Sunday, April 16, 2006

You can't catch me

A teenage girl acknowledged making about 1,000 fake 911 calls from her cell phone, laughing, taunting and saying, "You can't catch me," police said Monday.

Police said some of the calls made this month lasted several minutes, and one lasted an hour.

The girl was charged over the weekend with two counts of misdemeanor falsely reporting an incident for allegedly making six fake 911 calls from a local church phone Saturday.

"She didn't give us a reason for doing this," Chief of Detectives Dennis Richards said. "She was very disrespectful, and she said that she was going to keep calling 911."

There is a reason why teens sometimes do silly things, part of the reason is their brains have not yet developed to the point where they can make certain rational decisions or use logic, or may be it's the whole raging hormones thingy.
Oh and some of those phone calls were from a church... go figure!
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Mr. J said...

Yeh they lack rational thinking. Stupid teens. Punks in other words. Useless, pathetic and sad.

It's a holiday today.. Yiipee.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

crazy teens!! i have said it on my blog before and i will say it again!! we gotta get tougher on these kids.. they are turning into monsters! should make the freek do some time.. a couple of weeks.. that should make her stop... oh and fine her and take away her cell phone... teens are considered adults in every other country except for this..

opinionatedinjerzee said...

karmic, no comment on the "sick bastard" post on my blog this morning????????

karmic_jay said...

Opin, I just commented. Been a busy morning. Plus the blogsurfing would be incomplete without checking out your blog :-)

Enyur said...

I really think parents need to do more. I know they have hectic schedules, but they need to spend more time with these kids, especially, when they're going through those wacky hormone changes!

karmic_jay said...

Enyur I agree, it's tough though with usually 2 parents working. Not all teens can police themselves.

Id it is said...

We should come down hard on this one especially since it makes a mockery of a very important public service , one that is often a life saver.

Keshi said...

**"She didn't give us a reason for doing this,"

does she have to? It's obvious she was mental.


White Magpie said...

Maybe they should change the number :))

A good thing she doesnt know phreaking or else..

Any idea what happened to the gurl?

karmic_jay said...

Keshi.. no reason for doing this.
Magpie not sure what happened to the girl.