Thursday, September 28, 2006

Friday Word.. It's "Pink"!

Maggie picked the Friday word. The idea is to do a post with a picture, poem story or anything that comes to mind that incorporates the word. Now before you scoot on over to her blog here you should know that you would be better off reading the post with no one looking over your shoulder and that you are like an "adult". The post is sensual and well written. I am sort of doing my bit too, but have been pretty much saddened by the this day today, given that we as a nation just threw out the writ of habeas corpus which is one of the most basic foundations of modern democracy. So I took the easy way out and here is my very modest contribution to the Friday word.

Even as I read the word "Pink", it brought to my mind the singer/songwriter who goes by the name Pink.

And some things you may or may not have known about her ..

Pink has revealed she has only seen her husband Carey Hart just three times since they married in January, because of her busy schedule.
For most couples, that would be the end of their relationship. But the feisty pop star and motocross racer keep their relationship healthy by enjoying virtual sex via webcams, she says. “I”ve seen Carey three times since the honeymoon. But our relationship”s been like that the whole time we”ve been together,” Pink revealed to British newspaper the Daily Mirror. “We”ve been going out for four or five years and we would just meet in hotel rooms. Now we do the whole webcam thing.”

Other Pink related stuff, the word not the artist..

I have not quite gotten the whole doing a new born baby girl's room in pink and dressing her up in pink? I mean why the need to demarcate this at such an early age? Growing up in India I don't recall people doing that. Wonder if that has changed now?
If here I walked up to a Mom wheeling a baby in a "pink" stroller with "pink" accessories and said "Cute baby! What is it's name?" She might likely be very offended. She might say to me Doofus! Can't ya fracking see the "pink"?
Err may be it's just me. I don't get it.

Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs

In Pink Box, photographer Joan Sinclair takes us on a journey inside the secret world of fuzoku (commercial sex) in Japan, a world where kawaii (cute) collides with consumerism and sex. Unrivaled in their creativity and the sheer number of choices, the clubs featured in this book offer their clientele every fantasy imaginable. Subway groping, visits to the nurse’s office, and comic book character encounters are just the beginning of the immense list of possibilities that are played out in colorful playrooms for adults where no detail is overlooked. Sinclair’s photographs capture it all, while an introduction by sociologist James Farrer provides a brief history of commercial sex in Japan and places the images in the context of contemporary Japanese culture.
Heh... The Japanese can be strange but hey whatever tickles their pickle..

An adicolor Pink Commercial...
It is kind of cool!


MoDigli said...

The billboard with Bush is hilarious. What must he think of all this? I can't imagine being so hated, and also being so disrespected.

The worst thing about this billboard, to me, though, is not funny at all. I looked at that thing, and thought about how disapointed I am that we have a leader who can't be respected. Can't be looked up to. Can't make us proud. I long for a day that we can have leaders who are also heroes.

Maybe someday.

Sanjay said...

@ Mo, I agree. Sorry I was switching posts when you commented. Your comments apply to my latest post and not this one. Oh well..

Keshi said...

I love love love the colro pink :) Any guesses on what color t-shirt Im wearing today? :)

The singer Pink has some great numbers. I like her.

**But the feisty pop star and motocross racer keep their relationship healthy by enjoying virtual sex via webcams

HUH for real? omg thats not good. I mean u can have sex with anyone on the net. It doesnt bring the real closeness of a married couple does it?

Wuts with the Japanese and obsession with sex? I hear there r so many sex workers in Japan...all kinds. it's shocking.


MoDigli said...

Oopsie ... You're right. I meant the comment for the other post!

Sanjay said... pink..:-). I think Pink probably only does that with her hubby, as per the piece. But who knows *shrugs*

@mo..It's one of those rare times as I was switching things. oh well.

chandni said...

Pink is way to girly a coulour for me!!!

I am in love with blue!!!

Maggie said...

I'm finding it so fun how people interpret pink. So many different feelings, and I thought it was mostly an ignored color except by mothers of pink. Speaking of which, I have a daughter now and I get so frustrated that when you go to a clothing store, the majority of the clothes for girls are pink! Jeez, there's so many fun colors out there. I loved the jumpiness of this post, its bubble gum pink fun!

Sanjay said...

@Chandni.. Blue is cool.

@Maggie..Agree. Thats what makes reading blogs so much fun. So many different ways of interpreting things.
Oy! @having to shop for your daughter's clothes and the choices being mostly pink.
Thanks for your comments.

Cacophoenix said...

That ad reminded me for some reason of 'Midas and his touch of Gold'. My favourite colour is actually black and I hate pink in any form, shape or shade. It makes me feel too girly and for some reason reminds me of airheaded people...

Sanjay said...

lol@cacophoenix. It's nice to know that you don't like pink too much either.

Mona Buonanotte said...

"Pink Box" looks really interesting...and the phrase itself, well, ya know, sex-ay....

That commercial is alluring...

Sanjay said...

@Mona.. Yes pink box is interesting adn I would like buy it just for kicks.. or whatever..

Yup the commerical was teh sexy!

Middle Kid said...

I saw your comment on Americans Amuck (I'm Smitty's sister), so I had to check out your blog. Don't forget Code Pink, the women's peace organization. We'll be welcoming Karl Rove today with our "Wall of Deceit." Pink is a very powerful color.

Id it is said...

Pinky and the Brain, a cartoon I really enjoyed. I wonder if there are any other fans for it.

Sanjay said...

Middle Kid..Hi. Thanks for stoppiing by. Way to go with the Unca Karl protest and thanks for reminding me about code pink.
I met Smitty on the way to last years anti- war rally in DC.

Id.. I have not watched that animated series. However I have heard people refer to it on another blog (Eschaton I think it was).