Thursday, August 10, 2006

What's A Post About Multiple Topics Called.. Multitopic Like Multigrain Cereal?

Opin tagged me.. so here goes.

Three things I would wish for if I had 3 wishes:
1. Better knees so I could run everyday instead of the 2-3 days a week that I do now.It's not I have bad knees but there is some wear after old injuries from univ days and jogging for 10 yrs.
2. World peace and an end to wars. (sounds like Ms.Universe/world kind of an answer eh?)
3. Good health and a sound, agile mind for a long ..long time.

Three things I can never forget:
My first kiss but even more the first time we held hands, we knew our relationship had moved to a different plane.
2. My first alcoholic drink, it was beer actually. I got a buzz pretty quick needless to say.
Watching someone die. I saw this woman walk in to the path of an oncoming train ages ago in Bombay, it was a suicide.

Three things (materialistic) I can't live without:
1. Cellphone
2. Laptop
3. Good food (that's not materialistic really, but what the heck)

Three people I talk to everyday: (I don't talk to 3 people everyday, I mean I have to include my colleagues to make it to 3. Ya I know I suck. lol
1. *A*
2. John.. Our train conductor, he was out on vacation for 4 weeks, he came back and boy a couple of women on the train could not wait to talk to him. He is quite a character but a good man.
3. Co-workers/D my buddy from CT.

Since we are doing threes.. Here are 3 pics..
Why Oh Why Do Men Do This To Themselves?

Port - A - Potty/ Port - A - Tub

Err Maybe The Tub Above Is For The Folks Below?

Do Not Call!

It's like 9:30 PM as I am writing this and some shmuck calls on the phone trying to sell us something. He is from some telephone company offering long distance service to India. He was calling from Bangalore. The connection was not great (would their svc have been that bad) and he had an accent. We are on a do not call registry so we don't get called by businesses trying to sell us stuff on the phone. Very politely told him he just cannot call us.
Seriously man ppl are in no mood to deal with this stuff this late in the day.

Gotta Do Politics!

The GOP which has been messing up things ever since their party took charge, has now tried to tell us how the upcoming elections in November are not about national issues but will be decided by who the incumbents are. The thing is they are so incompetent and have fracked things up so bad they can't run on that record, so they are trying think they can fool Americans again by saying the election will be mostly about how well each GOP congress man/senator up for re-election has done. But there are more polls out that indicate this is not about just how well each GOP incumbent has done his/her job, it's a national trend and the GOP are really worried.

"On just about every empirical measurement - the President's approval rating, the approval rating of Congress, and the right direction/wrong track - the political environment is as bad or worse as it was for the then-majority Democrats in 1994. For Republicans who argue that voters may be mad at Congress, but still support their local incumbent, the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll is a splash of cold water. The poll showed the lowest approval rating on the question of whether voters approve of the job of their own incumbent member of Congress - 55 percent - since 1994. More ominously for Republicans, there are no signs that the environment will get any better before November.

"Publicly released polls taken in individual districts also tell a pretty ugly story for the incumbent party in Congress. Since the beginning of this year, we have seen 38 polls released by Democrats, or Democratic-related groups, while we have seen just five public polls released by Republicans or Republican-related groups. And, when you look at the individual polls, it is easy to understand why Democrats are much more willing to disclose their numbers.

"Democrats have released polling taken in 27 districts held by a Republican. Of those, 22 incumbents were under 50 percent of the vote against their Democratic opponent and 10 incumbents were either behind or within the margin of error. Republicans have only released three polls in Republican held seats - two of which showed the Republican under 50 percent (one was Rep. Bob Ney who announced this week that he was not running for re-election)."

-- Amy Sullivan, Cook Political Report, August 9, 2006

The money quote is in the paragraph highlighted in color.


Eli said...

I'll get excited about the polls when I see some evidence that people are getting cynical about the Republicans manipulating them with gay married immigrant terrorists.

Ash said...

You've seen a woman die? Gosh!

Aditi said...

Good food is a definite must.. materialistic or otherwise..
Great pictures as always..
You were kind enough to explain to him not to call anymore.. i usually just hang up

starry nights said...

Interesting tag.learnt what you like and dislike. Nice pics.Hey the guy from Bangalore called me too wanting to sell phone service.

chandni said...

nice list of 3s there!!
I saw a train accident in bombay as well though it was an accident....and I was so close there was blood on my clothes too..cant tell u how horrible that was

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

omg i dun wanna see anyone dying/dead. It freaks me out. The only person who I found dead next to me was my dad. It haunts me to date.


Anand said...

ur train conductor..haha reminds me of the cabbies in singapore who wldnt stop talking and just listening to them was pure entertainment!

karmic_jay said...

Eli.. lol@ gaymarried immigrant terrorists.

@Ash. yup.

@Aditi. Thks. I usually am not rude or nasty. Takes a bit more to push my buttons.

@Starry.. Ye must be on some list that was sold by some company.

@Chandni. Sorry to hear that.

@Keshi. Sorry. You never forget that, you are right.

@Anand. Yep. Plus as John says it, his job can be boring, so he enlivens it by chatting with his passengers I guess.

Dadoji said...

KJ: First holding of hands. First kiss. Cool.
I remember my first drink as well - it was a spoonfull of brandy when I was 5-6.
John is quite a character. I remember your post on him.
Witnessing death is not nice.
I too used to get such phone calls when we had a land line. And the guys refused to give up. Not pleasant at all.

Keshi: I know how you feel.

Keshi said...

Jay its ok...hope ur having a good start to the weekend :)

Dadoji dun tell me u too had such a terrible experience?


karmic_jay said...

@keshi.. Not bad so far. Half my day still to go at work. How about you?

@Dadoji.. John deserves a whole new post. Lotsa interesting conversations to date. lol

Manic Street Preacher said...

hafta catch up..!!
and ges what...YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED. no biggie its a small BOOK TAG thingie. nice and small.
go to the DEAD POETS SOCIETY for details.
i know i know. life's just not fair..:)

White Magpie said...

Haha..I like your constant digs at the Prez..Hmm..I was reading a recent post in interview of a train driver..He said the suicidal people are their worst fear cuz they don't know when it's gonna happen and they cant do anything about it.
1st kiss - ***bigggggggg gryn*** was a total schmuck then hehe shucks...your three things cant live without are the three things I can live without..well not the food..

karmic_jay said...

MSP. :) I can't turn ya down, will look your place up.

@WM.. The constant digs are cos I agree with almost nothing he does and is taking us down a path to disaster.
heh @ 3 things.