Tuesday, May 23, 2006

News Of The Strange And Weird Kind...
I guess for some it's nice to just roll out of the bed and on to the train for their daily commute? ;)

Gives a whole new meaning to the expresssion...Eat dirt man (or woman)!

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BEIJING -- A young Chinese woman is undergoing medical tests in Beijing after dining on dirt for 11 years.

The 18-year-old from Inner Mongolia was taken to Beijing by her parents, who wanted to know why she finds dirt appetizing.

She told Chinese television she started the habit when she was just 7 years old when she consumed dirt that was attached to the roots of grass.

Yellow mud is her favorite. Her eating habits have caused problems for the family's next-door neighbor, who has a mud roof.

Chinese television reported that the woman can't help herself and keeps eating the roof.

I mean as a kid I have imagined a fantasy world of gingerbread houses with chocolate roofs and imagined being able to eat that..but this? heh!

Madonna is up to her usual antics...

Religious groups have reacted furiously after Madonna appeared hanging from a cross and wearing a crown of thorns during her latest world tour.

During her performance at the Los Angeles forum, Madonna appeared strapped to a 20 foot high crucifix, prompting outrage from Christian leaders.

A Church of England spokesman said: "Is Madonna prepared to take on everything else that goes with wearing a crown of thorns?

"And why would someone with so much talent seem to feel the need to promote herself by offending so many people?"

David Muir of the Evangelical Alliance told the Evening Standard: "It is downright offensive. Madonna's use of Christian imagery is an abuse and it is dangerous.

"The Christian reaction to this sort of thing tends to be tempered but if the same thing was done with the imagery and iconography of other faiths the reaction woulld be very different."

During last night's performance, the Material Girl also mocked Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George Bush in a video montage by juxtaposing their images against those of dictators Osama bin Laden, Hitler and Robert Mugabe.

She also directed an insult at President Bush with a joke about oral sex.

It is not the first time Madonna has upset religious groups and political leaders.

In 1989, the Vatican wanted her banned from performing in Italy after it deemed her video for Like A Prayer as blasphemous.

Madonna will be performing in Britain in July and August and fans are expected to pay up to £200 for a ticket.

I guess anything to try to resurrect a sagging music career eh?


Keshi said...

ur back to ur fun and interesting posts Jay..good on ya!

**Yellow mud is her favorite.

hmmm mebbe she was a corrosion ghost in last birth :):)

Madonna has always been the unique female performer...so what if she put herself on a cross and wore the thorny crown...dun tell me this is another DVC kinda protest...ppl should really get a life u know. Cos true faith is not in some external source..its in u.


Keshi said...

and abt my clone..na he/she hasnt got my pwd - he/she does it thru the Link field by pasting my addy there - and then it looks liek its fro me! He/she's got just some complex against me...even I dun u'stand how someone could have such a major jealousy for so many years...must be a lunatic no doubt.


Aditi said...

Well about the mud thing, I knew someone who ate soap and chalk as a child. The doctor said it was some calcium deficiency or some such thing that made it appetising. Still soap?

Mr. J said...

Damn that girl is 'dirty' and Madonna somehow reminds me of a 'Clown'

Agarwaen Mormegil said...

**Yellow mud is her favorite. **

yeah, i love yellow mud. :D
btw, the pic of shanties besides the train line is all too common in India.
Have seen it a millions of times.
and Madonna is now a disciple of a Jewish cult or something, isn't it? Kabbalah is the name of the cult.

and btw, why I care about PA-7? let's just say, elections excites me.
In fact, I do get erotic arousals hearing the word "election",
and US is the mother of all election battles.
PS: DE's federal races are a yawn this year. Sen. Carper is a shoo-in for re-election. popular guy I guess. Handsome also. That factor sure counts. If Rep. Castle had challenged him, you guys would've seen a tough and entertaining race.hehe....
and btw, i'm coming to like this blog.

Dadoji said...

madonna has some wonderful songs to her credit...and then there is the other side.

karmic_jay said...

@ Keshi.. It's all cool.

@ Aditi.. different tastebuds may be?


@dadoji.. I agree with ya.

@AM. Kabbalah is supposedly a form of Jewish mysticism not sure if it is a cult.
Am I like politics too but it doesn't arouse me lol. Whatever floats your boat man.
PS; How did you find out about this blog? I am just curious that's all.

Shitrint said...

the chinese woman keeps eating the roof of her neighbour!!! hilarious?!?!
nice one there!
keep posting more such stuff...

DysfunctionaL said...

according to my mom, my brother developed a habit of eating dirt when he was very young.. my mom, obviously worried, referred to a pediatrician who suggested a medicine that made him go "eww" everytime he saw dirt..
as for madonna, she always has a controversy attached to her existence.. i would've personally loved to go to on of her concerts in this tour..oh well..

Viewer said...

Well i know some kids who eat class room chalk and clay which is used to make pots and stuff

karmic_jay said...

@shitrint.. I am never sure what I am going to post so I just meander, thanks for stopping by. :)

@dysfunc n viewer.. i realise eating dirt/chalk is alot more common but to start munching on the roof? :)

Id it is said...

To each his/her own; yellow mud for one and a crown of thorns for the other!

White Magpie said...

Haha..Nice read. what a sight to find your next door kid hanging on to your roof by her teeth..Madonna without controversy is no fun..