Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random And Silly 20 Qs -
I saw this on Keshi's blog and decided to put them on here too. So to my few readers.. have a go at it in the comments.

1.What time of the day is it at your end right now?
US 8:15 am EST...

2.What did you last eat?
A bagel with some butter ..

3.What are you wearing right now (hopefully you're wearing something ahemm)?
A shirt (red and blue checks) and khakis..

4.What was your weekend like?
Busy, friends from Connecticut visited us and a fun time was had by all.

5.Did you sleep well last night?
Yep, I usually do..like a baby.

6.What's your favorite time of the day?
The moments when I lie in bed somewhere between wakefulness and sleep.

7.Who did you last kiss?
I kissed *A*

8.Did you see any cute guy/gal today?
Yup, I see this sweet woman with reddish brown hair on my train. We usually nod and greet each other, a bright point on my daily train ride.

9.When did you last speak to your mum/dad?

10.When did you last have an argument and have you patched up?
Yes, it was sometime last week.

11.Who/what cant you live without right now?

12.Are you in love right now?
Yes .. am always in love.. ;)

13.If you met me in real, what would be your first expression?
A smile and a hug...

14.Have you ever loved someone who's already taken?

15.If I came over to your place, what would you do?
Whatever it would be, it would be warm and hospitable...

16.How do you watch TV?
On the sofa for whatever little I watch...

17.What do you need right now?
A hug and a shot of a caffeine would be nice on this manic Tuesday...

18.What's your favorite sense?
Smell and touch...

19.Where would be the the ideal spot to be with someone you love?
Isn't being with the one you love ideal in itself?

20.What's closest to your bed?
It's usually *A* but there is the telephone too..


opinionatedinjerzee said...

hehe!! nice list...

ME said...

What's A?

karmic_jay said...

me.. *A* is my wife. She does not want me to to put pics up so I just refer to her as *A*. :)

Silvs said...

nice list! and i'm telling A about the "sweet red head" lol oooh trouble.!!!

this is a nice list, made me smile.

karmic_jay said...

LOL@ silv, She knows about this blog and does read it sometimes so there. I will have to wait till she brings it up. :)

Keshi said...

cool Jay :)


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !!!

*A* is ur wife ... Good then !

whatz a bagel ?
and i liked #19 too ...

and abt global warming , thatz not the only issue .. and wahatever is happ is purely our greed .. and our fault

Aditi said...

nice list.. a bagel with cream cheese.. sigh its been too long =)

Ekta said...

always in love!..Hope with ur wife only..romantic at heart..eh!

MAKHTUB said...

Yea i wanted to ask tht too, what is a bagel?

Aah A is going to be cool with that red head for sure....and if she is not well i guess ur able to make up pretty soon after an argument..hehe...

Aah ur fav part of the day is rather interesting!

Meâ„¢ said...

Dude, i'm gonna put you on my 'To-Visit' list. Hmmm now now, the list is getting bigger aint it. Damn, but i'll visit you.

karmic_jay said...

Me ..Thanks. The list always grows, lots of good blogs and so lil time..