Thursday, June 29, 2006

Creative Fridays..

I got this from Teri's place.
"I'm absolutely delighted and honored to be picked to choose tomorrow's Poetry Friday theme.
The word is (drum roll please...)
The idea is simple: do something creative around the word (poetry, stories, pictures, whatever) and post it on your blog tomorrow."

I sort of liked the idea, the only problem I can't do poetry am too tired to write up a story and so I am left with pictures. So I typed in the word "harmony" and "poetry " on google and here is a small poem from Sri.Chinmoy that I liked.

When I am matter-bound,
My world within is chaotic

My world without is chaotic.
When I am Spirit-free,

My world within
Is harmony-song
My world without Is harmony-dance.

And thenI found this random poetry generator, where you type in your URL and out comes a poem and it is different every time. For this site here is what it generated -

here is lying? A: lawyer?
A: Burroughs salesman is lying?

A: fly on
the opposite sex.
Give him an international
A: When
his lips move.
a lower.
William Shakespeare, Lost Break
into jail and then are promoted to be more love could drag on the night soil of wisdom. J.

Some pictures from my wanderings..

A church in New Haven, CT

Storefront New Haven, CT (spot the spelling mistake?)

Farmers Market Wilmington, DE


Eli said...

Mmm... Wandering...

Verra nice, jay.

The shadowy and mysterious Codename V. is bringing me some very strange magnetic poetry - I believe we will easily come up with something bloggable, possibly involving playas, booty, and hydras.

Aditi said...

nice poem.. harmony is a nice theme
great pictures =)

Aditi said...

ohh and on enlarging the pic i did spot the spelling mistake

Mridula said...

Give me pictures anyday and black and white makes it more interesting.

Mridula said...

For obscure words, have you seen this one in Ladakh I hope you don't mind my putting this link here.

Maya Cassis said...

wandering indeed...i love the first pic.very serene and inviting.
nice poetry going on in here :)
have a great day

karmic_jay said...

:-) Eli thanks. I wish I had half the talent you do when it comes to pictures.

The shadowy and mysterious codename V has me fascinated too. Pls do blog the poems.

@Aditi, thanks. no thanks to me ofcourse Teri picked the theme.

@Mridula.. Thanks and mroe so for sending me the link to Mo' the other west coast blogger who went to a moveon event. I don't mind you putting the link here at all..feel free.

@Maya,Thanks for stopping by.

M (tread softly upon) said...

Did the poetry generator and got such crazy poems for my blog :))

karmic_jay said...

M. There is a post in that for you, should you care to post it that is. :)

Viewer said...

Nice pictures! enjoy ur weeknd!

opinionatedinjerzee said...

ok, call me simple but i dont get the randomly generated poem!! as for the pics of the church.. i dont know why but churches fascinate me... they are so beautiful inside and out.. the mosques here in the u.s are pretty plain.. but i know some in other countries are breathtaking..

Gangadhar said...

I can't do poetry..ha ha..Me too,Sanjay..I told about this a couple of times on moi blog..Read it here
but I'm a great lover of poetry..Tnx for sharing Chinmoy's poem..
Poetry generator's awesome..It's fun doing that..
nice pics,too

btw i blogrolled you..

Teri said...

That poem generator is fun! I totally swiped it!

karmic_jay said...

@opin. Thanks. ok, call me simple but i dont get the randomly generated poem

Opin if you go to the site and input your URL. I think it goes thru the posts and comments on your site to generate a poem. It is random and does something different everytime. It's fun, give it a shot. Here is the link. . The poem may not always make sense but sometimes it does.

@Ganga. I will check out your post and I have to blogroll you too.

@Teri. Have fun with it. There are some other interesting random generators too. I should put up a post about them. :)


You have a B n W camera or you converted them to look antique...The images look s nice eithrways..I come here from Keshi's post to thank you for your wishes..Good weekend to ya..:)

karmic_jay said...

Oops. Here is the link to the random poetry generator.

@Scribblez. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend too.
I have a film SLR, the only modification to the picture is that they were converted to B/W after I got them on a CD. They haven't been touched up in any other manner.

Gangadhar said...

Sanjay,back here again..
Lemme tell you about the link i placed it here..In that post,i placed a poem by some Erin E M Hatton..I didn't know her either..i got that poem in google search..
And what's amazing was...she came onto my post(nearly seven months after),herself finding her poem on my blog,and commented there..I felt so happy...

karmic_jay said...

Ganga, I know what you mean.. amazing eh?

Mona Buonanotte said...

This is your first Poetry Friday? I'd consider you 'prolific' already! Love the poetry generator, I'll have to gank that....

karmic_jay said...

Mona.. Thanks, but as you know. I did nto write it.

Teri said...

Poetry friday started with just posting poems - didn't have a theme in the beginning, and lots of people just posted their favorite poems by famous poets.

You've totally got the spirit here.

karmic_jay said...

Thks Teri :)