Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kiss And A Gelato....

No.. I am not gonna talk about dessert and erotica (although that would be fun too ;)), but about something I made last week. Let's start with the kiss first and then on to the gelato.

Kiss = keep it simple stupid.

That is good advice to follow for the most part. Sometimes you wanna cook something elaborate and sometimes just make something real quick. This was one of those days. *A* was about 30 mins away when I started this dish, it took about 15 to make. The recipe is based on Indira's recipe to be found here. The dish is called "Chickpea Guggullu" (probably it's Telugu name?).

It apparently also serves as Temple prasadam, beach fare and yogi diet - guggullu (sundal) are comforting, quick snack item and quite easy to prepare at home also.
Let's just call it
Quick Spicy Chick Peas.

  • In a pan heat up some oil.
  • Add about 7-10 curry leaves, chopped.
  • Add One dry red chilly and 2 green chilies, chopped.
  • A bit of turmeric.
  • In a minute or so, add in a can of chick peas (439 gms) after draining off the liquid in the can.
  • Toss in some chopped tomato ( used 2 small plum tomatoes)
  • Squeeze in some fresh lime juice to taste.
  • Mix it all up, the chick peas are already cooked.
  • Add salt to taste.
  • Garnish with some chopped cilantro, finely chopped onion. Grated coconut can also be used.
Indira also says "finely chopped tomatoes, onions and green mango are also added"

This was really delicious. I am not one to praise my own moderately decent cooking. But *A* really loved it. My reward was seeing her smile as soon as she stepped in and said..Something really smells nice. The tanginess from the lime and sweet tomato, crunchy onion and the flavors of the curry leaves all blended well. The heat from the two different kind of chilies was amazing. It was not too hot and you felt the flavor and the heat in different parts of your mouth. Supposedly a snack it serves as a good accompaniment to the naans for dinner.

Mango Gelato...

As I mentioned before we got this great ice cream machine from our friends M and B. Hey guys thanks again if you are reading this post. And you guys both have to come down again so we can make some fresh, homemade ice cream for you.
To "Z" my wonderful co-worker, I promise to keep using this machine and not let it sit unused.
The recipe is from "Ice Creams & Sorbets" By Lou Seibert Pappas the great book that they also got us.

I modified the recipe to give it a more desi flavor. As the book mentions it's a great dessert following a Asian or a Moroccan meal (featuring duck or grilled pork or chicken kebabs).

  • In a saucepan combine 1/2 cup sugar (used less since I was using canned mango pulp which is already kinda sweet) and 1/2 cup water. Bring it to boil and cook until the syrup is clear. This did not take any time though. Put the pan in an ice batch and stir it till it gets too room temperature.
  • The recipe suggested using fresh mangoes and since I don't eat any mango but the Alphonso, that is what I went with. But since they are not available in the US yet, I used Ratna Alphonso mango pulp from a can (850 gms).
  • The can was already chilled, threw that in to a blender.
  • Added the sugar syrup.
  • Added one crushed cardamom after removing the skin.
  • 3 Tbsps freshly squeezed lime.
  • 2/3 cup heavy (whipping) cream.
  • Blend it for a bit to make sure everything mixed properly.
  • Pour in to the ice cream machine, I left it for 40 mins for the mix to get to it's desired consistency.
  • The mix was left for 12 hours in the freezer before it was scooped out.
It was absolutely delicious. On A's suggestion I also added some saffron. The flowers you see in the picture are from the Lantana plant in our backyard.

I work with a great bunch of folks, the immediate aisle where I work has "Z" who is just a fabulous baker. I am always surprised and eagerly anticipate when she brings her creations to share with us. I am going to take some in to work on Monday.

To any non - Desi readers, who may be interested in finding the Asian components for these dishes, can find an Asian grocery store in their town here or buy them online here.

Disclaimer: I have never bought any online and can't vouch for their service.


Ash said...

Nice recipes....must try them out!

starry nights said...

Wow! you a good cook too. the Gelato looks really good. Today was a very hot day and would have loved to taste some of it.I have had italian gelato's before but this home made one sounds great. thanks for the recipe and for sharing.What is the name of your icecream maker?

Enyur said...

Yum! Both look delicious! I actually felt like eating chick peas the other day, I think I'll try your recipe, definitely looks like a time-saver!

Aditi said...

Is it just me or does the gelato look like its set heart shaped?
nice recipies..

Keshi said...

** I am not gonna talk about dessert and erotica (although that would be fun too

I was getting all ready for a picy post :( Ok now that u reminded me of it, I'd write a post on it soon Jay ok? lol!

OMG I love spicy chick peas! YUMMMMMY!

And Gelato...Keshi faints! Ur such a chef Jay...ur wife I must say is pretty lucky :)


Shitrint said...

the mango gelato first looked like idli with sambar on it!! :P
and then i realised cant be sambar...its yummy ice cream!!!

that thing looks nice...yea chick peas..i hav had it at my southie frendz' place. but i like it more wen its spicy!!

Mr. J said...


chandni said...

in your chickpea snack..u can also add chaat masala..that's how we make it!!

tastes heavenly!!

also, As a single person, learning to cook now for the irst time, I wanna thank you for putting all this up, I get a thousand ideas for food from ur blog!

chandni said...

oh1 and also, you have been tagged...visit my blog for details ;)

karmic_jay said...

@Ash, thanks ..pretty easy too.

@Starry nights. Am an average cook. Here is the machine we have. It also comes with a recipe book, but haven't looked at it yet.

@Enyur, thks it sure is a time saver.

@Aditi.. lol you are right it is heart shaped, but it was not by design. I was trying to get a decent pic before it all melted.

@Keshi.. lol Sorry to dash your hopes about a "spicy" post. But if you are doing one, you will surely get my comments. ;-)
I am an ok cook, and with *a*'s busy schedule any help is good. n sambar.

@me.. sorry lol!

@Chandni, You are welcome. Umm chaat masala seems like a good addition to the chick peas, will try it.
Will check out the tag.

Tamanna said...

on a rainy day like today, chole chaat actually sounds real good. The gelato looks delish jay. Let's just say you had me at mango :)

karmic_jay said...

@ tamanna.. thanks. The gelato did turn out well.
A way to a woman's heart is also via being able to cook? :)

Natalie said...

Sounds delicious.

Viewer said...

wow shud try that mango icream sometime ... can it b done withputa icecream maker ???

Id it is said...

The culinary instinct in me has lain dormant for so long that there is no hope that it'll ever rejuvenate and come alive, but I really liked the "Keep it simple stupid' bit, though I wish to make a little variation on tht for my self : how about 'keep it short'n simple'

karmic_jay said...

@Natalie.. thanks.

@Viewer. I am not sure, if you can do it without an ice cream maker.

@Iditis, I agree. :)

Diana said...


Thanks for the link on Asian grocery stores. There's one in the town we shop in that I didn't know of. The one I'd found a few months ago was a bit of a disappointment.

ishita said...

i was going to bed...then i decided to surf blogs! here...and there c now I have to go get sumthin to eat!! this post left me hungry again...

and the pics were so tempting!!:)

m soo tempted to visit u and invite myself over for dinner!!!:P

oh..i got ice cream in my freezer...m outta here...

tc...have a gr8 wk ahead:)...

karmic_jay said...

@Ishita..Thks. my apologies for being the cause of that. :)

If you are in our neck of the woods, sure do visit us. Enjoy your week ahead as well.

Keshi said...

It shall be written n posted soon then ;-)


M & B said...

We would love to come back and sample one of the ice creams you have been making with your new toy. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until after our move. We are glad to see you are enjoying the gift. Thanks again for having us down. The company, the food and the new house were all wonderful.

- M & B

Piki said...

That mango gelato looks so delicious. You make me want to go out and buy an icecream maker. nd make some mango gelato RIGHT NOW!!! :)

Keshi said...

and I meant SPICY not 'picy' lol!


Anonymous said...

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