Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last Sunday Was For Seekh Kebabs

Being meat eaters (not big ones thought once in a week or fortnight and sometimes a month may go by meat free) and all one would think the logical place for us to buy meat would be at the local supermarket. We have done that at times when it comes to chicken, but sometimes eating goat is simply the best. Unlike beef it is easier to digest and especially in comparison to the farmed (or industrialized, antibiotic fed, hormone injected) beef tastes better.

All that industrialized raising of beef and chicken has in my opinion contributed to the general insipid taste to both chicken and beef on a lot of American grocery shelves. To escape this we have often gone the route of organic chicken or when it comes to getting goator lamb, we simply searched for the closest halal meat shop. I also think halal meat tastes better.

In CT, (our previous neck of the woods) we actually found a couple of halal places. When we moved to Wilmington, we did not really look for one for the largest time. The inertia in that regard finally changed last weekend, when I found a Halal shop in Newark. It is run by a guy from Faisalabad in Pakistan. When I talked to him on the phone, he promised us good succulent meat that would be tender and that people of Indian origin also loved it. A familiar sales pitch, so to say so we did make the trip to his store for the purchase.

Incidentally opinionated in her tag also mentioned a dish that she is excellent at (Seekh Kebab) that I have loved whenever I have had a chance to try it but never made it from scratch. So there in an opportunity was presented to do some foodie stuff. So with a hat tip to opinionated here is a recipe of sorts with some pics.

It really is pretty easy, even for a slowpoke in the kitchen like me it took no more than 30 mins of preparation. I pretty much followed her instructions with a modification thrown in at the end. This recipe would work for any meat. I guess the critical component for this is Shaan Seekh Kebab masala which is available at any Indian/Pakistani grocery store or can be purchased online here (disclaimer: I have never used this website for any purchases nor am I plugging them). There is also a how to on the back of the spice packet as well so this is really easy.

1 lb of ground goat meat (use chicken or beef if you so wish).
½ packet of the Shaan seekh masala mix (you can use a little more or less based on your spice tolerance).
1 small onion, finely chopped.
1 green chilly pepper finely chopped.
1 teaspoon of garlic-ginger paste.
1 teaspoon of clarified butter or ghee. I am sure some olive/peanut oil would work well too.
My mods -
2-3 teaspoons of chopped fresh cilantro.
Juice from half a lime/lemon.

Mix all the ingredients. I actually tasted the mix to make sure it was not too hot and everything was right (Unlike *A* I don’t have a feel for things unless I taste them).
Refrigerate for 3- 5 hours.
Take mix out and roll it in to balls (slightly larger than golf balls). Then thread the balls on to skewers (we used metal skewers, if you use bamboo skewers soak them overnight in water before use).
Use your hands (wet hands with water to prevent meat from sticking) to flatten and roll the meat on to the skewers in the form seen in the pics.

Alternatively you can also go with patties, as we did since we had only 4 skewers and more meat.
Grill in an oven (350-400 deg F) or on a charcoal/gas grill till meat is done (did not take long on the charcoal grill.

Serve with either Pita bread or Naan. Tamarind Chutney, Tahini sauce or yogurt or raita should also work fine as an accompaniment.

These turned out better than the minced pork burgers that we made last month. If the weather is not too bad I should do something more this weekend. The choice is between something from Nandyala’s place, or to try and replicate this amazing pomegranate molasses/soy sauce marinated flank steak that I had a long time ago. *A* does not understand my fascination with things soy related, but then I am weird in some ways.. hehe


Enyur said...

Okay, stop! Now you're making me hungry lol! first the dosas and now the seekh kababs - both my all time favs!

I don't know if you notice a difference in taste, but I find the ones made at home are not as good as the ones at the restaurant...(well the ones I make) perhaps it's because they use a tandoor (clay oven)?

karmic_jay said...

Am a bit of a foodie so and sometimes it's easier to write abot food i a world going crazy :)

I am a bit biased towards home cooked food (esp my own) but you do have a point. The tandoor does make a difference.

Keshi said...

YUMMMMMMMMMMAY ur makin me hungry now...Im off to lunch!


Aditi said...

looks pretty good

The Bhandari's said...

:) me a vegetarian, so justed scroll through the page and headed towards comment section :P

Not read it....

PS: would love to read your dosa recipe for sure

Mr. J said...

:( Mouth watering again.

Been 3 weeks since I had any non veg stuff.

Dadoji said...

Okay, scratch the pork burgers and send me these instead. :-)

karmic_jay said...

@ keshi.. lunch is good but are they gonna have kebabs?

@Aditi.. you are way too kind, eso being a vegetarian.

@preeti. Thanks. here is the link to the dosa recipe and another site that has pics and a recipe too.

@me.. you must be going cold turkey buddy!

@dadoji.. stop by our place if you are here. :)

Merili said...

That looks great hehehe, we here in Bosnian are also big meat eaters and we say that "if the meal doesn't have meat inside it is not food" :)

karmic_jay said...

Merili.. yep I figure when I looekd at your blog. And love that saying about it not being food if it ain't got meat. :)

M (tread softly upon) said...

Oh my God! Now you've got me hungry. This is not good....all this talk about food. Doesn't let one concentrate on work if you get them thinking about food. Looks like now I will have to drive all the way to mow your lawn!!!

karmic_jay said...

:-) M it's worth it. I am nto a great cook but I do hold my own with certain dishes.

Truth Fairy said...

Wow! That looks yummy. I'm supposed to be a pakka Kannada Brahmin, but I do eat Chicken! There, I'm a self-proclaimed outcast. :) But I don't eat any other meat. I tried to eat Shrimp and Salmon many times, but it didn't go anywhere close to my mouth. And yeah, I haven't tried MD Crabs. No, not even the infamous Crab Cakes.

S, my Hubby, likes Goat though. And interestingly, are all Halal places owned by Pakistanis? Seems like it to me! But S tells me they've got the best meat!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I liked your blog a lot too. Will be a regular from now on. :)

Shitrint said...

ok, i know nothing about meat, coz im a vegetarian. but the pictures make it look delicious...

ill reserve some comments abt meat-eating though!

karmic_jay said...

Truth, thanks. In CT, used to go to a Halal place that was owned by North Africans. The owners were not the most friendliest bunch.
Not sure if most of the hala shops are ownedby Pakistanis, one has to be a Muslim though to run them?
Try the MD crabs :)
The recipe should work with chicken too.

karmic_jay said...

Shitrint.. People are free to comment so fire away if you wish. :)

Tamanna said...

Oooooh Kababs.. I haven't had a decent seekh kabab in years. I miss good old Sind punjab restaurant back in Dubai. I don't eat meat a lot. Not red meat atleast. Imagine my disappointment when I recently ordered seekh kaba and got lamb chunks instead. Ugh! These look delish. Now, how can we arrange for me to pick it up? :)

karmic_jay said...

@ Tamanna thanks for stopping by, Maybe I should start a business and ship these ? :)

Teri said...

ohhh, another of your recipes that I'll have to try - not sure I can find the spice mix around here. I'm not a big fan of goat, though, so I might use chicken or turkey (I like turkey better).

We mostly eat organic beef, if we eat it at all. Chicken, I'm less picky about.

chandni said...

the photio is yummmmy..looks like it turned out great!!!

I am so hungry now :(

opinionatedinjerzee said...

wow!! great to hear that you tried it!!! you really cant go wrong if you use that shaan masala!! ok, now i am hungry!!!

Delaleuverses said...

That looks goooooooooood, thanks for sharing

karmic_jay said...

@teri, I think you might find it in your neck of the woods. Ther is also a link in thepost if you felt like ordering it online. We haven't found Turkey to be as tasty as the other meats, maybe we just did not get it fromt he right place?

@opin, you were spot on. :)

@chandni, it was great. Thanks to Opin for sort of planting the idea with her post.

@ Delaleuverses, you are welcome. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Shitrint said...

well, we're brahmins. so obviously we dont eat meat.
and i personally think that meat is a dead animal that ur eating (not directly referring to u. no offence), that once had life. so i feel sad at that thought.

karmic_jay said...

@shitrint.. point taken. I respect your beliefs. I know Brahmins who eat meat. I know what you mean, when you talk about it being a dead animal.
My love of meat must be in part due to my hedonistic streak? ;-)
Just kidding. :)

Keshi said...

nope lol!