Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ice Cream Maker!

The other day while waiting at the train station I looked across to this place selling icecream and gelatos. It was tempting being hot and all, but I decided to pass. Anyways my thoughts turned to wondering about how much fun it might be to try to make our own icecream.
Our friends the lovely B & M visited us this weekend and came bearing house-warming gifts. Voila! You can imagine our joy when it turned out be an ice cream machine, with a great recipe book included!
Thanks guys! A great gift that will be deeply treasured like your friendship.

So as soon as this post is typed up, I am off to clean it and set it up for my first shot at homemade icecream. Enough of the summer left to try out a few recipes me thinks in the coming days.

I am always amazed at *A* and how she can get creative with food. We made a few things for dinner with B & M. One of which was

an appetizer with a medley of purple and yellow potatos.

Pretty easy to make.

  • Boil some purple and yellow potatos after slicing them into halves. Peel after they have cooled.
  • Cut into smaller pieces.
  • In a pan throw in some oil, cut a green chilly into small pieces toss that in.
  • *A* then tossed in something she calls "Panch Fodan", it's a mix 5 different seeds/spices . It consists of fennel seeds, yellow mustard seeds, Fenugreek, Cumin and Carraway (kalonji) seeds. She threw in a spoonful of this mix.
  • Toss in the potatos as the mustard starts popping and roast them for a couple of minutes.
  • Add salt to taste. After it has cooled down a bit serve on wheat (or other) crackers of your choice. I have never had this before, they turned out to be very yummy. Pic below.


The Manimal said...

I have been following your culinary capers on this space! Sure sounds like you have a lot of fun when it comes to cooking something up !

Keshi said...

my my Im drooling here Jay!


Aditi said...

i have had fried purple potato with spices but that is interesting way to try it

Dadoji said...

You did write about looking at the ice-creams and not having any on that sweltering day.

Okay, forget sending all those food samples to me. Just send the ice-cream making machine instead. :-)

Jarcened said...

Yummy, ice cream and gelatos! I can add up sliced fresh strawberrie on the side with that. Drooling! baby, check us out on webdate*com and show us how you make those delicious desserts.

karmic_jay said...

@Manimal.. Thanks for stopping by.

@Keshi. :)

@Aditi.. yep a diff way of trying stuff.


@jarcened.. Ahh my first for a webdate . lol

Shitrint said...

ooooh! this looks yummy!

Mr. J said...

Maaaaannnn... I wish there was a 'send food' option apart from the publish post. It's just too delicious.. I mean the looks. :p

karmic_jay said...

@shitrint .. Thanks

@Me.. I think you mean the looks of the food right?

ishita said...

food! again! :)...i just had dinner but u got me wanting to try dis out!..."panch phodon" is used regularly here @ home (its used a lot in bengali cuisine)...and potatoes i luvvv (though i try not to eat too much...)...

*sigh*...m goin to get sum dessert...g'

opinionatedinjerzee said...

wow!! now every monday i look forward to seeing what you and "A" cooked up! lol!!

karmic_jay said...

Thanks Ishita for the info about it. I tried to ggole it, but I guess I spelt it wrong.

@Opin. :)

freespirit said...

err....where does one get purple potatoes? Where i come from they are all brown!

Teri said...

mmmm, there's nothing better than homemade ice cream!

starry nights said...

Jay. I would love to try some of your home made ice cream.I am sure it would be fun. I like those appetizers, sounds easy. have to try it.thanks for sharing the recipe.

karmic_jay said...

@freespirit.. Maybe at gourmet stores?

@Teri.. I haven't had homemade icecream that often, so this should be interesting.

@Starry.. you are welcome, good luck with the recipe.

Anand said...

Hey wow,
U have your own ince-cream maker now..what more cld u ask for!

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