Friday, April 07, 2006

Using A Blog To Propose To Your Girfriend...

We have heard of ways people propose to one another, at a game (with the question popping up on the electronic scoreboard), a quiet dinner and so on. But has anyone heard about a proposal made at a blog where the guy hangs out and the g/f occasionally?
Well guess what it happened today and it happened with two people I know at Atrios's blog Eschaton. Nim (thats his handle on the blog) borrowed Atrios's blog to ask Jen if she would marry him. I have a screenshot from the blog and the link will take you to the post.
Here is what the post said
" A Modest Proposal

Since the whole sordid affair started at Eschacon, Nim has borrowed this space to ask Jen whether she will have his ham hock in marriage. If she can forgive him for proposing on a blog, that is."

How do I know them? Eschaton is one of the most trafficked progresive blogs in the US. I have been hanging out at this place for more than 2 years now. I got to know the people via their handles/nicks. Having gotten to know them online some of the folks decided we should meet in Philadelphia where Atrios (Duncan Black) is based. This convention was called Eschacon links to some pics here and here. I am in a cpl of pics in the second link, kinda hard to spot, I shy away from pics ;-). I met Nim in person, and a bunch of fun people all of them bright, witty and intelligent. Vicki was also one of the people who hung out there. She brought her sis Jen along too. Jen is really sweet. Nim and Jen hit it off something a few of us notice. As the months went by we found out (via the blog) that they really developed a fondness for one another and fell in love. We knew things were serious when Nim moved to Michigan from Baltimore to be with Jen. Eschaton is often referred to as the "crack den" for us political junkies and I always check out what is happening (at least half a dozen times a day). I looked as usual when I had a few moments and saw this post. I was like wow thats neat of Nim to propose to Jen via a blog where we have sort of built an online community of friends.
Like the rest of the commentors I was glued to the PC. We were all waiting to hear what happened next, would Jen agree? Would she be upset that he asked her in a rather non traditional manner? When I last checked there were more than 900 comments on this post.
Here are some of the comments -
- I'm waiting for her to finish playing her game of online Scrabble. She refuses to close the browser to read it since I won't tell her what she has to see. Oy
he scrabble thing is killing me.

Probably killing you more, though...


20 tiles left in the bag.

This is like a bad sitcom
Nim, at some point please tell Jen that she kept hundreds of Atriots glued to their monitors for ages on a Friday afternoon while she finished up her Scrabble game. She owes us all a drink.

-it's not a first in the blogosphere, but probably a first on a major political blog.
should we spring for matching towel sets embroidered with their blog names? Ask GWPDA to find them a nice set of percale sheets?

- Awesome awesome awesome - what a way to end the week. I'm grinning so much my face is going to split.

I love weddings. Oh I do love them so. I've had 3. I think I might have another one in me. [just keeding.]
Nim congrats

my dad is opening up a bottle of champagne as I speak!
Nim:ROFLMAO. That has to be the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life.

I'm sorry. But that takes the cake. And hope she says yes!
You know, Nim, I hate to say this, but if it weren't for me, you never would have met the little vixen!
Did they just make history? The first blog-sponsored proposal?
this suspense is starting to get Hitchcokian. nim, are you freaking out or what?

Oh ya Jen did say yes to Nim!
But she waited cos she had no idea why Nim was asking her to look at something important on Eschaton. She is a scrabble junkie and was playing the game online when the proposal post (above pic) went up. Jen asked Nim to either wait or just tell her what it was. So Nim (and the rest of us) waited while she finished scrabble. Her handle is "High Priestess of Selune" if anyone actually wants to read and relive the experience and the nail biting tension in the comments link.
Her response -
"OMG Hell Yes!!!! (sorry about the scrabble incident)WOOO HOOO !!!!!High Priestess of Selune Homepage 04.07.06 - 3:07 pm "

My congratulations to two fine people!
I am so happy for both of them. That's a nice way to end a week. :-)


Aditi said...

I am trying so hard not to be a sucker for romantic things like this but awww..

sahibi said...

well im a tyro and try to keep myself a little away from all the love and romance .but for the for new couple wish them luk and happiness.

Mr. J said...

Wow... talk about giving the age old custom with a tinge of new age technology.

richunderconstruction said...

hw awesum is that man!! :))technology - the link to romance?

Enyur said...

That was hilarious!!! lol!!! I've heard of people actually get married over MSN with the whole webcam and all...I think we've definitely stepped into the technological era...I wonder what's next!

Keshi said...

puke sappy but cute :)


Ekta said...

But not my idea of a romantic!:-))
I feel sometimes technology kills romance!..sigh!

karmic_jay said...

Aditi/Sahibi/Keshi - Ya it's kind of hokey maybe but still romantic.
Technology adds a diff flavor to romance.

Wild Reeds said...

That's so cool. Hope they find a lot of happiness with each other.

Anonymous said...

man! that's not romantic .. not at all!! I would not be happy!!

Silvs said...

sorry that wasn't anonymous, i was me!! grrr!!

Keshi said...

lol it does too :)


White Magpie said...

Hehe!! That as quite cool. Lets scrabble sometime...(Yahoo?)

karmic_jay said...

WM.. Sure. Although you might beat me. I am losing any semblance of an edge (never much to start with) I had. Will send you an IM/e-mail to see when we can.

White Magpie said...

Am not much of a player but enjoy it. Let me know when you can.

karmic_jay said...

WM, I will surely let you know. Is there an e-mail addy? Is it the same as the yahoo id?

Anonymous said...

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