Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pomegranate Carrot Tomato Salad

We made this last weekend, but I did not have time to write it up. This is truly simple to make and very tasty and flavorful.

  • 1 Pomegranate - seeds surrounded by the brilliant red seed pulp separated out.
  • 2 Carrots grated.
  • Tomato sliced and diced in to small pieces.
  • The above ingredients are all mixed in a bowl.
  • Add a pinch of sugar and salt to taste.
  • A few drops of freshly squeezed lime/lemon juice.
  • In a pan take a couple of spoons of oil and once the oil is hot throw in a pinch of mustard seeds.
  • Also toss in a chopped chilli pepper.
  • Once the mustard seeds start popping toss the whole mix on to the pomegranate/carrot/tomato mix.
  • Add a few dried cranberries and raisins.
  • Add a few sprigs of finely chopped cilantro.
  • Mix it all together and it's ready to eat.

I loved how the different flavors came together. The tomato and the carrot intermingled very well with the tart cranberries and the sweet plump raisins. The tanginess of the pomegranate seeds as they exploded with amazing bursts with each bite, the zestiness of the mustard seeds, the zing of the chopped peppers. I felt I was in epicurean heaven!!!

While most people eat this as a side dish/salad, I ate it like my veggies with Naan. But then again I am strange.

This picture is of a tree right outside of our home, the fruit look a bit like raspberries. The picture is from last week, today the fruit looked even more ripe. They are not edible though. I asked a few folks if they knew what the tree is, but every one has been drawing a blank.


Aditi said...

looks like that thing my gramma calls setal.
neways nice recipe..=)

Keshi said...

u r a wonderful chef Jay!


Ash said...

looks like a great salad...
must try it out!

karmic_jay said...

@Aditi/Keshi/Ash.. thanks

Cacophoenix said...

Uh..Do you have a recipe for Bell pepper chutney. I have tried my hand at it a couple of times. The first one with red bell peppers came out totally awesome, but I have no idea where I got the recipe from. Oh BTW you sound like a cook on the Food Netwerk channel. hehe

karmic_jay said...

cacophoenix.. I do. I will leave the recipe and the link to the post on your blog. Later..

Mona Buonanotte said...

I have been trying for one month solid to find pomegranates in my area. No go. What, is it off-season in the midwest? (sobbing)

karmic_jay said...

Aww Mona. Try the local Indian store or may be a health food store?

Paresh said...

Ate it like sabzi with naan...

Yep, just a li'l off center eh?

karmic_jay said...

@paresh..yup u got that right!

Id it is said...

Besides being mouthwatering, which I'm sure it is, the carrot and tomato salad is a visual delight!

Teri said...

I suspect your tree is a red (a.k.a american) mulberry.