Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back But Not Quite Back..
Back after a busy weekend. Long drive but got back before most weekenders. Feeling pretty drained and under the weather. I think going to bed early will help. I have to go to work Monday.
I do have posts to write and pics to post in the coming days.
Found this pic below on a bulletin board. Wish I had another day to relax.

Update: Fever, chills and body ache. Oy! Does not look too good right now.


Shitrint said...

hi jay! nice 2 have u back!
am sorry abt ur fatigue and fever...its the same here with me and aditi as well...
sigh now i too hav 2 gear up for a hectic schedule with college reopening!!
take care.

Ekta said...

Hey take care and get well soon!
On the other hand...its maybe a good time to get pampered by wife..!:-)
Usually when men are sick,,,they'r worst then kids!

Dadoji said...

Oh you'll be awwight. Not to worry. Just drink lotsa aqua pura and eat lotsa green leafy stuff. If you eat grass, moo a bit. :-)

~River~ said...

Your post title could work for me too. I got back home a while back, but still haven't got back to the whirligig of the blogworld.

Take care. Lots of rest with soothing music--that's the trick!

Aditi said...

oye ve..get better soon.. we need u back here so u relax.. like that baby
cute one btw

The Bhandari's said...

ah Get well soon :)

BTW I just loved the baby so cute

chandni said...

get well soon there!! Probably its rest that u need...

But looking fwd to the pics and detaisl on the weekend!

Teri said...

ohhh! Feel better soon!

Keshi said...

WB, relax and be bakkk fresh :)