Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 3 Of The Long Weekend...
A happy Independence day to my readers from the US!!!

Well we did have guests but unfortunately only our friend Dan made it. "C" could not as she was not well. It was fun having Dan over and the dumplings were great. I should have a recipe with pics up in a day or two. As for my task list

-I did get the weeds out, but I have to think of some of the suggestions in the comments for getting rid of them in a better manner than I did.
My method was to try to pull them out with the roots with the help of a gardening tool. Just pulling them out leaves the roots behind and I guess that means they still come back? a total novice at this stuff.
-I did mow the lawn, it was hot but not humid. I must have been out in the sun for a bit, I noticed my arms were all dark, and I am not fair to start with.
-Cleaning accomplished
-The walls are still bare, but we have a day to go. Quite a few small things still left to do. *sigh*

Now on a different topic, if you have ever wondered about how difficult it can be to strike up a conversation with a hot guy or a gal, struggle to say something witty or funny? Well there is help at the random pickup line generator.
You now have 1.3 billion sensual and seductive combos. They will help you get a date and/or slapped. Here are a few samples ;-)..

Your incredible eyes warms me, surer than heaven's cotton candy. Here's my number, if a woman answers, just hang up.

Your dreamy sense of humor amazes me, brighter than an ocean of blooming rose. Your place or mine?

Your creamy skin amazes me, like I never even thought possible from an ocean of meadows. I'm a record producer, do you sing?

Your tender existence makes me happy when skies are grey, better than flawless cotton candy. You inspire me.

Totally corny lol..


Aditi said...

Hilarious pick up lines.. funny picture.

Keshi said...

Very cute pic! :)

Glad u got some work done ard the hoouse and garden Jay.

**I noticed my arms were all dark, and I am not fair to start with.

lol awww..

OK I went to that site thinking I can be a pick-up guru lol! Here's what I got:

"Your dreamy neck demands notice, better than precious perfection. I've got a supply of Viagra with your name all over it."



Shitrint said...

that pic is really funny...

if i ever hear somebody saying those pick up lines to me or anybody else, i'd give him such a weird look that he'll feel he's come from the zoo!
eeww..weird..whoever made up those lines in the first place!!

jason said...

Good luck.

It has taken me 10 years to get the beds around my house in something I consider presentable shape.

karmic_jay said...

@Aditi/Keshi - Thanks

@Shitrint - I believe it's a random pickup line generator.

@Jason. Thanks for stopping by. I believe the battle against weeds has been joined and shall continue. :)

The Bhandari's said...

heheheheh real funny

Cute pic :) very cute

Ameet said...

Cute pic. Enjoy your holiday week!