Monday, May 15, 2006


If you scream loudly, or cover your ears or just deny stuff facts don't go away.
Laura Bush just decides to not believe facts...
Our first lady on her husband's poll ratings ..
"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - First lady Laura Bush said on Sunday she does not believe opinion polls showing her husband's approval ratings at record low levels.

Interviewed on Fox News Sunday, Laura Bush said she did not think people were losing confidence in President George W. Bush, despite a series of polls showing support for him at its lowest point in his five-year presidency and among the lowest for any president in the past 50 years.

"I don't really believe those polls. I travel around the country. I see people, I see their responses to my husband. I see their response to me," she said.

"As I travel around the United States, I see a lot of appreciation for him. A lot of people come up to me and say, 'Stay the course'."


"He's the one that has to make the hard decisions. And, of course, they don't please everyone.""

Ahh of course he is the decider making those hard decisions, sending people to Iraq in a war that was purely of choice and based on very shaky evidence (at best). His sacrifice in return? He gave up candy.. see he is not just the decider he is also the sacrificer in chief! BTW his giving up candy lasted only 7 months while our soldiers have been there for more than 3 years.

Oh and our steno press never tires of telling us how popular Laura Bush is in contrast to preznit, some one tell them it does not count! She ain't running the country her likeability has nothing to do with Georgie.

I present to you the decider's approval ratings from a number of polls in one easy to understand graph, unless of course you are a Bushbot or one of the 29% who think he is doing one heck of a job ;)


Teri said...

sticks fingers in ears
la la la la la! I can't hear you! My fingers are in my ears and I'm singing. La la la la la!

Keshi said...

What, he gave up Candy? lol I thought it was Pretzels :)


hopefuldisposition said...

Are you still watching Battle Star Gallectica?

karmic_jay said...

LOL @ HD Well sort of. I have not updated that link yet I know. Here is what I am up to with that.
The DVD for the latest season won't be out for a while. I have been downloading the episodes from itunes and watching them, 20 mins at a time (time management.. wife is not a fan so I have to find time to do this and with my long commute and all).
Also Have not had as much time to keep all the info on the blog as updated as I would like.
So technically I am still watching Galactica. :)

hopefuldisposition said...

Sorry Galactica (not Gallectica) should have known! Well have fun...I know a few people that watch that...I like it...I watched it too on TV...

Anonymous said...

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