Friday, March 03, 2006

“Nukes For Mangoes”
As I was having tea this morning, I watched a rerun of Lou Dobb’s show on CNN. He did a small piece on the recent US nuclear technology deal with India and he had a graphic calling the piece “Nukes For Mangoes” (Transcript).

From the transcript "In New Delhi today, President Bush signed a deal giving India access to sensitive U.S. nuclear technology. The deal is being haled as a very important arrangement between the United States and India. The U.S. will receive access, by the way, as a result of turning over that high nuclear technology to India, the United States will be receiving Indian mangoes. President Bush, eager to expand trade with India, today agreed to share our civilian nuclear power technology to help India meet its growing needs. In return, President Bush hailed an expanded trade agreement between the two countries. The president said, and I quote, "The United States is looking forward to eating Indian mangoes."
I started laughing, because as much as I like (qualified) Lou Dobbs for his stand on illegal immigration, the assault on middle class in this country and trade issues, on some other things I think he just does not get it.

While “Nukes For Mangoes” might provide a good sound bite (yea we Americans are so stupid we can only get news if it’s reduced to easy sound bites) the title is misleading.
Here is why, there are really no nukes changing hands in return for mangoes. This is a deal for nuclear technology for civilian use. Also the deal is subject to Congressional approval. Whether this congress which has served as Bush’s lapdog will rubber stamp the deal is far from clear. There is some bipartisan opposition to the deal. Not to mention that if Indians get more of their energy from nuclear technology, there is more oil for us murikans ;-)!

Now for the delectable part..mangoes. People from Asia and Europe may be familiar with Indian mangoes especially the Alphonso. This is arguably the best kind of mango. The only form it is available in the US is in canned form as a pulp. But absolutely nothing beats eating the fruit or tossing some cardamom in it and eating the pulp with the fluffy indian bread called puris. Yum!
I think the Indian version of this fruit would be a good addition to the American palate.


Viewer said...

Yeah seemslike a fair deal america gives india nuclear power technology and & india gives america Alphonso mangoes so aleastthe desis in america can have real alphonso mangoes

I cant belive that u cant Alphonso mangoes in America !

opinionatedinjerzee said...

wow.. i would take the mangos over nuke technology anyday.. damn, now i want some mangos.. saw some in the indian store the other day but they were all green and from guatemala!!

mexican mangos are not bad either!

Silvs said...

ooh Mangoes .. there is an idea!
What you mean my blog disappeared?
it's there!!!

Ethan said...

I am in the same boat amzu. Love the mangoes but cant get them in chicago.

I were Bush, id trade a few nukes for a "peti" of mangoes.

Nice blog by the way!!!

Destitute Rebel said...

Mangoes for bush's newkiller technology thats a new one - by the way when i was there i used to get these mexican mangoes from chicago they wernt as good as the desi ones but not too bad either.

... said...

Firstly, let me say I HATE Lou Dobbs. I think he is a moron who has started a show only to critisize outsourcing. What would be REALLY funny is, if the show starts one fine day and you have Pranoy Roy or Rajdeep Sardesai hosting the show, saying - "I am the replacement. Lou Dobb's job on outsourcing has been outsourced. :-) Yes, that would be hilarious.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. You maintain a very cool blog. And reading your post makes me want to eat Alphoso :-( I have to wait another month for that...