Thursday, July 13, 2006

Have A Good Weekend

It's supposed to get warm and humid here starting tomorrow. Which means things like a nice ice cream are very desirable. How far would you go to satisfy that craving? As far the one below?

Icecream fix

Now that has to hurt!

Talk about dropping a load!

Sparse posting over the weekend.


Sudeep said...

i would go inside tht for one scoop :)
have a gr8 weekend

karmic_jay said...

Thank you too..

Enyur said...

Hahahah good ones! The weather here's been really hot and smoggy! We hit about 34 Degrees Celcius today...water and ice cream were definitely the highlight of the day lol! Enjoy your weekend!

Dadoji said...

Ice-cream? Did someone say ice-cream? but you don't get K Rustom's in US! Nor Natural's.

karmic_jay said...

Enyur, we have muggy weather today and tomorrow. Eww!

Dadoji, we don't but we get fairly decent ice cream from the Indian grocery stores here.

Viewer said...

u knwo i have kinda become a fan of ur weekend posts they are darn hillarious where do u come up with such good pics ? BTW how was urweekend ?

Keshi said...

ROTFL @ 2nd pic!


Aditi said...

hmm hehe.. nice ice cream pictures..
=) retaliation was it?

Shitrint said...

sheesh..i cant see any of the images u posted!!
neither does pkblogs allow images nor or!

Anonymous said...

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