Monday, July 24, 2006

A Completed Tag .. Hey There Opinionated!

I got this Doonesbury in the mail from my buddy MW. Very topical as she says..

1. Male friend: None!
2. Female friend: A
3. Vacation: Denmark

1. Time of day: The day I have lunch at work as opposed to my normal fruit for lunch.
2. Day of the week: Thursday, cuz sometimes you are already wiped out and you have another day to go.
3. Color crayon: None.

1. Person you talked to that goes to your school: None.
2. Talked to on the phone: Father In Law.
3. Text: Co-worker.
4. Person who Instant Messaged: Co-worker.

1. What are you doing now: Typing this tag while waiting for my train.
2. Wearing: Business casual combo of yellowish shirt and brown trousers.

1. Is: Tuesday
2. Got any plans: Trip to the hardware store (my highlight of the day!)
3. Goal: Get work done, workout.
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: None.

1. Number: None
2. Song: For now Pearl Jam’s
3. Color: None

1. Missing Someone: No
2. Mood: Even
3. Wanting: Ice cream would be nice, sitting next to the place, but am not gonna get any.

I am a cuddler: True.
I am a morning person: True.
I am a perfectionist: False.
I am an only child: False.
I am currently in my pajamas: False.
I am currently pregnant: False.
I am currently suffering from a broken heart: False
I am left handed: False.
I am addicted to Blogging: False.
I am online 24/7: True. Except when traveling.
I am very shy around the opposite gender: Quiet != Shy.
I can be paranoid at times: False.
I currently have a crush on someone: False.
I currently regret something that I have done: False.
I enjoy country music: False
I enjoy smoothies: True.
I enjoy talking on the phone: True, but only to a few people.
I have a hard time paying attention at school/work: False.
I have a hidden talent: False.
I have a lot to learn: True.
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal: Everyone has one.

1. Are you currently mad at someone? The current administration of my country.
2. Which of your friends has the worst temper? None that I know of.
3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone? Yes.
4. Ever had something thrown at you? Yes.
5. When you are mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell and scream? Yell and scream!

1. Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party for you? No!
2. Are you easily excited? Nyah!
3. What you are most excited about? The possibility that republicans might lose this November in the mid-term elections.
4. If you won a million dollars what would be your first thought? Buy one of these cool electric cars.
5. If you could have anything right now what would it be? Ice-cream.

1. Name: Karmic Jay
2. Where were you born? Bombay, India.
3. What is your main goal in life? To be a good person to self and my loved ones.
4. How do you want to die? Shouldn’t be long and painful.

1. Sex before marriage? It’s for the people concerned to decide.
2. Gay Marriage? I am for it.
3. Lower the Drinking age? No.
4. Recycling? Yes. Probably have more categories for recycling than we do now.

1. What was your latest dream? Don’t remember!
2. Have any of your dreams come true? Which one?
3. What was the weirdest dream you've ever had? Lost count of all the weird ones.
1. Straight, Gay, Bi? Straight.
2. Do you have a bf/gf? No.
3. Do you have a crush? No.

Q: How many beds did you lay in yesterday?
A: 1
Q: What color shirt are you wearing?
A: See above.
Q: Name one thing that you do everyday?
A: Go online, snack.
Q: What color are your walls?
A: Light blue, wine red, light yellow, light purple, a shade of green.
Q: How much cash do you have on you right now?
A: $60
Q: I can't wait till?
A: I get home. And the train I am waiting for is already 10 mins late, it’s having mechanical problems!
Q: When was the last time you saw your dad?
A: A year ago.
Q: What did you have for dinner last night?
A: Cabbage/green peas and Naan.
Q: What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
A: What’s that?
Q: What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?
A: Progressive blogs.
Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
A: No.

1. Have you ever failed a class? No.
2. Have you ever sung in front of a crowd? Yes, ages ago in school.
3. Have you ever not taken a shower for 3 days? 2 Days, was on a trek someplace in India.
4. Have you ever slept with a night light? Yes.
5. Have you ever danced in the rain? Yes!
6. Have you ever lied? Yeah..........
7. Have you ever had contacts? No.
8. Have you ever tripped over something stupid? Yes.

1. Samosa, Pakora, Kebab: Pakora.
2. Bollywood, Lollywood, Hollywood: Hollywood.
3. Love marriage, Arranged marriage: Love.
4. Honeymoon, no moon: Honeymoon
5. How many kids would u like 1,2, 3+ : 1
6. Kulfi, Ice cream : Kulfi
7. Shah ruk khan, Orlando Bloom : Don’t care about either.
8. Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower : Taj Mahal
9. Bombay, New York: Neither. Would love to visit New Zealand.


Keshi said...

haha great answers Jay!

** Shah ruk khan, Orlando Bloom : Don’t care about either.


Heyy NZ is prettyyyy!


Aditi said...

Nice tag..=)

ishita said...

ahaa...the never ending tag again!!*grin*

but u kept it simple and neat:)...

u talked to ur father in law...i talked to my MIL...he he..

dunno y i can't imagine u yellin and screamin?!!...


karmic_jay said...

@keshi.. thanks


@ishita.. thanks. Ya I don't scream and yell that often. Pretty rare actually. :)

M (tread softly upon) said...

*lol* Some of the answers were really funny. I guess the questions were funnier still. Sometimes i feel to see the point of tags like this. Except if someone was really interested in another say romantically ans was trying to find out if the other person has a bf/ gf or has been in love or in someone's bed.

Alapana said...

Gosh,its the third blog i am reading with the same tag.Lot of your answers were simple and straight:D Nice read.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

nice list!! thanks for taking a tag.. i know it was long and painstaking!!! lol!!!

Viewer said...

i salute ur patience for completing such a BIG tag... how are u ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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