Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Failed States Index Top Ten (As per foreign policy magazine)

The 60 most vulnerable states of the 148 countries examined in the second annual "failed states index" of Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace:
1. Sudan
2. Democratic Republic of Congo
3. Ivory Coast
4. Iraq
5. Zimbabwe
6. Chad
6. (Tie) Somalia
8. Haiti
9. Pakistan
10. Afghanistan

From the USA Today news article about this report
"According to the review, the situation in Iraq (No. 4) and Afghanistan (No. 10) deteriorated since 2005, the first year the survey was taken.
"For Iraq, the index category that worsened most was human flight," the report said. "The exodus of Iraq's professional class has accelerated, leaving the country without the trained citizens it needs to staff important posts."
Iraq's instability was underscored in a State Department report last week that said fully 30% of all terrorist attacks worldwide last year occurred in Iraq.
In terms of available human resources, Afghanistan faces a somewhat different problem from Iraq, the report said. It pointed out that while educated Afghan exiles have been slow to return following the fall of the Taliban in 2001, overwhelmingly poor Afghan refugees have returned in large numbers from Iran and Pakistan.
"The result is a capital city busting at the seams but short of trained administrators, the report said."
Pakistan is another troubled country, the report said. Its inability to police the tribal areas near the Afghan border helped lead to one of the sharpest declines in overall score of any country on the index.
Other contributing factors were the devastating earthquake last October in Kashmir and simmering ethnic tensions.
The study debunks the notion that steady growth rates in China are making the country more stable. It found that China lost ground last year." (57th on the list)
The criteria used are -
I 1 - Mounting Demographic Pressures
I 2 - Massive Movement of Refugees and IDPs
I 3 - Legacy of Vengeance - Seeking Group Grievance
I 4 - Chronic and Sustained Human Flight
I 5 - Uneven Economic Development along Group Lines
I 6 - Sharp and/or Severe Economic Decline
I 7 - Criminalization or Delegitimization of the State
I 8 - Progressive Deterioration of Public Services
I 9 - Widespread Violation of Human Rights
I 10 - Security Apparatus as "State within a State"
I 11 - Rise of Factionalized Elites
I 12 - Intervention of Other States or External Actors

See the number on the right of the page, that is what we have spent in Iraq ( much less in Afghanistan). Clearly as our President likes to tell us " they have freedom", which in itself does not mean much as a lot of all those criteria that make up a stable nation state are missing. It's been 3 years since we have been in Iraq, oil production/electricity and clean drinking water are still below prewar levels.
Not to mention bringing them freedom was never the primary reason to go to war, it was the (non existent) WMD. The American people are slowly but surely waking up to Mr. Incompetent in office. The scary part of the report is Pakistan, the only know nuclear state in the top 10. I hope this administration has a plan to secure the nukes there if there is a coup of some sort and we are unsure of things. The Pakistanis also have supposedly assured us that they have a failsafe method of securing their nukes.


Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

with extremely poor economies, those that r more prone to natural disasters and those that have some of the world's craziest fanatics...I think it's the fanaticism that leaves these countries in such dire conditions for so long...dun u think so?


Aditi said...

yea i saw this article myself in an Indian newspaper. There was some concern raised at being surrounded by such unstable states etc.

Mr. J said...

Hey i heard about this too. Apparently it said, India was in the midst of these countries making it very susceptible to any volatile issue.

Was also not surprised to see India in the list of the most corrupt. Lol!!

karmic_jay said...

Keshi I agree, religion does play a role. Although in China the lopsided development is a major cause of discontent.

Aditi, I agree. Are India and Pakistan still at it?

Me, Ye. Althopugh hopefully that will change as the conomy gets batter and living standards improve.

Aditi said...

Well there are a lot of attempts at peace. The recent earthquake prompted not only offers for aid but opening up of sealed borders etc to allow relief efforts from this side where its more accesible.
Bus services etc ply from both sides but total peace is hardly possible with the kashmir issue unresolved

Mridula said...

I too had seen this before but more from an India centric view. Iraq is a real mess.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

im suprised pakistan is not on top of the list!

karmic_jay said...

Opin, I don't think things are that bad there are they?

karmic_jay said...

Also haven't the tribal areas in Pakistan always been autonomous and not easy to administer or police?

Id it is said...

If only Puerto Rico were a country in its own would have topped the list!!!
Whatever happened to the Puerto Rican Pride? The situation there is worse than what happened in Argentina!