Wednesday, May 24, 2006

News Of The Strange, Wierd Or Just Stupid ..D'Oh

3 Calif. Teens Burned in Aerosol Accident

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Three teenagers were burned Saturday, one critically, when an aerosol spray they were inhaling to become intoxicated burst into flame inside their car, authorities said.
Two boys, aged 16 and 15, and a 15-year-old girl were in a parked car "inhaling aerosol spray for the purpose of euphoria" when one of them began smoking, said Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department.
The flame ignited the aerosol, resulting in a "fireball" inside the car, he said

They were just too euphoric to know better..

Bad Tatoos

Sorry to inflict that image upon you.. Hope the one below helps..
Then And Now

And for those needing their political fix.. please see below


Teri said...

ahhhh! The tattoos! I'm blind, I'm blind!

Aditi said...

The tattoos remind me i still have to see Star wars 3..hmm

karmic_jay said...

That was my thought too.. what am I seeing.

Aditi, I managed to see it with a buddy of mine. *A* is no sci fi fan so she was not gonna go for it.

Aditi said...

Ohh i missed it.. i have it lying at home on dvd i suppose i should watch it.. btw i added u on orkut i hope u dont mind

Viewer said...

Those were real bad tattoos !

Jordan's Dad said...

Darth Vadar looks sad... probably because he will soon be overtaken by stretch marks...

karmic_jay said...

@Aditi... No problem. I don't mind. I was wondering how to add some of the regular bloggers/readers. So thanks.

@viewer. Ya. So the Other pics were sort of to help get the bad taste out. :)

JD. lol yep. DV looks sad anyways. Stretch marks are gonna make it even worse as if it is not bad enough.

Mr. J said...

All I can see is Ms. Jones. Yeh the pic on the right obviously..

Keshi said...

Cath look s gorgeous!

I dislike ppl with too many tattoos...goshh thats grossss!