Monday, July 10, 2006

Spoil Those Kids!!!!

Courtesy of Amused and Bemused, here are a few ways to spoil your kids. The complete list is at the link. I put up a few here, there are several mroe at the link..enjoy!

Talking Toilet Paper Holder

"The Potty Mate Talking Toilet Roll Holder is a new potty training system that makes potty training easy...Kit includes a patented re-recordable toilet paper holders, potty training guide and toilet training reward stickers." See it here.

We spend enough time hovering over the kids. If they are potty trained enough for you not to be there talking them through the process, why the heck do they need to hear your voice there with them. I go to the bathroom to have some peace and quiet. Why can't you let the kids have some free time too? No one needs to hear your yapper cooing "Good Boy" all day long.

Faux Fur Bedding for the Bed-Wetting Baby

The merchant says "This is the most fabulous line of faux fur bedding.... It is made with Italian faux fur and it is pure luxury. Spoil your child .... Available in a variety of faux fur choices with satin or fleece backing combinations. Dry clean only. "

So how does it make sense to have toddlers who are barely able to hold their pee all through the night sleep in fur lined bedding that can only be dry cleaned? It makes no sense to me.

Baby Knee Pads

The merchant explains "Knee pads prevent baby's knees from becoming cut, grazed or red & sore... Knee pads are secured with velcro straps for a comfortable fit and a happy baby!... Traction beads embossed on to the Neoprene enhanced traction and prevented slipping... Knee pads protect a baby from early crawling right up until he is riding his first bike." See it here.

What is your baby crawling through that it needs knee pads, broken glass and hot charcoal? Knees were created so that we can scrape them, bruise them and abuse them. If you cushion every single source of possible pain for your baby, the baby will grow up unable to deal with the daily pain life always finds a way of dishing out. I never heard of a baby crying because its knees were sore, so save your money for a good helmet and knee pads for when the kid is moving more than at crawl speed.


Enyur said...

lol! These are some funny pics!!! I'd probably record a message advising the last person to use it to change the!

Mr. J said...

Perhaps in the years to come, life might be a bed of roses.

Diana said...

For my kids, all it took was a bag of candy. I'm guessing that at $1.98, times 2 kids, I'm ahead of the potty training outlay. Plus, DRY CLEAN? None of my own clothes are even dry clean. Give me an ever-loving break.

Aditi said...

I am just sitting here marvelling at the way the people's brains seem to work..

Ekta said...

well as if parents werent enugh to spoil we have more stuff!

Eli said...

Must... not... blogwhore... bizarre potty-training video...

The Bhandari's said...

funny :)
Dry Clean only :P
hmm knee pads for kids , too much of brain usage :D

jason said...

I can't wait for the study 25 years from now that links baby knee pad wearing, and faux fur bedding to higher rates of alcoholism and drug use.

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

Ahhh..Jay. Welcome to the world of modern yuppie parenting, where there is a gadget or high-end version of every product imaginable for every facet of baby's development.

I'm always chastising myself for not coming up with the next great baby-product idea. Bumbo seats, baby Bjorns, Baby Einstein videos, designer baby slings, $42 onesies, $700 crib linens, $800 name it.

As for this household, I'll admit to my share of baby indulgences, but our store of choice for most things baby still remains Target.

karmic_jay said...

lol@enyur a good one!

@me..childhood is the best, the rest is not roses

@diana.. speaks volumes about you as a mom.

@Aditi.. if it can be sold there is an idea out there.

@ekta.. indeed

@Eli.. i will put that video up here. :)

@Bhandari's I agree.

@Jason.. Yep if there is a stat out there it can be massaged for the right end.

@Sadaf. I amazed at the choices out there. I did think of you when I was putting this post up. Am not surprised at your sensible choices.

Keshi said...

lol coochi coo cute n funny!


opinionatedinjerzee said...

LOL!! do you know they have potty training fishies.. you put them in the toilet and when the kids pees on them they drown... supposed to be a game to encourage the kid to pee in the toilet and i guess fix their aim? Who knows!!

doug r said...

I think for that TP roll, I'd record something like this:

Anonymous said...

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