Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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Some pics at the end too, to those who wanna skip over this stuff.

From the "moustache of understanding" AKA Thomas Friedman comes this beauty

"We got this free market, and I admit, I was speaking out in Minnesota--my hometown, in fact, and guy stood up in the audience, said, `Mr. Friedman, is there any free trade agreement you'd oppose?' I said, `No, absolutely not.' I said, `You know what, sir? I wrote a column supporting the CAFTA, the Caribbean Free Trade initiative. I didn't even know what was in it. I just knew two words: free trade."

And guess what he never gets asked about it. How can this shmuck support treaties he does not read? Thats our media for you! More here..

Mideast on fire? Things going bad? Gosh it sure must be nice for Bushie!! Look at the idiots at CNN interpret this.

The Middle East crisis is giving President Bush a second chance to be a peacemaker and, however counterintuitive, an unexpected new chance to make headway on his grand goal of leaving the Middle East more democratic than he found it.


And this from Atrios about our muddled policy regarding Pakistan.
Like every other sentient being on the planet I'm rather confused by our policies towards Pakistan. We're generally led to believe that Bin Laden is hanging out there along with some of his pals. It's a dictatorship with an unclear line of succession if that dictator ever accidentally gets in the way of an assassin's bullet. They have an active nuclear program. Their top nuclear scientist was handing out nuclear technology like candy on Halloween. The country promptly pardoned him for this and we didn't say a thing. Oh, and for the Malkins of the world THEY'RE ALL BIG SCARY MUSLIMS.

And, just for fun, they have a new plutonium plant. And the Bush administration hid this fact from Congress.

And from the NYTimes oped (subscription only) this interesting observation from Nick Kristof.

Granted, there’s a counterargument that fills my mailbox and goes like this: What else can a country do when it is subjected to rocket attacks and cross-border raids by a terrorist organization committed to its destruction? If that terror group finds a safe haven just across an international border, and the government and the army there cannot control it, then what other option is there but to destroy that menace?

Uprooting Hezbollah may inadvertently cause some civilian casualties, so the argument goes, but the number would be unnoticed if the victims had died at the hands of an Arab government (so far, 1,000 times as many Muslims have died in Darfur as in Lebanon). In the end, sitting ducks have to fight back.

The problem with that argument is that it’s wrong.

One day before the Hezbollah incursion that provoked this war, terrorists bombed train lines in Mumbai, India, killing nearly 200 people (about 10 times as many as had been killed in all the Hezbollah attacks on Israel since the withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, until this month). The Mumbai bombings were the latest in a string of attacks against India that have gone on for years, at the hands of terrorists operating with support from across the border in Pakistan.

Many Indians complain that their prime minister, Manmohan Singh, has been too wimpish in responding (a previous prime minister threatened war with Pakistan after a major terror attack in 2001). Yet Mr. Singh has wisely recognized that military action would only make the problem worse.

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Aditi said...

Ooh first... =)
Maybe he was trying to be funny and he did know what was in cafta?
I dont think war is the solution to any problems but sometimes it is the last solution.
As for India, yea he is getting a lot of flak for not being harsher. Except its a loose loose situation, I think if he did get harsher, they would blame him for destroying the fragile peace process achieved by the predecessor. Such is party politics.
Funny pics as always

Eli said...

an unexpected new chance to make headway on his grand goal of leaving the Middle East more democratic than he found it.

There must be a finite amount of democracy in the world. We've given Iraq just enough of ours to make them unstable and us dysfunctional.

Keshi said...

omg I love the 2 pics lol sooooo cute!

Can someone let me know when the war is over.


Alter Abhishek said...

i am completely with Keshi!!!
and the pics a rheal gud
the elctrifying har day!!

Dadoji said...

Like I said, track the weapons flowing into Terrorist State of Paki-satan. We all know where the stingers that shot down one IAF fighter in Kargil came from. Tows and Harpoons to fight Al Keeda - yeah, right! Which terror group has an air force and maritime force that would require F-16s and P3Cs?

Hey, I know the answer to the last question - Pakistani Armed Forces, that's who.

karmic_jay said...

@aditi... No Friedman has several instances where I have wondered has he just lost it? Like when he claimed at 4 different times that the next 6 months were crucuial in Iraq. He said that over several months. No one asked him why he had been saying that before and things haden't changed.

@Eli.. u got it right man!

@Keshi.. Thanks. It's an unending war. :)

@Alter thanks..

@Dadoji. Yep trying to keep Pak happy enough to get their grudging co-operation againstAl Quaeda.

Sudeep said...

I got a mail two days back which went like.. dont remember exact words

Israel is smaller than Kerela
Has less than half Mumbai's population
Someone attacks n kills their 2 soldiers
n they bomabard the attacker

n the next paragraph says tht wht India did was just a speech frm the PM

i really dont understand what stand to take.. but why cant we just have peace

Dadoji said...

KJ: Alas, you are behaving like your SD. That co-operation is no co-operation at all. The problem starts when one thinks of ISI and Al Keeda as two different entities. *sigh*

ishita said...

i feel war wld serve d purpose of terror groups...peace is the tougher and more challenging route to take...


i luv the pics...it's a funny sort of feeling right now...i mean the pics make me wanna laugh but the whole war/terror talk upsets me...! hmmmm!

karmic_jay said...

@Sudeep.. sadly the world is not so sensible...

@Dadoji. I am not echoing our SD. I am merely trying to explain where they are coming from.

@Ishita. I hear where you are coming from. The pics are funny, cos I guess I am trying to take the edge off the serious stuff? :-/

Teri said...

Hey. I'm back - still trying to catch up. I've missed most of the news since I was gone - I'm in withdrawal, I think.

Dadoji said...

KJ: Oh, I see. Sorry, that was not clear. I just hope they learn before it's too late.

karmic_jay said...

Welcome back Teri. I did leave comments on your blog, on the latest and the "i am baack" posts. :)

@Dadoji. No problem.

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