Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In Which Karmic Jay Asks A Favor From My Few Readers

NTodd is a buddy of mine, a fellow Atriot and a fine gentleman who prefers to go pantless (he does wear pants. Relax..this is an inside joke amongst people who hang out at the liberal blog Eschaton, explanation here).

He is trying to get to 419,067 hits on his blog. He just pulled that number out of his a** I think although he says otherwise here. And in meeting this goal he enlists/begs ;-) us, his readers and fans (dare I use that term) to help. I in turn request you to help out by clicking on his link. He has a rather interesting blog. He does take some lovely photographs and also has them for sale. He blogs about his pets Sam and Mex, and the pictures of those two always brighten up my day. He also does podcasts where he rants about stuff. Oh and almost forgot he lives and works out of the lovely state of Vermont.

So give him a few hits my buddies and moi will be always grateful to you.
Thank you!
For your viewing pleasure.. Sam and Mex below. I gotta say major awwww factor right there.


Shitrint said...

thats a strange request!!
hmm...i did go to Dohiyi Mir! and read abt his target hits!
wats it for..?? major milestone??

homo escapeons said...

Well done on filling in the keshiites about ID.
I'll check out your buddy but he better have pants on.

karmic_jay said...

@ Shitrint. Ye thats NTodd and moi for you. It's really just silly but in good fun. No major milestone as such other than the satisfaction of getting close to hald a million hits.

@escapeons Thanks:) Yes my buddy has pants on.
As for the whole ID issue. I have no problem if people want to believe that there is an intelligent designer behind the universe. I respect that belief, but that's what it is a belief and a matter of faith and it's not a scientific theory.
My problem is with people trying to pass it off as science. Not sure if I helped anyone understand the difference. But if anyone did fine, if not let them decide for themselves.
You truly have to have followed the I.D. debate in the US to get the magnitude of what these ID folks are trying to do. Not sure if Keshi and the others can truly realize it from outside the US.

Keshi said...


gotta check out NTODD then ;-)


Keshi said...

**Well done on filling in the keshiites about ID.

keshiites?? :)


J said...

What do people blog for these days?

Aditi said...

hopefully his count is up there

karmic_jay said...

LOL@ keshi.. yep sam and mex are teh cute!
I think Keshiites refers to the people on your blog.

@J.. bloggers are so vain ;)

@Aditi. His count is almost there. Thanks to us :)

Mr. J said...

412493... Hmmm...

Silvs said...

look at you, doing PR work!!

I'll check it, but just cause you asked nicely ..

Teri said...

cute animals!

and I've gone to visit NTodd.

karmic_jay said...

@Silvs.. I am always nice ain't I? Thanks

@Teri . Thanks as well.

Aditi said...

Great story.. thanks for sharing it.. will go look for the book once i finish shantaram

Id it is said...

Not a problem;but where'sit leading to?

karmic_jay said...

@Aditi.. Glad you liked it. I have to find out who Shantaram is? Is there a name for the book?

@ID. Thanks pal. The hits are not leading to anywhere. It's just one of those things that people like to plug about their blogs (assuming you are talking about NTodd).
I liked your latest post. Will comment when I get a chance. :)

Aditi said...

@karmic jay
Shantaram is the name of the book by Gregory David Roberts.

Aditi said...

Oh and it made big news when the movie rights were picked up and rumor has it. Johnny Depp is roped in to play Shantaram. Its set extensively in Mumbai.
(Sorry afterthought)

Keshi said...

hehe thanks Jay!


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