Monday, March 20, 2006

White Men Can't Jump And Americans Can't Program
That's what my buddy Chris B, said when I pointed him to the link I found below,

Bangalore: Significant chunks of the technology being described as the "new Holy Grail of games" that drives the world's fastest gaming personal computers, were contributed by Indian engineers — hardware experts based in Bangalore and software whizz-kids in Pune.

I may get flamed for this, but I wonder about this statement. One can look at it from several angles, if anyone wants to add more feel free to do so.
1. I think one can find competent engineers/developers in most places with a decent education system. Software development is not rocket science really.
2. Chris's response was funny, a lot of people (employers and businesses) will not go on record saying software development is also about cost savings. That is a big reason for work being farmed out.
3. I wonder if India as a nation after enduring years of colonial rule still suffers from a need for validation of it's abilites. I often read about how software whizzies did this better or that better. That is one kind of nationalism or pride or whatever you want to call it, in addition to how well a job may have been done. The reviews on outsourcing always working out well for all parties are mixed.
Another thing is when, strong strands of nationalism surface especially during coverage of sports events and not to forget wars. As an example we did kick Iraqi ass (shock and awe.. anyone?) after all didn't we? ;-) (ignore the fact thet OBL still mocks us from his cave or wherever he is..).


mahima said...

This isn't exactly about this post, but I found a comment of yours on another post and I followed it home. It was about FOX/CNN and the competition between these news channels.... I'm working on a little project and I want to find some information about the reason why FOx has an edge over CNN- competitive strategy employed. Since you seemed to be familiar with this I thought I would try my luck.
My email is if you'd like to continue this via email. Thanks in advance !

karmic_jay said...

I will be happy to help in anyway I can. Unfortunately I cannot use my web mail account from work so will reply when I get back home. My e-mail is

Wild Reeds said...

I share your disquiet over this misplaced sense of chest-thumping nationalism that has pervaded post-1991 India - this "Mera Bharat Mahan" variety bravado which assumes there is a continuity in anything even remotely racially India (for example, villagers distributing sweets over the victory of a desi in Fiji's presidential election), and glosses over the fact that it is also a fractious culture who's pieces keep threatening to fall off.