Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Indians Are Catching Up To Us In More Ways …

and in part 2..

Some Republicans Are Up To No Good (Not a surprise is it?)

They plan on getting fat, overweight and diabetic like the rest of us Americans ;). From the NY Times

I mean look at that picture, see them donuts? One of those has like 250 calories at least, and if they have toppings or fillings may be as high as 400 calories. That’s like at least 12% of your calorie intake right there. Several good points in the piece, some excerpted below.

In its hushed but unrelenting manner, Type 2 diabetes is engulfing India, swallowing up the legs and jewels of those comfortable enough to put on weight in a country better known for famine. Here, juxtaposed alongside the stick-thin poverty, the malaria and the AIDS, the number of diabetics now totals around 35 million, and counting.

Throughout the world, Type 2 diabetes, once predominantly a disease of the old, has been striking younger people. But because Indians have such a pronounced genetic vulnerability to the disease, they tend to contract it 10 years earlier than people in developed countries. It is because India is so youthful — half the population is under 25 — that the future of diabetes here is so chilling.

In perverse fashion, obesity and diabetes stand almost as joint totems of success.
Last year, for instance, the MW fast-food and ice cream restaurant in this city proclaimed a special promotion: “Overweight? Congratulations.” The limited-time deal afforded diners savings equal to 50 percent of their weight (in kilograms). The heaviest arrival lugged in 135 kilograms (297 pounds) and ate lustily at 67.5 percent off.

Too much food has pernicious implications for a people with a genetic susceptibility to diabetes, possibly the byproduct of ancestral genes developed to hoard fat during cycles of feast and famine. This vulnerability was first spotted decades ago when immigrant Indians settled in Western countries and in their retrofitted lifestyles got diabetes at levels dwarfing those in India. Now Westernization has come to India and is bringing the disease home.
The traditional Indian diet can itself be generous with calories. But urban residents switch from ragi and fresh vegetables to fried fast food and processed goods. The pungent aromas of quick-food emporiums waft everywhere here: Sowbakiya Fast Food, Nic-Nac Fast Food, Pizza Hut. Coke and Pepsi are pervasive, but rarely their diet versions.

The country boasts a ravenous sweet tooth, hence the ubiquitous sweet shops, where customers eagerly lap up laddu and badam pista rolls. Sweets are obligatory at social occasions — birthdays, office parties, mourning observances for the dead — and during any visit to someone’s home, a signal of how welcome the visitors are and that God is present.

In the United States, an inverse correlation persists between income and diabetes. Since fattening food is cheap, the poor become heavier than the rich, and they exercise less and receive inferior health care. In India, the disease tends to directly track income.

Oh And Some Republicans Are Up To No Good (Not a surprise is it?)

Catch Immigrants, Shoot Democrats Events Anger Some

Republicans on Tuesday distanced themselves from campaign activities that encourage college students to "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" and shoot cardboard cutouts of leading Democrats with a BB gun or paintball gun.

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean said in a letter to his Republican counterpart, Ken Mehlman, on Tuesday that such activities, reportedly put together by a GOP college organizer, "can only be described as divisive, potentially dangerous and discriminatory."

The Republican National Committee said it had no connection with Morgan Wilkins, the woman accused of organizing the offbeat campaign activities at the University of Michigan. RNC spokesman Brian Jones said "the woman has no affiliation with the Republican National Committee, and we certainly condemn this kind of behavior. It's offensive and there's no place for it." He said news reports she was hired by the RNC are incorrect.

Paul Gourley, chair of the College Republican National Committee, said Wilkins is an independent contractor hired to recruit students to the GOP, but he said the reported activities were not authorized. Wilkins declined to comment Tuesday night.

The events were reported by the University of Michigan newspaper, The Michigan Daily.

The "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" event reportedly allows participants to win prizes for catching others posing as illegal immigrants and a "Fun with Guns" event allows people to shoot cardboard cutouts of top Democrats such as Sens. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry with a BB gun or paintball gun, the newspaper reported.

Dean cited several news reports that college Republicans on other campuses were involved in events like "Catch an Illegal Immigrant. "

As chairman of America's two major political parties, we have a responsibility to elevate the political discourse in America," Dean wrote to Mehlman.

Mehlman, who has been trying to recruit more minorities into the GOP, wrote back: "I wholeheartedly agree with you that the activities you cite in your letter are reprehensible."

Mehlman said Dean's call for less divisive rhetoric was ironic, citing the Democratic chairman's earlier comments that Republicans are "a white Christian Party," and "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for."

Ken is just being dishonest here. The GOP is a party of mostly white folks, their base is dominated by Christian conservatives, which their other base (free market types) only tolerates for politically expedient reasons. And given the mess the country is under the GOP rule how can you not hate what the GOP stands for?

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Aditi said...

**Shaking head**

ishita said...

hmmmmm! after all the lovely dessert recipes...this?!? :) but seriously, this is precisely the reason why i always worry abt what i eat esp. when i eat mom's a diabetic, so was my paternal granma...and there are others in d fmly. when I was pregnant, i had gestational diabetes...hmmmm...! Otherwise I've never had any major illness...i try to be careful...

the thing that worries more is when i see obese kids...honestly, i don rem seeing these many when i was growing up. And then I have my friendly neighbors telling me "Vedant should eat more...bahot patla hai (he's very thin)!!!" huh?! coz they compare him with other "healthier" kids around...fact is, his doc's perfectly happy with his weight and hieght and lectured me on not bothering abt what ppl say as most kids nowadays are overweight and more prone to falling ill....*sigh*...changing lifestyles, better income and new food habits...hmmmm...

this was a good read sanjay...parents should read this! coz they need to ensure their kids have healthy food habits ...

ps: the dog is sooo cute...luks like my bro in law's pet "badshah"...:)...who luks huge but is such a sweet thing:)

and did i tell u this is my new id on the old blogger...switching to beta made a mess of things for me coz i cldn't post comments in non beta blogs wid my usual id...anyway, this id has a blog too but wid a solitary post directing u to my blog (hope u have no trouble viewing or leaving comments now:)!)...

karmic_jay said...

hmmmmm! after all the lovely dessert recipes...this?!? :)

Ya I know quiet a downer eh? But seriously, It's just about moderation and portion sizes. The ice cream I make usually has the following fate...It is split into 2. One half stays at home or *A* takes it to share with her folks, the other goes with me to work. So all the goodness is spread around. ;) Also I have only one scoop at a time maybe after dinner.

I agree with you about watching what you eat. My mom has diabetes too. I may be a bit too careful about what I eat (that is worth a post lol). Regular exercise too.

Interesting you should bring up kids being obese. As I was driving home heard Natl Public Radio do a teaser on obesity in India. Here is the link to the page with an audio link if you want to hear.

I also recall my mom trying to get me to be heavier, it never worked lol. I agree with what you are doing with Vedant. From the pics I have seen he looks just fine. :)

Am glad you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to pass on the NY Times link to your buddies.

Oh ye the dog is co cute, we can't wait to get a dog.
Hopefully I can comment at your place, will give it a try.

M (tread softly upon) said...

That's a lot of news for one post :)
Just looking at the pic with the women gorging on sweets is enough to give me high blood sugar!

karmic_jay said...

@M.. Information Overload eh?

starry nights said...

I read this article also, really sad. I think this comes with progress, people eating rich food and less activity.even here diabetes is so prevelant with second generation Indian immigrants.Obesity is on the rise and I think public awareness is the key.its not cute anymore to have fat kids.

karmic_jay said...

@staryy.. I agree :)

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Keshi said...

Ish join the mum's got Diabetes - dad had Diabetes when he was only 30 - died from a heart attack at 44. Both my grans had diabetes. 2 aunts died of diabetes. Now I feel like Miss.Diabetes of the world. I hope I dun get it - plzzz God atleast be kind on this one!