Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Top 20 Strangest Gadgets and Accessories

I would call some them wierd. The complete list is here and I picked the ones I thought were really strange and/or funny. I present in order of ickiness...

1. This expensive ($601 USD), but striking laptop bag is made from synthetic human skin.

The “Skinbag” is shock absorbant, has 1 cm padding (fabric lining), and 1 side pocket for all your accessories. It measures approx. 39 x 29 cm or 14 x 11 in. and doubles as a regular carrying bag.
“The bags dedicated to electronic machines are waterproof and proctective jackets and become autonomous organisms. They anticipate the fusion between the digital and the organic.”

Some fusion....

2. Introducing the RSStroom reader by Yi Tien Electronics, with this gadget you’ll be able to print the latest RSS headlines directly on to rolls of toilet paper.

It also features Wi-Fi Connectivity, USB 2.0, and RSS 2.0/Atom compatibility. This reader interacts with your toilet bowl “biometrically” which basically means when you sit down this thing will weigh you. Depending on your weight, it’ll deliver you a customized news feed.

Talk about using the crappy news of the day to ahem wipe..crap

3. Put simply, this solid lime-wood knife block shaped like a human head would be a refreshing addition to any boring kitchen.

This piece was hand carved by Irene van Gestel.
“This is a lovely design-student project: a hand-carved knife-block shaped like a man’s head, the knives sticking out of it in gruesome humor."

Maybe they can customize it to make the knife block resemble your most hated person? There is an idea...

4.Not your ordinary speakers, these “Talking Lips” actually have moving lips that synchronize with your mobile phone or online chat conversations (Skype, etc.).

They come in three different colors (silver/black/red) and connect to your phone or computer via USB. Fortunatley, there’s an on/off switch on the bottom that will come in handy after the few seconds of entertainment are up.

Or might be a neat way to scare the bejeesus out of someone, like have the talking lips in another room and talk in to your phone or something..

5. This is not useful for a chopstick challenged guy like me, now if they made a fork version of it..

With these sauce dispensing chopsticks you’ll never have to dip your sushi in soy sauce again. For $21 you can own two pairs of these chopsticks, which are made from polypropylene and ABS, meaning they will break before you know it.

6. Humans have a thing for scatological stuff.. The link to this one is here. I just did not want to put that one up on my blog. :-) This might qualify as the ickiest of them all.


Keshi said...



I guess the world has gone totallly bananas!


Mridula said...

The first and the third ones freaked me out completely!

Ekta said...

human skin bags!
thats repulsive!!
what are we gonna do...start eating humans next!!!

Ameet said...

Note - #1 is "synthetic" skin - designed for burn victims. Considering that we routinely sport fashion accessories made from hides of dead cows, crocs, lizards, snakes .... is it really that bad to use synthetic skin? I don't have a problem with it, provided it's not going to divert supplies away from needy burn victims.

Viewer said...

Yikes The first one - synthetic human skin bag is too gross for me ...

But somehow the knife block seems quiet quirky and wudnt mind one having made which resembles my boss :P

Mr. J said...

The last one is YUCk!!!!

karmic_jay said...

I found the knife block very intriguing. The bag is yuck.