person especially of the types who believes that their way offers the only way to salvation.

2. Intelligent and aware of what is happening in the world around us and not materialistic.

3. Has to have a certain "it". I guess I would call it spunk and passion for life with a sunny personality. We all like our ideal partner to be "good looking" as thats the first impression but that is just the first impression, and it won't take me long to move past that. So for me it's mostly a great smile that reaches the eyes and lights up the person too.

4. Has to love trying out different kinds of cuisine (and I don't mean cook).

5. Can accept me as I am, for I would do the same.

6. Has to love going out for an occassional jog or a walk, in other words must love the outdoors and love sports.

7. Respect and an ability to empathize.

8. Someone who listens to what I have to say, but does not have to agree with me.

There I am done and I now tag -

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Mr. J said...

Cool list man. Yeh, saw you were tagged by OPinJerzee, running outta options right?

Aranyi said...

Your list sounds exactly like what I would write!!!! Mine's gonna be so redundant now!!!

~River~ said...

Is a perfect partner different from a perfect lover? :-S

I just did the perfect lover tag some days back and it tired me out!

karmic_jay said...

Yep River it probably is diifferent. I should check your list out though. :-)

opinionatedinjerzee said...

very nice!! thanks for being a good sport!!

karmic_jay said...

Any time pal!

Chai said...

nice post.

mads said...

i thought love happens when eyes look at a person and can see the soul!(I know sounds very cliche)but
the long list of musts really set me thinking what being love with a person menat! may be thats the difference between love and like to like a person u need to check across a million things and to love a person its twitch of a smile

hamesha: said...

Ah.. that 'it' thing!

The second part of number 7 is an important one too...