Friday, June 02, 2006

A New Meme..

I got this from Teri's place. Here is how it works, someone gives you an alphabet and you use that as the first letter of ten words that describe you. I asked to participate. Teri assigned me the letter 'P' . If any of you folks are interested leave a note in the comments I will assign you
a letter randomly and you can then write it up on your blogs. Here is my description of me.
By the way Teri was right when she said it is hard to come up with 10 words starting with the same letter. I hit a wall after the first 5 :)

1. I am a Patriot.. No matter what some idiots on the political right say about liberals/progressives. They are wrong when they throw accusations doubting our patriotism. I love this country which is my adopted homeland. In some ways I don't think people understand what it means to completely give up your original nationality and swear allegiance to a new country. It is a very transformative and moving experience. I had a lump in my throat the day I became a citizen. I have no regrets about it whatsoever. I care deeply about this place and my politics often reflect that.

2. I am progressive in my politics. I support policies that lead to better living conditions for people in this country and in general around the world. Close to my heart are issues providing a living wage to everyone who works, universal health care, strong national defense without wasteful expenses like a missile shiled that don't work, no wars of choice, energy independence, sensible environmental policies, fight poverty, hunger, homlessness.

3. I am often pissed off at how the current administration is taking this country down the drain. I don't rant about it as much here, but I do in other ways. I put my time, money to support causes and people who will help get this country back to where it belongs towards being a more kinder and a compassionate nation.
4. I am pretty persistent about reaching my goals in life, both personally and professionally. I might fall but there is pretty much a guarantee that I will get up, dust myself off and be on my way.. again.

5. I keep myself physically fit. Growing up I was never much of an athlete ( I sucked actually). But when I was 28 I got caught by the "let's stay fit" bug. Lived in NYC then, I went out to jog and I could not even complete running around the 2 blocks I thought I could do and I thought I was going to faint. That woke me up. It's been more than a decade since. I run pretty much the year round (yep even when it is cold) and try to work out atleast 3 times a week. So anyone out there who thinks they can't do it. Trust me you can. It's just feels good, maybe it's my ego or may be the runners high.

6. I can't pig out anymore. I used to be able to eat a lot a few years back. I always been a foodie, but as one ages it gets harder to keep the pounds off as our metabolism slows. About 3 years back I said lets try being frugal. So out went lunch. Lunch is now either fruits and/or yogurt or some other healthy snack. Dinner is light too. Initially it was hard but am used to it now. So if I overeat even a little I feel very uncomfortable. Amazing how our body adapts.
7. I am a Pizza lover. But don't get to eat it enough. Partly because *A* does not care for it much, so we don't order it that often. But if I get a chance I don't pass it by. Also #5 and #6 keep things in check. Writing this also makes me realize how hungry I am. Our buddy from Connecticut Dan is going to visit us tonite on his way to Carolina. It will be fun, we should be haeding out to dinner soon (another foodie post in the works :)

8. I don't always get poetry. I realized it when I read a few bloggers who also write poetry. I mean it's amazing and all, but I was not always able to derive the meaning from it as others were. Maybe it all gets interpreted differently by each person?

9. I say a prayer every night. I am an agnostic but I guess thats my little religious piece where I pray for the well being of my loved ones.

10. While in school I was scared of Physics.
I never had good teachers and may be that was reason I had Physics phobia.

Am off to Philly this Saturday to the Rittenhouse Square Art Show And Then To White Dog For Dinner. Should be fun.



Teri said...

I have a physics phobia too - developed it in high school.

I tried to warn you that this meme wasn't as easy as it looks. I resorted to flipping through the dictionary looking for words that described me.

Aditi said...

I hated physics as well. I had physics for 3 years in india and miserable teachers. Then I had an ex-military man teach me physics and chemistry in highschool over here. HAted physics
If I can flip thru the dictionary then i am game. (Just hope I dont get an X)

Shitrint said...

hey jay!
this is really cool!
now assign me a letter as well...
letsee how i fare!

Dadoji said...

I loved physics. Still like it but light years away from that topic now.

karmic_jay said...

@Teri. You did warn me. I had to look up the dictionary as well.

@Aditi.. you get an "H". No clue why I thought of that one. :)

@Shitrint.. Go for "I"

@Dadoji.. Go for "J"

Later people!

Dadoji said...

Arrey yaar, par maine maanga kidhar tha?

karmic_jay said...

Dadoji, It's ok. You do not have to do it then. Sorry

Shitrint said...

i just saw ur location...
i hav cousins living in delaware!
ne wark i guess...

karmic_jay said...

wow@shitrint. Thats a 20 min drive away. :)

162636 said...

gee this is cool
hey..u have some very interesting responses..
gives away a lot abt a person know?
ok gimme a letter...

Keshi said...

lol u had Physicsophobia Jay? I hated Physics but funny enough how I used to score the best in class for Physics - go figure! :)

**I always been a foodie, but as one ages it gets harder to keep the pounds off as our metabolism slows

thats scary...I dun wanna grow OLD! SOBBBBBZ!


Mr. J said...

Hey, you look nice in that tee and shorts :D