Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Meet The World.. Fish Have Feelings Too.. Attractiveness Scale... Bob Dylan

What if you wanted to represent the flags of the world as an area graph, and used to say something about the nation in question? How would that look? The answer below and a link here.

Icaro Doria is Brazilian, 25 and has been working for the magazine Grande Reportagem, in Lisbon, Portugal, for the last 3 years. He was the author of the flags campaign "Meet the World" that has been circulating the earth in chain letters via e-mail...
2 examples below..



Animal activists free 15,000 farmed fish to their deaths

POLICE have warned fish farmers to increase their security after 15,000 halibut were released from their cages in an attack believed to have been carried out by animal rights activists. ..

Thousands of dead fish are being washed up along the west coast of Scotland after the raid at Kames Marine Fish Farm, near Oban. The perpetrators are thought to have attacked last week. Detectives believe that the attack could be linked to a spate of other farm attacks throughout the country. ....

The fish farmer, who did not wish to be identified, said: “They claim they liberated them into the sea but sadly, as we all know, farmed animals, whether they are fish or any animals, don’t survive unless they are looked after.
The fish farmer added: “We farm them in a sustainable way. The welfare of the fish is at the forefront of our minds. Isn’t it better to have farmed fish than to be pillaging the seas where stocks are declining dramatically?”

I am sort of on two minds on this issue. No I don’t mean the vandalism by the animal rights activists. That is so clearly wrong and they ought to be punished. I mean the whole eating fish caught in the wild versus fish that is farmed.
While eating fish caught in the wild is probably better, it is clear that the seas have been over-fished and it might be better to eat farmed fish instead.

However I have reservations about this as well. I read a while back how farm raised Salmon often don’t have the lovely colored meat as wild caught salmon do. To compensate they often add color to the diet of the salmon. The other thing is the fish often are raised in closed pens which means they may be eating their own shit. Plus the possible use of additives to promote growth is something that bothers me. So I am a bit mixed on this issue. I am sure my vegetarian friends would say “It’s simple just give up meat!” ;-)

Attractiveness Scale..

Rather self descriptive me

Bob Dylan A review of his album "Modern Times " By Alex Ross from The New Yorker (Sept 18th 2006)

I absolutely love the New Yorker. Not a lot of places offer you beautifully written prose like the one below.
This is by their music critic Alex Ross. It's not online I copied it from the magazine.

“As I walked out tonight in the mystic garden / The wounded flowers were dangling from the vine”.
As usual, it is the words that seize your attention first. “Ain’t Talkin”, the last song on Bob Dylan’s deceptively mellow-sounding new album, “Modern Times”, places the listener in a landscape of sweet decay, as handsomely ruined as Dylan’s sixtysomething voice, populated by sick mules, blind horses, a missing gardner, nameless foes, some woman and the walking, weeping, brooding, ironically smiling singer. The vocal line is threadbare: it consist of just five notes, the ancient pentatonic scale. But it is the unswerving sureness of the musical choices – guitars twisting like vines around plain chord changes an intermittently keening cello, a steady pulse like dripping water – that holds you mesmerized. The protagonist seems to be searching for some sign of hope in the apocalyptic garden, and, at the last moment he finds it: after eight minutes in the mirror mode, and a sighing reference to the “world’s end” a moonbeam falls in the form of a glowing major chord. – Alex Ross.


moegirl said...

I share your position on the fish thing. Sometimes animal rights people don't think out the unintended consequences of "liberating" animals. I thought the attractiveness chart was funny.

Hey...first again.

Keshi said...

**are raised in closed pens which means they may be eating their own shit

EWWWWWWWWW! I became an instant vegetarian for a second there lol!


Aditi said...

Hmm It is kind of confusing the whole farmed fish thing. I guess if the fish was organic (like the vegetables u know instead of mass farming) it would be good right?

Sanjay said...

@Moe. Thanks. And welcome to being first! :) I guess the operative word there is "second". :)

@Aditi.. yes it would be.

Maggie said...

The Whole Foods stores sell organic fish.
I love the flags. I notice that people against Iraq war outnumber people for. Makes ya wonder...

Sanjay said...

@Maggie.. Thanks for the info about whole foods. There is one about 18 miles away which is about as close as it gets.

Oh ya the state of afairs in the US makes me wonder too. :-/

Intern said...

Ohh well, I think even agricultural farming has its drawbacks ... fertilizers, pesticides, the kind of water used for irrigation, improper storage, adding colors... everything!

However your fish talk reminds me of a documentary I saw few days back ... on "Asian Carp" fish which is non-native to this place but has invaded Illinois river and has created lots of problems with its huge appetite ... Whats interesting is that it jumps at the noise of "motor"-boats and so in the vedio-clip shown, when these boats passed, the fish were leaping from water ... and some even caused injury to people on boats. It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...


I have subscribed to the New Yorker since I was 19 and though I'm now a fan of the Atlantic Monthly there is no comparison in prose writing.

The style they have their writers use, which is pretty much uniform throughout the book, is quite beautiful.

--Animal Mind (blogspot)

priya said...

The chart was quite info' and funny too. I never knew why I never ever visited your page. Why peoples freedom misunderstood always??

Sanjay said...

@Intern.. I agree with you about the whole agri farming thing too.
I think I saw the video that you are talking about. I did not know that the fish in question was carp and that they are an invasive species.

@Animal Mind.. Wow since 19? Thats cool. I am not so familiar with the Atlantic Monthly. My wife is a huge fan of the New Yorker, we recently got the DVD with magazines from 1941 thru 2006! That should last a lifetime me thinks. Thanks for stopping by :)

@Priya. Thanks for stopping by. I am not sure why you did not stop by. I think there are too many blogs to read and not enough time. :)

MoDigli said...

I saw those flags, also. I thought they were amazing. Such a stellar way to show the inequities across the globe!

I thought the China one, with the number of 14 year olds studying VS the number of 14 year olds working in jobs was startling and disturbing.

Keshi said...

yeah lol!


del86 said...

Hey i watch The Daily Show every time i can.....NICE VIDEO. And really well done blog. I'm an argentinian dude.....are they really going to make this wall against inmigrants??? Incredible....rockandroll man!