Friday, April 21, 2006

Andrea Mitchell Time For You To Retire (For Those Of You Not Aware Of It She Is Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan's Wife And Is An NBC Reporter) -

The state of the media in our country is sad, especially that of TeeVee Journalism. They often just read the news and sometimes don't fact check. Andrea has been guilty of this before. Courtesy of media matters we now find out that there are four repugnant countries the US will not do business with unlike China. There is also a transcript and video at that link.

Mitchell then quoted Fimat USA senior vice president John Kilduff, who said that China is "willing to do business with a lot of countries that the U.S. would find repugnant." Mitchell provided examples: "Hot spots like Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria, and Sudan."

Err Andrea are you going senile? Don't you friggin fact check? She is wrong on two of those countries. We do import oil from Venezuela and Nigeria. Citgo is owned by Venezuela a nation headed by the idiot Hugo Chavez. If Andrea had been following her own media's reporting of Chavez's offer to sell cheap heating oil to poor citizen's in some of America's cities she would nto have made that mistake or had she just fact checked!
We also know about Nigeria's dismal human rights record and the corruption and problems in the Niger delta.
However according to our own government Venezuela remains one of the top suppliers of crude oil products to the US. We also got about 419 million barrels of oil from Nigeria in 2005 and about 37 million in January of 2006.

Look I know Andrea is trying to say we are a lot better than China, and we know that. The US is by many many standards a much better nation when it comes to things like freedom and human rights, so Andrea how about just sticking to the facts and finding the real differences between the two nations to highlight?

Anyways am off to NYC on Saturday and Sunday to meet with friends from Connecticut. I look forward to a fun filled weekend. I hope to take some pictures. Have a great weekend people.

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