Monday, May 01, 2006

Five Weird Habits About Me -

Warning.. this is not a meme or a tag. I am just hoping some of ya pick it up. I picked this from dependable renegade and Ntodd's place.
Here goes...

1. I do not like to leave the toaster oven or the cofee machine plugged in at home before going to work. I am just scared of those things catching fire! ;-)

2. When I am in bed, and I want to sleep I lie on my right side. When I have trouble sleeping (which is rare) I lie on my left side. Miraculously this will get me in that transitionary period where I know the sleep fairy has almost got me and I turn back to my right side and that is it, I am asleep. I can't sleep when I am on my back.

3. I will run my fingers over my moustache when I am deep in thought. This especialy happens when I am reading something. Maybe I am restless and no I don't think it is attention deficit disorder.

4. When I am dead tired, my legs get restless. I cannot keep them still. I will move them and occassionally hit something like a table or a chair leg and when it happens at home, *A* always shoos me off to bed. If this happens at a party or when we are out, it is a sure sign to leave.

5. I have exactly one can of coke everyday when I am at work. I finish it over a couple of hours. The it goes right next to my monitor. I repeat this the next day and then at the end of the day I walk over to the break area, wash them and then they go to the recycling container. I don't keep more than 2 cans. And then it repeats. Things in twos...
Update: Nowwhere girl in the comments asked if the coke in the can does not go flat over 2 hours. Yes it does and leads me to add another weird factoid. I do not drink the coke cold, it is always at room temperature.

Anyone feel like sharing their weird/strange/funny habits?


Maya Cassis said...

and I thought I was the only one who was paranoid(on checking the pluggings n all)
and it's not without reason,my roomie got our room on fire once when she didn't unplug her hair dryer.When we got back to the hostel,the whole room was charcoal black.everything was burnt from the cot to our book...everything everything....horrible!

Ethan said...

Ill share.. check out mine..

Keshi said...

hehe Jay I dun think any of these habits r really weird tho :)

Im quite like u when it comes to checking up on electrical items b4 leaving home...infact Im too careful :) I switch the points off but I dun remove the plugs altogether...

U drink alot of Coke ha? wow I guess all yanks do :):) Its like vegemite toast for me hahaha!

hmm any weird habits of mine? well I have heaps lol!

**like dancing almost anywhere if ppl cant see in the lift, ladies', traffic lights, so many places...I just cant keep still :)

**when Im tensed I so wanna distract that feeling so I talk something totally irrelevant...mostly something funny and I giggle mum then instantly knows Im going!

**I like having my ice cream smoothened to a creamy semi-liquid state b4 I eat it...

**I smile at strangers even if they dun smile back...

**I dun easily fall for dudes, even if they r hunky..hehe thats weird for a girl :)


Mr. J said...

So you keep bumping into the furniture.. hmmm, hows your leg doing?

San said...


karmic_jay said...

I thought I was paranoid about unplugging the toaster and stuff. Glad to know I have company. That must have been terrible to see everythign burnt down :(
Ethan will check out your list too.
Actually I only have a can of coke a day whoch is about 350 ml. I know people who drink more.
Keshi as for dancing at traffic lights.. do they have traffic cams at lights?
If so I am sure they have video highlights of ya someplace ;)

I actually will spike icecream sometimes int he microwave for a few seconds to soften it.

You don't fall for hunky dudes? heh
Guess the nerds must take heart then? :)

Me. It's more like just an ordinary knock. Legs fine.

nowheregirl said...

one can of coke for 2hrs!! doesnt it go flat ! :P

nice place this...

karmic_jay said...

nowhere.. thanks for stopping by. Yes it does goes flat. Also I should update this to say. I drink the coke at room temperature..

Mridula said...

My weird habit? I cannot stand coke and Pepsi. I feel like I am being tortured if I end up drinking one! Gice me tea anytime.

And off-topic, do go to Ladakh, I am completely smittem by the place.

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sahibi said...

ok u made me think if i have any weird habit. i certainly do have ok. to start with.
when ever im thinking or im very immersed in something i fondle with my hair.keep on rounding them around my finger or i keep scratching on my nose bone
2. i need a sheet on me evrtime i sleep be it scorching heat, i feel protected inside it.
3.i need my bathroom very clean , i love to clean it myself. hate somebody using it.
4. i have strange love for shorts, if i had an option i wuld wear them even at some wedding.

Keshi said...

Jay lol!

**do they have traffic cams at lights?

I dunno abt cameras but I do it only when no one's watching...and I just shake my body a bit - na I dun dance like a maniac (mu usual) there...hell na, hahaha!

oh so u make ur ice cream melt a bit, just like me!

**heh Guess the nerds must take heart then

na na lol! I mean u know how girls usually fall instantly for hunks...I dun..I need to get to know the hunk alot first b4 falling for him :)


Viewer said...

ok I cannot sleep on a bed with printed bedsheets not spread over correctly

i need the bedsheet to be spread out in such a way that the print shud not seem to be crooked

opinionatedinjerzee said...

i share your wierd habbit of liking my diet coke at room temperature.. I hate it cold or with ice!!

Janeofalltrades said...

:-) Mine...

1. When at ease/in a relaxed state of mind, sitting on the train or idle my palm is always curled, like a babies, two forefingers of one hand held by the other hand. I often catch myself in this weird state of existence and think it's odd.

2. Everyday as a ritual to pass the subway ride I pick a lucky rider and give that person a mental makeover. When I get off 7 stops later in the city that person looks absolutely fabulous in my head.

3. I talk to myself usually when I'm struggling with a decision. I play the role of the devil and the angel and I have a conversation with myself. Sometimes I use different voices. It's a tie so far.

4. I never ever support nor do anything illegal or unethical. I'm quite anal retentive about it to a flaw and have pissed people off by not indulging in silly harmless activities. And this is weird because I'm fairly insane and don't have a straight view of the world.

5. I cry at movies, tv shows, even lame stories between strangers on the train, commercials. Yes even something that lasts 30 seconds has the ability to make me bawl. And this is weird because I'm a badass and generally prefer making people cry. :-)