Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sardine-flavoured ice cream coming to Portugal !

Most of us love icecream, but would you try these flavors?

LISBON (AFP) - A shop in Portugal is reportedly planning to start selling ice-cream in flavours like shrimp, cod, tuna and grilled sardines when it opens next month.

The "Coromoto" store in the southern fishing port and canning centre of Portimao, located 300 kilometres (185 miles) south of Lisbon, will offer a total of 60 exotic flavours alongside traditional options like chocolate and vanilla, its owner told the Lusa news agency.

"Anything that you can eat or drink can be transformed into an ice cream," said Manuel Oliveira, who said he and his daughter would make all the flavoured ice creams without using any chemicals.

Among the other ice creams to be served are several alcohol-based flavours like Baileys Irish Cream, French fruit and herb liquer Pisang Ambon, and Curacao, a liquer made from the laraha fruit, a variety of orange.

Oliveira, 52, said he inherited his passion for ice cream from his father, also named Manuel Oliveira, who earned a place in the Guiness Book of Records for dreaming up the largest number of flavours of the popular dessert.

His father's shop in the Venezuelan city of Merida serves over 700 ice cream flavours, including spaghetti, trout and garlic.

Ice cream makers across Europe are introducing more and more unusual flavours and premuim brands in order to hold on to their market shares in the face of stagnant sales in recent years.

I would try most of those flavors for the heck of it.


Keshi said...

I read abt this somewhere b4...

Sardine flavored ice-cream makes me wanna puke :(

**serves over 700 ice cream flavours, including spaghetti, trout and garlic.

it seems that ppl r going crazy...there's so many kinds of real and healthy food that ppl should try out b4 trying crap like this...



Aditi said...

Sardine flavored ice cream? sounds like that candy from harry potter that can taste like dirt etc..

The Bhandari's said...


opinionatedinjerzee said...

ugh... i cant stomach seafood as it is... seafood flavored icecream??? i feel sick just thinking about it!!

karmic_jay said...

Keshi..lol each one to their own.

Aditi.. you can actually buy those kind of jelly beans. :)

Bhandari's thanks for stopping by.

Hey opin. Allergic to seafood or just don't like it?

DysfunctionaL said...


cold spaghetti and milk..
garlic ice cream?

gross.. i coul give up ice cream just at the very though..

Id it is said...

Could never have imagined the two together..sardines and ice cream!

Anonymous said...

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