Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cell Phone Related Etiquette -

We all know how some cellphone users can be aggravating at times..loud and uncaring of others?
But how about what I encountered the other day on the way back from work at the train station.
I have to go thru a set of double doors(non automatic) to enter the train station. So as I head towards them,
I hear this Desi accent, and notice a guy walking towards the door but slightly behind me and to my right.
Guy is in a suit and all and talking about
some policy, got a bag on his shoulder and he is dragging another small suitcase. In the other hand he has his yakity yak device.
I step thru the first set of doors, wondering if he needs any help wth the door. Well he does but does not care to make eye contact, its like I don't exist.
Turns his shoulder to stop the door from closing still yapping.
Manages to get himself and his bag thru.
I go thru the second set of doors.
Again hold the door so he can get thru more easily this time.
Again yakathon continues no attempt to make eye contact or acknowledge that
some stranger bothered to hold the door for him.
As I turned to go towards the track where my train was I saw him talking away like some desis do
nodding their head and now using his hands (the bags are now on the ground near his feet).
I am thinking man some people are so involved in their own world and oh so self important.
What do you think? Had similar experiences I am sure, maybe you can recount some.


Keshi said...

Jay mate there r no surprises always happen here too goshhh! And some ppl dun even both to say thank you, sorry, excuse me abt lacking manners!

**Well he does but does not care to make eye contact, its like I don't exist.


Rem my post 'Hello I exist'...these kind of duded r exactly who I was talking abt. Some ppl dun have the courtesy to realise fellow beings in public places and I say such dudes should be fined!


White Magpie said...

In ye place I would have held the second double door only long enough to close the moment he tried to step in ;) Or maybe whipped out moi cell phone and started jabbering loudly next to him. Ah the perverse pleasures at combating injustice hehe

Mr. J said...

Lol... stupid people. Hmmm, interesting, just yesterday this cabbie who dropped me home was on his mobile all the way through, pretty irritating it was.

Jordan's Dad said...

Why does it matter that it was a Desi guy?

karmic_jay said...

JD. it does not matter that it was a desi guy, it was just that I noticed it cos of his accent thats all. I mean this can happen with anyone.

Viewer said...

Manners ehm.... indians (out here) too lack manners .... they need a major help in this department

opinionatedinjerzee said...

i havent exactly had the same experience.. but i have noticed desis in general.. the ones with the thick accents have no sense of politeness.. they never say thank you.. its like they havent gotten that far in the english language yet..they are still stuck at mo money, mo money, mo money!

karmic_jay said...

lol @ opin's "mo money" , I guess it's the allure of da bling!

Jordan's Dad said...

Maybe Desis are just rude to other Desis. I've been around my share and never experienced rudeness. But people are people anyways.

Oh, and thanks for holding the door Jay.

Chai Anyone? said...

i was at the supermarket waiting on line to pay for my stuff. the belt is moving my food along and the women ahead of me has been on the phone the whole time. at some point the belt stops and her food gets stuck so i move something so that it can continue so she can get chaked out. (i wasnt being selflessly courteous as my checkout also depended on hers but still) she goes on and on and on. imagine this total NY italian wife, orange suntan light brown hair with blonde highlights screaming at the top of her lungs - "anthony, i told you not the let the dog out. what the hell are you doing? he needs food. you are so stupid. you never listen." - all the while looking around to see what the others think of her conversation and whether or not we approve. cuz her phone is occupying one hand i reach over to help her put her bags in her trolley. no thanks no nothing. just walks off still screaming at anthony about the bloody dog. the whole scene felt like it was out of a 'growing up gotti' episode.