Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Things That Make You Want To Puke..
Courtesy of the fine folks at the American Inventor Spot and from Amused and Bemused comes a list of 10 things that make you want to puke (or could also be on fear factor). I am posting the ones I found the worst but the whole list is at amused and bemused above.

1. Giant Water Bugs in a Rich Thai Red Curry Sauce

"These large and powerful insects are as adept at swimming as they are at flying. Eaten as a delicacy and found in Thai and Chinese markets, these insects bear the nickname toe-biters and are capable of inflicting a painful stab with their sharpened front beak. These bugs feed on other aquatic insects, tadpoles and even small fish, injecting them with a powerful toxin and digestive juice that allows the bug to suck up the contents at will. They are also known for their snorkel-like breathing tubes at the end of their abdomen.
Eating instructions; Remove exoskeleton and then eat everything except the head and legs, try dipping them in your favourite sauce and enjoy!" See it here.

2.Preserved Ant Eggs

"Weaver Ants eggs a highly prized delicacy in Thailand. Weaver ants produce their eggs only once a year during the cooler months December to January, during this time, the time consuming, and sometimes painful task, of collecting the eggs take place, they are then wrapped in bannana leaves and sold on local markets. These eggs are huge! Some pieces are egg-shaped; others are almost shaped like ants, they have a soft and jelly like texture. The eggs have a creamy and nutty flavour and are commonly served in spicy salads; they can also be served on toast and even taste great served on tortilla chips. Our bottles of preserved weaver ants eggs contain over 200 eggs, they need to be cooked before serving." See it here.

3.King Snake Soaked Whiskey

"Real Californian King Snake whiskey is infused with a farm real farm raised Real Californian King snake, ginseng roots and seed pods. The whiskey is left for several months, which then imparts a unique flavour into the whiskey, it is quite an acquired taste. The story is that this is used in SE Asia as a very strong Aphrodisiac; and it also has many medical uses..." See it here. Also Scorpion and Snake wine.
Guess that's the all natural alternative to Viagra.

4. Chocolate Covered Cockroaches
If you have a thing for roaches and chocolate, here is something for you in one nifty little package...

"We don’t know about you, but the first thing we think when we catch a cockroach skittering across a kitchen floor? CHOCOLATE. In fact, there’s no grub worm, slug, or grasshopper we wouldn’t like to see smothered in the gooey good stuff. Now there’s some good-eatin’. How about you?" See it here.

Now for having inflicted that upon you, I offer you some cute overload to negate the "puke induction" ..So sorry.. :). From my buddy the always funny Watertiger

PS: Blogger was acting up all day.


Aditi said...

eww.. truely gross.. cobra whiskey.. shudder

chandni said...

ugh...this must be a joke right?

actaully wai a min...I have heard abt chocolate covered cockroaches...

Now eating pigeons might be harmless..but I totally freaked when sme friends of mine from the north east in India..caght one stuck in the ventilater and cooked it there n then in front of me!!


Ghost Particle said... i know...i dont want to eat anything any more....oh man...this is a sick sick world.

Shitrint said...

well, i hav actually seen ppl in the us (on AXN) eating chocolate which hav some insects at the core, or the choco is mixed with crushed insects.
ever since, i think i hav kinda become consciuos b4 eating any chocs brot by my relatives living in the US!
and yeah that snake in the whiskey bottle. its a delicacy in china. and my friend has even tasted snakes...not only snakes but every kinda meat available in india!!
im disgusted and scared.

Dadoji said...

KJ: Dude, why did you have to do this to us? I am gonna sue you and you get to eat them chocolate covered roaches. I have received fresh stock today. ;-)

karmic_jay said...

Sorry folks for the gross overload.
GP :) Thanks for visiting.

J said...

for some reason i didnt go eeew.
and i'm a veggie.

Teri said...

mmmm, ooohhhh, I wanna try all those!

(kidding! kidding!)

Ever seen what a live shrimp looks like?

Yeah, eating insects doesn't seem so gross any more.

And - insects and crustaceans are in the same animal family - arthropoda. Crab, shrimp and lobster are cousins of the cockroach and ant.

Our repulsion to eating insects is an artifical cultural construct - we eat similar stuff all the time.

That being said, I wouldn't eat them, either.

Keshi said...

I cant believe that ppl eat so much crap!!!

roaches? EWWWWWWWWW!

What abt bread, butter, pasta or rice? Havent these ppl heard of food!!!!


Anonymous said...

i love to have some of them.

Anonymous said...

what the hell are you ppl on??? u gross bitches!! GO BURN IN HELL!!!