Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Minced Pork Burgers (Total prep time including cooking 20 - 30 mins)

This was our memorial day BBQ dish. We are both fans of food tv and the recipe is sort of based on something we saw on Bobby Flay’s show. When we made this we were sort of surprised that the whole process only took a total of 30 minutes. We also tend to cook on the fly and are not big on measurements and amounts and so we found that we could do a few things different for ver2.0 of this burger, after having tasted ver1.0.

Here is the recipe...

1lb of minced/ground pork (You can substitute your favorite meat).
2 -3 inch piece of ginger (grated and/or chopped).
Half red onion finely chopped (yellow/white are fine too but I think red onion tastes better especially with meats).
1-2 tablespoons of fresh roasted coriander seeds ground in a pestle or a food processor.
2-3 tablespoons of chopped cilantro (coriander).
Juice from half a lime/lemon.
Chilli powder and salt to taste.
A dash or two of soy sauce (you don’t need to add this really, no clue why we added it).

Mix all the ingredients together to make burger patties.

Throw them on the grill. We used a charcoal fired grill as opposed to a gas powered one as the food tastes a lot better. It took no more than 10-15 mins to grill the burgers.
We used burger rolls with Aioli mustard sauce, a dash of lime juice and the burgers. They were yum!!!
I think you can pretty much use any stackers on your burgers you choose.
We thought we could certainly use more lime juice/ginger in the burger. That is what ver2.0 is going to be.
I just had one at lunch (breaking my usual no lunch rule). It tasted better today than on Monday. :)


Keshi said...

goshh sounds yummy! Altho mum doesnt eat pork so we dun buy pork anymore...


Aditi said...

BBQ.. summer's here =)

Dadoji said...

Send one across the pond, will ya?

Mr. J said...

Ummm I misplaced the BBQ invitation you sent me. Can you shed some light on that again please :D

karmic_jay said...

@Keshi. Substitute any meat you want for this recipe.

@Aditi.. Summer is still a bit away but BBQ season is here.

@Dadoji.. sure whats the addy?

@me..Vacation here in the US and feel free to stop by :)

Teri said...

That looks delicious! Ginger works quite well with pork - I'll have to swipe your recipe and try it!

karmic_jay said...

Teri, Please do. It's pretty easy as well and tasted good too. :)Good luck.

Keshi said...

yeah I guess lamb will be good enough :)


Dadoji said...

Lamb! Now that actually reminds me of kheema pattice from Ratan Tata Institute in Parsee Colony. Oh, here I come in a month's time.

karmic_jay said...

Keshi yup any meet would work.

Dadoji. Man a month is good but UK (if that is where you are at) has pretty decent curry houses.