Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Endangered Indian Woman (Yes In Certain States In India This Is Happening)!

LONG, twirling moustaches and bejewelled daggers are no longer enough for a man seeking to marry in India's desert state of Rajasthan, long considered a land of fearless warriors.
But if he is lucky enough to have a sister, he can relax, a newspaper report said.
I read this here.
A declining sex ratio in the state is prompting a girl's parents to spurn offers of marriage from men unless the potential groom's family also has a marriageable daughter for their son, the Sunday Express said.

"Around 30 per cent of the marriages in the past year in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan were fixed on this swap system," local lawmaker Rajendra Chauhan said.

The sex ratio in many of Rajasthan's districts has dropped to 922 girls for every 1000 boys, according to the last census. In one or two villages, it has plummeted to less than 500, the paper reported.

The joint engagement pact, called "aata-saata", or the "double-couple plan", has emerged as young women find themselves much in demand in a state where the traditional preference, as in much of India, has been for sons.

Heavily skewed sex ratios have emerged in several parts of India as couples use ultra-sound technology to achieve their desire for a baby son despite such tests being illegal.

Another great example of how the treatment of women and the premium put on sons in certain cultures is putting a strain on the male/female ratio. With tools like sonography and other means to determine the sex of a child, selfish families have been practising female infanticide for many years despite laws on the books to the contrary.

Just a thought, now that it is so hard to find women for their sons, will this give the women a chance to step up and demand equal rights and protection, especially in some of these strongly patriarchial societies? When will people wake up?

As I love to say a truly progressive society can only be achieved when it has has women who have equal rights. Clearly some societies have ways to go despite the centuries of culture and customs which have often failed to keep up with the times.


Keshi said...

**With tools like sonography and other means to determine the sex of a child, selfish families have been practising female infanticide for many years despite laws on the books to the contrary.

what I dun u'stand is that if these families r advanced enough to use sonographies to realise the sex of the baby, how come they dun have a brain? I mean why do they think a baby girl is a hindrance and in this modern era too?


sahibi said...

nothing upsets me more than seeing a female sex being belittled in the world.
strange enuff this happens in a country where people worship vaishno devi ,durga.
i wonder will this ingrained narrow attitude people have for female child will change.
will their be time when lorhi be celebrated with same mirth on the birth of female child as it is celebrated on the birth of male child.
i gave a speech on female infanticicde once .it started like this
my brothers birth was announced with a clang of brass,
my own with a sound of broken shards,
the old folks weep, the plough boy laments and even the herds man cry.
some maverick poet wrote it i think.

karmic_jay said...

-Keshi, Ye, I had the same thought. Soemtimes Ithink folks are too much in thrall with their own cultures and customs, even whent he world around them is changing.
-Sahibi, I wondered about it too. The pantheon of godesses that Hinduism has would amke you think, they would treat women better?
Lovely poem.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

hehehe.. yeah i read that too.. what i dont get is that.. it takes a girl to have a baby.. a man cant give birth.. so technically.. without a woman there would be no man...

Viewer said...

Well te discrimination of the sexes still exsists in India even in well educated families living in urban cities like Mumbai so such things happening in Rajasthan is no Big surprise to me as a person living in India. I seriously dont doubt that if India will grow out of all this even in the next 20-25 yrs. One of the reasons being that son /daughter sees the parents do itwith the elder sister and hence this mentality is passed on from one genration to the other on a subconsious way.
Its a realy pitiful thing!

Chai Anyone? said...

hahaha thats hysterical. cross posting similar topics without knowing on different ends of the earth. can we say now that great minds think alike? or there is a universal concience working within us all - ala deepak chopra. hmm. methinks.

richunderconstruction said...

wat they want a boy for god alone knws (except the dowry, n the so called carrier of the name!)hws it gonna matter if ur name lives on..?u die, njoy ur name n crap as u live n let go man, whr u gonna take it after that?? let ur child build on his own... love sushmita sen for adoptin' a girl, n bein' a single mother... must read her interview in readers digest- last month, or the one bfore..?dunno..but cover page.
hmm.. live n love!

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~River~ said...

I read this bit of news too and was immediately reminded of Manish Jha's dystopia in "Matrubhoomi". Frightening.