Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Unleash The Hounds
To those of you who want to skip over this post..funny pic at bottom.

Ladies and gents the intimidation has begun. It is the NY times (never their favorite to start with), has now a bull's eye on their backs. The rabid dogs on the right have been unleashed. The reason is this story by the NY Times and a few others that the administration has been using broad subpoena powers to monitor the financial transactions of what they call suspected terrorists. The issue is not the story it is the intimidation of anyone who say something they don't like.

"For people to leak that program and for a newspaper to publish it does great harm to the United States of America," Bush said, jabbing his finger for emphasis. He said the disclosure of the program "makes it harder to win this war on terror."
(Of course our spineless press won’t ask him “how does it make it harder?”)

As for Rep.King (see below), my eyes have sort of opened about him. Eli was talking about him being just like a lot of other GOP reps in congress, putting party and loyalty to leader above country. I had defended him saying well as far as I know he is fairly moderate.
Well not any more! He wants to prosecute the NYTimes for reporting about the Treasury department program.

Rep. Peter King urged the Bush administration to prosecute the paper. "We're at war, and for the Times to release information about secret operations and methods is treasonous," the New York Republican told The Associated Press.

I wish Rep. King was as enthusiastic about going after the people responsible for the missing billions in Iraq, or after the private contractors profiteering from the war in Iraq?
How about going after the people responsible for not having enough armor for the humvees or for our soldiers, who are trying to do their best in what is an administration created mess.
But a newspaper wrote about the government looking at financial records with broad subpoena powers..ohh treason!!!!

That argument might go over well with the Bush automatons whose eyes glaze over and whose rational thought processes shut down when they hear 911. But for most other folks, the thought is.. wait a minute. Do you seriously think, the bad guys don’t know we are watching the regular money channels?
They could and probably do use the backdoors, like Hawala transactions.

But trying to say that the talking about this program “makes it harder to win the war on terror” is disingenuous and dishonest, terms that should be no strangers when applied to dear leader.

But here is what clinches it. The blogger Glenn Greenwald says this information is out in the public domain already. And you know what he would know he was on the commitee that wrote the report. Boo fracking hoo!

From the report
"The settlement of international transactions is usually handled through correspondent banking relationships or large-value message and payment systems, such as the SWIFT, Fedwire or CHIPS systems in the United States of America. Such international clearance centres are critical to processing international banking transactions and are rich with payment information. The United States has begun to apply new monitoring techniques to spot and verify suspicious transactions. The Group recommends the adoption of similar mechanisms by other countries."

So the Bushites are screaming about nothing. They just want power at any and all costs.

As for the supporters of dear leader, all I have to say is wake up and smell the bacon, you’ve been had.

Now that is a look of sheer terror on the face of the guy on the left....


Eli said...

As with the NSA wiretaps, there needs to be some burden of proof on the administration to explain just how the disclosures damaged national security.

What did they tell the terrorists that they didn't already know or suspect? Is there any material advantage gained against terrorists by keeping secret that their information may be obtained illegally?

Shitrint said...

hehe...i had a good laugh looking at the expression of the old lady in left!!

Aditi said...

hmm do u remember that show on the new homeland security department that aired on ABC I would say.. fall 2003? I dont remember its name. Neways it outlined all of these powers that the department has.
Heck It showed someone being interrogated ( "Tortured") and dying in custody and they all shrugged it off saying " well if it can prevent another 9/11" The problem is that that man was arrested without a warrant on sheer suspicion because of his views.
Yep that show scared me.. I am not surprised they are doing this.. I am not surprised at all. If they can ask google for search engine records maybe they already asked for emails? Who knows what else..

karmic_jay said...

@Eli.. exactly, its not as if they don't suspect they are not being watched.

@shitrint..yep looked funny

@aditi. I had heard about it. But never seen it. If you have seen "24" I believe that show also has similar stuff. I don't watch much teevee and for good reason, most of it is just crap :)

Teri said...

and still, all I can do is swear...