Thursday, July 20, 2006

Was Too Tired To Sit And Type Up A Post..But Things Change

Been a pretty busy week at work, and I still have to get thru Friday. I thought I was gonna take the cheap way out and post some pics found during my trawling the web. And then I also found this below. And before I knew it there was a post.

An all electric car revealed by Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors unveiled their uber-chic Roadster, a supercharged electric vehicle that looks, feels and drives like many other high-end sports cars Wednesday night. The main difference is the noise. Powered by a 3-phase, 4-pole AC induction motor, the Roadster can go 130 mph and does 0-60 in about 4 seconds, all completely silent.

Tonight was the grand unveiling of the Roadster in a decorated airport hanger in Santa Monica, CA. I don't ride in many sports cars, and I certainly have never been in one that zips across an airport's tarmac without so much as a whisper. But tonight I got a quick ride in the Roadster and all I could hear from the passenger's seat (not even Gov. Schwarzenegger, who flew in for a brief look at the car, was allowed to drive it) was wind noise. And myself saying "Wow" under my breath.

The car is low to the ground, and smooth in all possible ways. But this vehicle isn't just a sports car. It's also a green car. There are zero tailpipe emissions. There isn't even a tailpipe. Tesla Motors is working to provide purchasers with a photovoltaic panel that will turn the driving experience into an actual net producer of energy, according to Tesla Motors chairman Elon Musk.

Tonight's unveiling was also an invitation to purchase the Roadster when it is released in mid-2007 (for about $80,000-$120,000). The company is offering the first 100 Tesla Roadsters as Signature models. Musk said that the people who buy the Signature cars will not only be getting an incredible sports car, but will be helping to pay the R&D costs for future Tesla Motor vehicles.

I also heard a report on Public Radio about this company. They plan a 4 door version of this vehicle at around 40K in 2008. A bit too pricey still, while the big American auto cos are behind the curve, Toyota is already moving towards a plug-in hybrid.

I am glad to see this happen, and with gas prices not being seen to come down any more the market is ripe for electric cars.

Now revealed a new way to remove fat from your body..just vaccum it out via the mammary gland! Heh!

Bathroom Art...

And Preznit brave that he is permitted no pictures of the stem cell bill that he vetoed. Surprising isn't it, since there is never a photo op that he ever misses! This being his first ever veto of a bill we can now safely say he is no longer a veto virgin! When you have been such an abject failure as he is then all you have left are red meat issues to fire up his base.

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa had a good response to the veto.

I don't get it. Who gave the President the authority to draw that line? He may be the President of the United States, but he's not the moral authority for all Americans. I say Mr. President, you are not our moral ayatollah. You don't have that right and you don't have that power. Oh, you can veto legislation, you can veto it...He vetoed it because he said it was immoral...tantamount to murder. No, I'm sorry but it is hyprocisy at the extreme for the President to take that position.

So I ask, if using discarded embryos to extract stem cells is murder, isn't it then immoral to allow federal research on existing lines of embryonic stem cells as the current administration's policy permits? Murder is murder, Mr. President.

And isn't it immoral to allow privately funded embryonic research to continue? Now again, in this country, as we heard many times on the floor here in the last couple days of the debate, privately funded embryonic stem cell research goes on in the United States. But according to the President, this is murder. And if it's really murder...why isn't the President using his authority, his moral authority, to shut down all the in-vitro fertilization clinics in America? By his definition of murder, these clinics are institutions of mass murder.

Virtually everytime a couple goes to a fertility clinic, leftover embryos are created...if that's murder, how can the President permit it to continue? Where's his outrage at the IVF clinics in this country? Why isn't he up here proposing legislation to shut down in-vitro fertilization in this country? Make it a crime, a federal crime, to conduct in-vitro fertilization? In the President's narrow, moral universe, it seems to be just fine to destroy embryos, to throw them away, as the by-product of producing babies through IVF, but it's murder to use the embryos to conduct life saving research. Someone please explain the logic of that to me.

And why isn't the President prosecuting the many thousands of American men and women who use these IVF clinics? If their attempts to have children results in leftover embryos and these embryos eventually get discarded, aren't they complicit in murder? Under the President's narrow, moral logic, and I'd hate to call it logic, the President's narrow, moral view, any man or woman who allows their embryo to be discarded, something that happens everyday, is authorizing murder. Why is the President standing idly by? Why isn't he putting all these men and women in jail?


Aditi said...

Ohh I like that car. 40k isnt exactly affordable but it isnt outrageous. Maybe in a few years it will be more affordable..

Keshi said...

lol @vaccum pic!

that car looks like the bat-mobile :)


karmic_jay said...

@Aditi..yep. I am looking forward to that.

@Keshi. Yep cool car.

Mr. J said...

That car looks awesome. But i'll still be loyal to a Ferarri ;)

Dadoji said...

Y yall eyein' mah car?????
Wipe yer drool off.

Manic Street Preacher said...

*slurp slurp slurp*
*preacher drools*

AnJaka said...

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Hiya...I like the car....Sleek n has some material!

Regards the stem cell. He is just mad...These people r crazy...I could not help but laugh at so many instances, even at the instance where he yells tht this decent society? Someone needs to let me know wht excatly decency is....

Silly veto...Things could get better but he had to shut it...His ban will be osmeones gain n he will be paying for it in the comming future.

Tamanna said...

I am so tired of him. Next thing you know, he'll be banning contraceptives cos don't you know we're all murderers. Heck, but you already know my view

MoDigli said...

Jay, I haven't heard of the Tesla company at all. Thanks so much for posting this. I think it's interesting that they would start with a roadster, sportscar version of an electric car. But it kinda makes sense. For anyone who might falsely think electric cars are wimpy or weak - this vehicle surely blows their argument out of the water!!

I'm headed out tonight to see the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" so, reading this post today was timely indeed!

Now, if we can get those 4 door models out at a reasonable price AND cleaner, greener electric energy we will REALLY be doing something!

As for the stem cell research - Bush is fine with a preemptive war in Iraq, where so many innocent Iraqi women, children, and civilian men are killed (or worse) every day; but god forbid the immoral "murder" of embryos for stem cell research.

What is wrong with this country?! Someone impeach that man!

Agarwaen Mormegil said...

hey, electric cars are a good idea. but a roadster, taht too electric!! cool.
and how about that Sen. Biden's comments on Delaware Indians??? that was funny. Delaware GOP was quickly at it. what do you think of the comment?

the stem cell veto was sad though. Bush thinks he's going to get his base to the polls by this veto. it's not gonna happen.

Raghav said...

holy hell on that car dude !!

Ameet said...

Step in the right direction. We need 'real' electric cars - not overpriced, crippled, conscience-cleaners.

Anonymous said...

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