Thursday, April 13, 2006

Outsourcing leads to some interesting/funny conversations across cultural and other differences between Americans and Indians --

I work for a company that like a lot of American companies these days is outsourcing to India. Rajkumar apparently a huge star in Karnataka (Bangalore is the capital where a lot of IT work is farmed out to) passed away. And as the link shows they are like totally nuts about him, and guess what Bangalore officially shut down.
Rajkumar passes away, Bangalore paralysed

Our Bureau / Chennai/ Bangalore April 13, 2006

For five crore Kannadigas, the demise of their idol Rajkumar was as dramatic as it was totally unexpected. His passing away following cardiac arrest at 1.45 pm brought the IT capital of the country to a total standstill.

As soon as the news of the actor's demise spread, the whole of Karnataka, especially the Old Mysore region (consisting of South and Central Karnataka districts), which is considered the actor�s bastion, observed an undeclared bandh as a mark of respect.

In Bangalore, traders and business establishments all downed shutters to condole the death of the star. The city came to a complete standstill with public transport services, including autorickshaws, going off the roads. A majority of the IT companies declared a holiday after incidents of stone throwing and torching of buses were reported.

Apparently the government later declared Thursday a holiday

The following is a conversation between a coworker and his offshore partners. Obviously no work got done, because of the sudden holiday and none will get done as Good Friday is a holiday. So a four day weekend for the offshore folks. Anyway I present their conversation which I found very funny.

Edited conversation with Offshore folks today.

Offshore: Hi AcmeCompanyguy

Offshore: goodmorning...

AcmeCompanyguy: hi

Offshore: Due to death of a great personality in Bangalore, today is declared as a holiday in Banglore

Offshore: so Offshore couldn't attend the call...

Offshore: And upto yesterday evening, it was confirmed that today will be a holiday.

AcmeCompanyguy: who died?

Offshore: One great personality, Raj Kumar

AcmeCompanyguy: it ok that you couldn't attend the call, by hte way.

Offshore: who was a great Film star, in Karnataka

AcmeCompanyguy: wow

AcmeCompanyguy: you guys have holidays for the deaths of film stars?...

AcmeCompanyguy: I wish we did

Offshore: No, not normally,

Offshore: but he was very much famous... :-)

AcmeCompanyguy: I see...

Offshore: and the city becomes very much sensitive,

AcmeCompanyguy: He must have been the "John Wayne" of India...

AcmeCompanyguy: or something like that

Offshore: yes in Karnataka,

Offshore: yes

AcmeCompanyguy: interesting.

My colleagues found in intriguing that a whole day was declared a holiday. Are the fans in the southern part of India more crazy about their film personalities compred to the rest of India?


Aditi said...

I think most companies probably shut down due to the rioting rather the fact that rajkumar had died. As surprising as it is, the riots following his death actually resulted in a couple of people dying.

saby said...

the Southies are normally well behaved as compared to North Indians

but more god-fearing
their God died

they were in no mood to work
or to see others going to work

Mr. J said...

Lol. Just another reason to shut shop. Damn, Austria should learn from this.

Id it is said...

Hilarious! I wouldn't mind getting an unscheduled holiday, especially one that added to my weekend!

Wild Reeds said...

Dear Jay,
South Indians are delirious and crazy about their film starts to the point of mental instability. It manifests itself in the giant multi-storeyed cutouts one sees of them, but also in the ability of people to rouse themselves up into a mob fervour when anything happens to any of them - a dozen people go about immolating (yes) themselves on the streets.

~River~ said...

I was shocked by the rioting that was shown on TV. But I don't think it's a south Indian-north Indian thing. You should have seen the people going crazy over Salman Khan in front of Jodhpur Jail.

White Magpie said...

South Indians are plain bollocks over film stars. More than anywhere else. I have a emaul on yahoo on the situation in Tamil Nad on the release of a Rajni film. Ees absolutely crazy.. said...

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Sandesh said...

I dont know why there is a question abt south indian and a north indian. In India, they treat film stars, cricketers as god though its a bit more in parts of south india like tamil nadu n Andhra pradesh! It was not supposed to happen in Karnataka n the riots following the demise of Dr.Raj were accelerated by some unworthy politicians who just made use of this scenario.

Its not the fans of Dr.Raj who started the riot! Its some anti social elements.