Friday, June 16, 2006

Going Out On A Date This Weekend That You Would Rather Not?

Courtesy of Amused & Bemused comes this list of 10 different ways to freak out your date. Now if you don't want to freak her/him out don't try this unless they have a wcky sesne of humor or something. On the other hand if you are trying to end it cos it ain't going anywhere, then try some of these ideas. I picked a few, but the complete list is here. Some of them are funny and gross but worth a laugh. It's the weekend after all. Am off to Philly in the evening to see the Gore documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and also meet B & M. Not a busy weeekend this time, should be more relaxed. It's gonna be hot and humid on Sunday should be cool enough in the evening to BBQ though. :) Enjoy the weekend folks!

Worried about all that cell phone radiation, it's easy to block it...

Wear this to your next date and talk about how radiation adversely affects brain cells and how important it is to avoid radiation at all costs. Talk about how as a child you lived next to a power generation plant and how some of your neighbors ended up having really weird children with three legs and two heads and how the older folks all ended up bed-ridden with horrible diseases. Laugh and mention that you hope nothing like that will happened to you as you always protected your privates by wrapping them with aluminum foil and that you use your handy scarf every time you use the cell phone.

Light Up Billboard Message Bra...Oh boy!

Wear this bra with some extra padding in the bra so you are really hanging out. Pair the bra with a tight red set of skin-tight pants and hot heels and go to the bar with him. Put up the message "I'm easy" and put it on flash. Talk really loudly about how men are really attracted to you and you always have a hard time attracting they right type of guy who's interested in more than one thing with you. Talk about how tiresome it is to have all the men always staring at you and you so appreciate your date for being able to see the real you behind the attractive appearance. Pretend to get drunk and on your way back from the bathroom, flaunt yourself to every man in the bar and ask them if they think you are hot. Act very very desperate and completely ignore your date.

I thought this one was funny..

Invite your date for an outing on a hot day and let this hat fester in the sun. (Make sure you leave it out for a few days before your date so it's already ripe.) Keep reaching out to them and kiss them frequently so they can get some good nosefuls of the rotting meat. Talk about how you hate to cook and that you never do it, but that you have found lots of ingenious ways to avoid cooking. Explain how this hat is great and that by suppertime, you can take what's on your head and eat it. Tell them that you do this about once a week and that you are excited to show them all the other ingenious ways you have come up with to never cook - Ever!


Aditi said...

Pretty funny.. i would think the standard.. i am not over my ex yet with lots of tears thrown in and constantly talking abt him would quite quickly do the trick

Shitrint said...

i went on the link....somethings were just too gross...sac free undies and the meat baseball cap!!!

Dadoji said...

KJ, have you put your gross-o-album on repeat mode?

Teri said...

That hat - ewwwwwww! I thought the other two you posted were pretty funny, though.

karmic_jay said...

Ya@aditi.. but the others might be easier? I am sure tears are painful for ye as well. :)

@shitrint.. ye sac free undies were a gross out!

@dadoji, I am not known for always being someone with taste.

Teri..eww indeed. :)

Maya Cassis said...

oh my gosh....hahahah
i would think twice if I had to go on such dates hee hee

Ash said...

Thats so funny ;-)

Enyur said...

lol! Okay, the meaty cap is just ewwy gross!!!

Keshi said...

ewww thats last pic! lol!

**Billboard Message Bra

sounds hip ;-)