Sunday, April 23, 2006

Look At This Screenshot From CNN's Web Site Below... I Think The Israeli People Have Bigger Things To Worry About, And Who Really Cares About This Issue -

Here is the link to the story. updates it's page so the story is now off the main page. It was there for a while on Sunday. From the link -

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Actor Tom Cruise and his fiance, actress Katie Holmes, welcomed the birth of a daughter on Tuesday, according to Cruise's publicist.

They named the girl Suri, which "has its origins in Hebrew, meaning 'princess,' or in Persian, meaning 'red rose,' " Cruise spokesman Paul Bloch said in a statement.

Maybe the original piece by cnn was changed as the link does not say anything other than the name having hebrew origins. As I said the Israelis have bigger concerns than Tom and Katie's baby's name. They probably worry about crazy Hamas being in charge next door. The Israeli's are probably puzzeld at the American media's attention to this non-story.

Personally I tend to believe parents can name their kid/s whatever they want.
PS: I have a different take on that name..
Suri is a north indian last name and in the indian language Marathi it means "knife". So CNN you missed that angle. ;-)

Stupid media!


Jordan's Dad said...

While we're on the topic of news no one seems to care about, how 'bout that CIA leaker?

Surprise - she was appointed by Clinton Nat. Sec. Adv. Sandy Berger (who, you may remember, was recently convicted of stealing and destroying classified documents from the national archives)...

Surprise Surprise!! - She personally donated $2000 to the Kerry campaign in 2004 (not to mention contributions to the DNC).

But dont question their patriotism!!

Keshi said...

lol I know...the tomkitten has been receiving too much publicity as if there's nothing else to worry abt in this world...

Suri btw is 'female winner' in Sinhalese...:)


White Magpie said...

Sure btw also means the flute with a silent "ba"...jest kiddin..All the newspapers are all fluff. But seriously..

karmic_jay said...

JD.. You are living up to expectations :)
No one cares about it? Its been on the news as far as I know. The law appears to be taking its course.
Sandy Berger was an idiot for doing what he did and he deserved what he got.
As for appointing the CIA agent to the NSC. She is a career CIA employee as per the link you have. Sure Sandy Berger appointed her to the NSC, but she also worked there under George Bush (oh did that happen). You conveniently forgot to mention that.
As for her donation to the Kerry campaign. As far as I know she is well within her rights as an American citizen to donate from her personal funds to any campaign she chooses too. So you think you should only have Bush supporting CIA employees? Man you make me crack up pointing to her donation to Kerry. It might reinforce certain things for you. For me it means ok so she supported Kerry so? It's her right as a citizen.
As for her disclosure of info, let the law run it's course. I still dont question her patriotism cos we should not be running secret prisons. It goes against the very notion of justice and the right to a trial based on evidence.
As for the Plame leak it does not compare, why would you out a covert CIA agent? To get at her husband? Thats so petty. If they had a problem with Joe Wilson they could have waited him out. The American public had been sold on the war anyways. That would have been the prudent thing to do, and hey patience works sometimes you know.
I am sure you know of the case of Maher Arar the Canadian citizen who was detained by the US authorities while transiting thru the US and then shipped off to Syria. He was tortured and held there but had no terrorism links.
You think we have the authority to do that? Worse we shipped him off to the Syrians who we knew would torture him and who we beat upon for their support to insurgents in Iraq.
What if someone close to you was just snatched like that based on mere suspicion?
Also off topic I noticed the discussion you had at Opins place about taxes. You were right that the Europeans having higher taxes, but they also don't worry about health care or retirement). I know you love the GOP position on cutting taxes (ignore the deficit..9 trillion? we will grow our way out of that one).
So do you think we should stop funding the NIH and let private industry do all the research?
Just so you know transplantation is where it is today only because of research institutions like the NIH either funded that research or conducted it themselves.
The foundation of most of the very basic things that today drive the drug companies came from research done with goevernment funding so don't trash why we pay taxes and why we should keep cutting them. There is a good reason why we do pay taxes. I mean if we don't carry out stupid wars like Iraq we would not be spending so much will we and use it for better reasons, maybe even for your tax cut ;-)
Also don't put up a link for rss feeds, they don't work as hyperlinks.

Mr. J said...

JD and Karmic's conversations are always interesting. ;) And Suri, being Hebrew, news to me. I guess TC is getting much attention now a days.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

yeah, i saw that on too.. so stupid!! do the israelis have that much free time on their hands these days??

personally, i dont like the name either.. sounds like they are saying "sorry" with a funny accent!! but who cares!! nothing to write home about!!

Id it is said...

Would anyone have cared as much if ones next door neighbor had named his daughter "Suri"? Give it a year or so and Suri will be one of the popular names in the USA; we just made sure that it did! hehe

Jordan's Dad said...

A few comments:

1. We are at war with Al Qaeda. There are no trials. There is no due process. We capture members and try to find out when the next attack is. Plain and simple. If we worry about miranda warnings, we lose this fight.

2. Maybe we should only have Bush supporters in the CIA because we clearly cannot trust Democrats with national security. She was not at liberty to leak classified information, whether you agree with secret prisons or not. She only sought to undermine the administration - and her Democrat background only confirms it. She should be charged with treason.

3. Plame was not "covert." Proof? No one has been charged for "outing" her. She was a CIA desk Jockey who got her husband a cush trip to Niger to have tea with several diplomats. Wilson had no experience with WMD or nuclear program development. His op-ed didnt even disprove the famous "16 words."

4. The Europeans do worry about health care because they have terrible health care. I'm sure youve heard of the waiting lists to get simple treatment. How many people died in France during the summer heatwave? You dont see anyone running there for treatment. They all come to the US.

5. So I'm supposed to want increased taxation because my kid had a heart transplant? I dont think so. R&D in this country is funded by the free market, private funding, and government money. If the government didnt take so much of our money, people would donate more freely to the various research foundations.

By the way, My son's transplant was done at a private hospital which does the most pediatric transplants in the country. It is a research hospital affiliated with Colmubia Presbyterian and Cornell Medical Center (also private institutions) Its name? Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital. I suppose you could guess that Morgan Stanley was not a government researcher...

Nice try though...

Sadaf Trimarchi said...


Jay, I was so excited to see you do a light "fluff" blog entry. Celeb baby gossip, baby names, etc. I felt right at home! And JD has to go and ruin it.

Anyway..I suppose Israelis' probably do have a lot more important things to worry about... those of us in this country really should be worrying about other things as well.

But there is something endearing and humanizing about the idea of "them" over there in Israel pondering Tomkat's latest bit of nonsense. Aren't we all in a puzzle about how this stuff makes headlines?

karmic_jay said...

JD..delusional indeed, you believe what you want to believe.
As per you Bush can do no wrong the dems are at fault though they have been out of power for a while.
I am not gonna waste my time with you.
The only thing I want to say is don't try to tell me how biomedical research is funded in this country. I have spent years in this field. The point I am making is in the past and even to date some of the best advances in science and medicine are coming out of research funded predominantly by the government. There is a clear benefit to having your taxes pay for that. Private institutions pay for some research but it is a small proportion. Again research by companies is targeted only for diseases they believe might bring them a return on their investment. Diseases that are not so frequent or found in the tropics don't get enough attention. That is where government funded research also comes in.
I know where your son's transplant was done. I am talking about the science behind the transplant. Morgan Stanley had nothing to do with it. They may have donated money for the hospital or facilities but a lot of this research has been done by your tax dollars.
Most medical schools and hospitals have their research significantly financed by the government, yes pvt foundations and companies do give but without tax dollars it would collapse.
The research on transplantation, HLA, immune suppression all pretty much came out of government funded research.

karmic_jay said...

Sadaf this stuff makes headlines cos it is so easy for the media to report. And the proles can consume it without having to think too much.

karmic_jay said...

Sadaf, Thanks for stopping by. :)

Jordan's Dad said...

"From 1994 to 2003, total funding for biomedical research in the U.S. doubled to $94.3 billion, with industry providing 57 percent of the funding and the National Institutes of Health providing 28 percent, according to a study in the September 21 issue of JAMA, a theme issue on medical research."

(I'd post the link, but I dont know how)

So the NIH makes up for only 28% of biomedical research funding in the U.S. Didnt you say you spent "years" in this field? Thought you'd know that.

In any event, budget data for 2004 for shows a mere 2.8% going towards "health" which includes medical research. I'm guessing there's bigger fish to fry... and I'm right.

What is the bulk of the federal budget?

1. Social Security (21.6%)
2. National Defense (19.9%)
3. Medicare (11.8%)
4. Medicaid (7.7%)

Of course, like most liberals, you'd probably recommend cutting national defense, which is the only legitimate federal government purpose of the above 4 items.

Mahesh said...

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Nice blog.

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Mridula said...

I can't stand CNN, and I like your take on Suri, it is quite common surname in India :) no doubt.

karmic_jay said...

JD, Where did I say anything about the NIH being the biggest source of research funding? I said a lot of the important basic discoveries that are made are in research funded by NIH. You see the biotech industry and especially companies like Genetech were formed by academics who came up with their discoveries in university labs funded by NIH.
When it comes to basic research in biomedicine there is quite simply no substitute to the NIH. Industry will not fund that research cos often these are arcane basic issues with no immediate practical application to any disease.
It takes ages for these things to come to fruition and private industry which does cost benefit analysis will simply not fund research like that. Again trying to starve NIH is not going to make private industry or donations pick up the slack.
The role played by NIH and the discoveries coming of that research cannot be assigned a monetary value. Maybe you should try calling your congressional repsentative or ppl on the HHS subcommitee to figure out what they think about the NIH. Or ask Arlen Specter who is recovering from lymphoma what he thinks about the NIH.
Try talking to industry people and academia and they will tell you one cannot do without NIH funded research. The basic discoveries often come from there and the practical application of this is what industry will often do.The two work in synergy.
University based research which is where a lot of this work is done is primarily NIH funded.
And where the heck did I say NIH was the biggest contributor? I said the most important discoveries have come from NIH funded research.
Also "Private institutions pay for some research but it is a small proportion." These are the not for profit private foundations like the arthritis foundation, howard hughes medical institute. They do not make up a bulk of biomedical research.
If I had to give you a numerical breakdown I would have, it was not about numbers its about the importance of certain government organizations that have immense value. The NIH is one.
And you would not know squat about writing a grant. Every try to get money from industry? Try to stick with what you know.
And by the way NIH funding has always had bipartisan support, that must surely rankle you since you don't think well of democrats.
There waste in government as there is in defense too. If your idol does not start wars based on shifting reasons and by misleading the public then guess what you might save a lot of money and would not have to cut the budget so much.
Anyway it is financed by the Chinese and other foreign banks. I am sure you feel nice that your kids will have to pay it off eh? Personal responsibility for ya right there..

karmic_jay said...

If the government didnt take so much of our money, people would donate more freely to the various research foundations.
Boy don't complain so much will ya?
Maybe your idol will try to cut more taxes for ya.. ;)

Viewer said...

I think CNN need ot have Bigger things to worry about

Jordan's Dad said...

Great job not responding to any of my points.

Anyway, its all very simple.

Our taxes will never be low enough.

Spending will never be cut under Bush and only increased if, God forbid, a Democrat is ever elected president again. (I'm guessing that wont happen anytime soon since they havent gotten more than 50% of the popular vote since 1976. But they lead in the polls!!) ;-)

Democrats cannot be trusted with national security. The only enemy they even try to defeat is Bush, and they cant even do that! (with the media on their side, no less!)

The only thing Democrats stand for is abortion and gay marriage. I may agree with them, generally, on these issues, but its not enough to win my vote.

Look forward to your next interesting post.

Here's a suggestion: Now that Rove is gone, who will be the liberals next Bogeyman? Discuss...

Jordan's Dad said...

By the way, according to wikipedia (by no means the most authoratative source), "it was the advent of cyclosporine that altered transplants from research surgery to life-saving treatment."

My son takes cyclosporine every day prevent rejection.

Who discovered cyclosporine? A private company now known as Novartis. Heard of it?

So here's your quote - "Just so you know transplantation is where it is today only because of research institutions like the NIH either funded that research or conducted it themselves."

Jay, you're wrong yet again.

This is too easy.

karmic_jay said...

I know how cyclosporine was discovered by a pvt company. You want to believe what you want to believe its fine. Cyclosporine is just one piece of the puzzle.
The study of the immune response it's suppression/activation, the interplay of the different T cells B cells and the numerous cytokines, most of these studeis were done in academia with NIH funded grants. As a layperson you focus only on that one drug there is more to the immune system, an understanding of that came about in university labs funded by NIH.
You are just focusing on one piece thats it.
By the way the lyme disease vaccine was discovered in an university lab.