Monday, June 19, 2006

Been Tagged..

I have been tagged by Opinionated and could not pick it up right away, but here goes.

My Accent: American with the Indian roots detectable. This changes when I go to India. I have to try to speak like folks in India. But it does not always work, I have been told that it is obvious I do not live in India from the way I speak.

Booze: Love a glass of red wine every other day or sometimes everyday. Love it especially when I am cooking too.

Chore I Hate: I don’t like to mow the lawn, but it’s gotta be done.

Dog or Cat: Definetly a dog person, hope to have one within 6 months to a year.

Essential Electronics: Computers, cellphone.

Favorite Perfume: Don’t have a favorite.

Gold or Silver: Silver. Neither. Shiny metals or precious stones hold no fascination for me.

Home: Wilmington, DE.

Insomnia: Very rare, I am out within 5 mins of deciding I want to sleep.

Job Title: I must have put it somewhere here or there..

Living Arrangements: Terrific Twosome.

Most Admirable Traits: Admirable? What’s that again?

Number of Sexual Partners: Whaddya care huh?

Number of times in hospital: 3.

Phobias: None that I know of.

Quote: None really but sort of like this one "Be thoughtful or be gone!"

Religion: Hindu but pretty much an agnostic.

Siblings: One younger sis.

Time I Wake Up: Around 4 am and never later than 7 am on weekends.

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can raise my left eyebrow without moving the right!

Vegetable I Love: Potato

Worst Habit: I have my quirks traits and I can sometimes be a pain!

X-Rays, Last time: During my last dental visit.

Yummy Food I Make: Dosas (south Indian crepe like dish made from fermented rice and lentil paste). I make them from scratch and they are pretty good.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

I am not tagging anyone else, so if any of you want to take it on feel free. I will tag Silvs though, since opin missed her and Silvs can't be left untagged. So take it away girl!

And it's soccermania with the worldcup and all so..


Enyur said...

Yummm...dosas! The first time I tried dosa, was at this restaurant called Madras Dosa Hut. I loved it so much and so went out and bought the instant dosas you get in the pack? Let me tell you, it DID NOT turn out even close to what I ate! So kudos to you if you can make it from scratch!! :o)

karmic_jay said...

Thanks Enyur. Our early attempts at instant dosas were a complete and unmitigated disaster! So never again.

Keshi said...

lol cool pic!

** I can raise my left eyebrow without moving the right!

thats cool! I always try too hard to do it but never can get it right :(

wow u make dosas? yummmmmmy!

btw I have done the same tag in my blog lol!


kandykane said...

"Be thoughtful or be gone!"
Awesome.. never heard this one before.. hmm, gonna use it on some people here now ;-) nice blog pal

Aditi said...

Nice...dosas do require skill..A skill I havent mastered yet

Mr. J said...

We wanna see a pic with the raised eyebrow.. A la The Rock heh?? Do you also say, "Do you smeeeelllll what Jay is cooking?" :D

Dadoji said...

I too can do the eyebrow thingy. I can also move my ears and hair ack and forth without moving the head.

Instant dosas too can be done decently but you need to beat it up in a mixer.

Ekta said...

u wake up at 4am!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont remember how the world looks at that time!;-)...

karmic_jay said...

@keshi. I have no talents but the one arched eyebrow thingy :)As for the tag, I had a feelign I had read it at another site too.

@kandykane. Thanks for stopping by. I read that quote at a bloggers place and loved it. :)

@Aditi. I saw my mom make them and here in the US a friend showed me how. It's pretty easy and it helps to have a good pan.

@me.. OK I might do that and take a pic and put it up some day.

@dadoji. You sire take the cake. Maybe instant dosas work, but they just don't taste the same.

@Ekta.. you ain't missing much. It's all dark anyways, I think the dreamworld is a lot better. :)

Dadoji said...

KJ: Thank you. *bows* Definitely they don't taste the same.

The Bhandari's said...

"Time I Wake Up: Around 4 am and never later than 7 am on weekends."

Gosh.... On weekdays itself I get up at 7.30 or 8 :P can't think of this time in my dreams even to get up
Nice topic and enjoyed reading :)

karmic_jay said...

:) @dadoji

:) @preeti thanks!

Silvs said...

ugh! Me stole my idea!!
I want a video, raise your eyebrown, and say, "can you smell what the Jay is cooking"


karmic_jay said...

@silv's you might get one. ;-)

M (tread softly upon) said...

You make dosas from scratch? I'll mow your lawn if you make dosas for me.
Did you hear about the Dutch fans watching the football game in their underwear?

karmic_jay said...

M yup I do make them from scratch.
Sounds like a fair deal to me. You have to drive down from VA for that though, it's not too far.:)
No I did not know abt the Dutch fans in their undies.
I am not that big a soccer fan, but the Mrs is, heck she is a big sports fan period.

Jordan's Dad said...

Can you post your recipe for the dosas? Sounds yummy.

Teri said...

I can raise my right eyebrow without moving the left.

karmic_jay said...

@JD will do when I get a chance. You want the recipes for just the dosas or the sambhar (curry) and the chutney as well?

@Teri - I am impressed. :)

karmic_jay said...

JD. Not sure if you want to read my long comment about how I make dosas. But the 2 links below should help. Especially the first one has pictures of how she (Indira) makes dosas. She has an amazing food blog and I have found the pics are a huge help.

Pans Utensils

My process is below, go with whatever you like or works, good luck!
3 cups of rice (usually a thick grained rice like Jasmine works fine, avoid any sticky types of rice) + 1 cup Urad dal (lentil).
I don’t wash either grains in order to not wash off the yeast that help the fermentation.
Soak them separately with enough water to cover the grains (inch or so above the grain) for 18 -24 hours.
The Urad dal may need more water as it absorbs more so check on it next day morning.
After the 18-24 hour period, I grind them in the blender (separately).
The resulting paste should be not too fine for the rice so that if you felt it between your fingers you could still feel small pieces of the crushed rice. I usually find that the water I used to soak the rice is more than enough to get me the right consistency.
The Urad dal is easier to grind and becomes a thicker paste, which is fine. You don’t want it to be too watery. You may need a bit more water here.
When both the parts are done mix the two together. The consistency at this time should be that of a rather porridge. Since it is warm these days I would just leave it overnight at room temperature to ferment, in the winter I just stick it in the oven which is more insulated.
The mix will rise so don’t top off the container.
The next day I usually taste a bit of the mix, I usually know it’s ready to go when I detect some tanginess to the mix. Actually you can taste it the night before to see the taste change.
The mix is usually ready to go by next morning (blend by 7-8 pm the night before, the next day by 8 to 12 noon you should have a mix ready for dosas.
I think the critical part is here. I try using an flat non stick pan or one with a very shallow center, but flat is better. We have an old pan we use just for this purpose, it has sort of been cure over time like a wok. But even good non-worn pans would work. I have also found that having a pan drizzled with little oil (non-olive) helps prevent the dosas from sticking.
After making sure the pan is hot pour a bit of oil (quarter of a teaspoon, but once you get comfortable with the process you may need more or less). We usually use a round bottomed ladle (you want maybe 25-30 ml) of the fermented mix in it). Pour it in the middle of the pan and with gentle motions used the bottom to form the dosa mix into a circle. If the mix is too thick you will have trouble forming a pita sized dosa, if it is too thin it might sort of not form well. I mean it will look like you were making a crepe. I have always found that the first dosa is not as well made. I usually use that as a way to find out if I need more water in the mix, I also add salt to taste at this point to the mix. I have also found that if the dosa is sticking to the pan, a few droplets of oil along the edges helps. It is usually ready to flip when the edges are brown and crisp. Flip it and let it cook for a minute or too. You don’t need any oil at this stage. Repeat process for each dosa. Adjust temperature of pan as needed.
I guess if you have had dosa before you will know when it is ready. My dosas never look like restaurant dosas. But a good dosa will be brown, crisp, tangy and will have holes on it.
The description is probably too detailed, but not knowing how comfortable you are with this process more information might not hurt.

Shitrint said...

i love potatoes too!!
yum...dosas...u shud never talk abt food on blogs...its a crime..
oh im so hungry!!

karmic_jay said...

:)sorry pal am bit of a foodie

chandni said...

I can raise my right eyebrow without raising the left :)

Mridula said...

4 am and never later than 7! I am mighty impressed.