Thursday, September 21, 2006

Simple Pleasures
Friday Update Below..
Been tagged by Tamanna and finally getting around to it. I consider myself tag neutral. If people want to tag I will usually do it (time permitting that is). I am leaving it up to the people who read this place to decide if they want to take it up. These are in no particular order, lest you think I am weird…

#1. Being able to work out, if not every day than at least 5 days a week. The thing is after my long commute, I need a way to unwind and get rid of the stress of the day. So I hit the gym at home ( I can’t let the equipment stay like that looking unused now can I?). So while for some it’s a pain, I classify that as a simple pleasure, this and my 2-3 times a week jog as well.

#2. Cuppa Chai. Or as the folks at a number of these fancy and often times overpriced coffee places call it “Chai Tea”. Heck it’s the same thing man. Chai = Tea, so just call it Chai or Indian Chai if that is what you are serving. I make a mean cup of tea with a hint of fresh grated ginger and/or other spices, which in this cool weather makes the tea esp refreshing. This is my daily responsibility and sitting with the cup of tea and reading the newspaper is one of the simpler pleasures of life.

#3. Glass of wine (preferrably a red) whilst cooking. It just relaxes me and makes me feel like one of those gourmet cooks that I am not.

#4. Onion fritters (Bhajis or Bhajjias) or Samosas on a cold rainy day. Couple this with any of the assorted dipping sauces you get at Asian groceries like Tamarind date chutney, Green Mint Chilly Chutney or Chilli and or Tomato sauce. And you are in heaven. Curl up in that Papasan chair looking out of the windows at the rain coming down and if I get to curl up with *A*..thats even better. ;)

#5. Shopping at Highland orchards farms or another local farmer’s market for fresh and preferrably locally grown produce. 69% of the Spinach we consume comes out of CA. With an increasingly centralized and consolidated agri-business it seems easy that a single breakdown like in the recent E.coli outbreak would percolate and magnify down stream. The folks who buy from local and trusted farmers often don’t have to worry about things like this. Not to mention it’s good for local farmers like the ones who run Highland Orchards here near Wilmington. I mean what’s the excuse to not shop at a family run farm that’s so close to home?

#6. Fresh home made ice cream. I love not just eating it, but the whole process of making it at as well. I have made 3 so far.. peach (not yet posted but its almost gone), strawberry and mango. It feels good to make it and see that others enjoy eating it too. Like the folks in my aisle at work and esp *A*. She is often busy with long hours cos of the nature of her profession and anything I can do to make her smile is worth it.

#7. Power naps 20 - 30 mins. Like the ones I talked about here. As soon as the light rail reaches the next stop which is like 2 mins away from work (on the way home), I am out cold either dreaming of eating something in my sleep or kissing *A* or sometimes there is nothing.

#8. Madden NFL football. Yep love the game have bought every year’s version for the past decade. Love to watch the real game as well the simulation.

#9. The touch, feel and the smell of *A* next to me. Nothing spells normalcy like *A* next to me. No matter how good or crappy the day has been, the simple, sheer unadulterated pleasure that comes from being able to be next to the one you love, always feels special. She is my security blanket and my rock as I like to call her. And I never sleep as easily when she travels out of town.

#10. The pleasure of conversations with friends over food and drink.

#11. Sex and food. It’s a toss up for me I love both and can't pick one over the other. But both are sensual and in small and frequent helpings good for the soul and the body.

Update: The friday word is "Morning" and to quote Mona .. "please feel free to sprinkle this word liberally in your blog posts today, however it opens your oyster…poem, story, photo, audio, recipe for world domination…."
My little quick (and sorry) attempt at it, sort of derives from the poem she put up. But it's more about getting in to the spirit of things rather than my lack of originality..

In the wee small hours of the morning,
That's the time you miss her most of all.

That's when the bed next to you is cold
In the early hours of the morning.
When you would rather see it mold
itself to the contours of her lovely self
Where she would lie..
a half smile on her lips
Eyes closed but open within her own world
Her hair splayed all over the bed
dark like the pools of shadows
yet to be chased away by the first blush of dawn
It was before the first blush
that he loved to watch her the most.


Keshi said...

simple 'pleasures' ha ;-)

Shopping anytime for me!

Home-made anything is GREAT.

** She is my security blanket and my rock as I like to call her.

I thought she'd be ur 'electric' blanket hehehehe.

Food n sex...I told u food has erotic qualities :):)


starry nights said...

Simple pleasures. cool post. I think home made ice cream is so much tastier too. Glass of red wine at dinner is good for me too. Really sweet how you speak of "A"..your rock. I see enough of Madden football at home, my son is like you.needs to buy the same game every year.(but he insists it is different) I only like the touch down dance.

Teri said...

What a great post. Thought-provoking, even.

I hope I can post. Your blogger beta has been eating my comments lately.

Eli said...

I'm pretty sure sex has a pretty sizable edge over food. I can go longer without sex, tho...

Ash said...

Cool! Enjoyed reading this....

Sanjay said... yup she is electric too and she always shorts me out ;)
where would I be wothout f & s.

@Starry. Thanks :) @touch down dance. *A* is my rock indeed and helps keep it real.

@Teri. Thanks and sorry that the post have been eaten. :) Yay! You are finally on blogger beta :)

@Eli.. true indeed.

@Ash thanks

Shitrint said...

lovely poem jay...
nice tag!

Paresh said...

Well I guess I need to do mine now don't I? dammit.

Anonymous said...

I can't take any credit for the poem, it's pure Sinatra, baby!

I love how you extended it, so playful and sweet and sensual.

Food and favorite things!


Sanjay said...

@shitrint.. thanks

@Paresh. Yea man you be under the gun or else it's the couch for ya ;)!

@Mona. thanks.

Cacophoenix said...

I love icecrams too..One of my greatest pleasure is waking up lsowly in the morning and just lying in bed without a thought in my head and letting the sun wash over my soul.

Jessica said...

Onion fritters sound yummy. I agree food and sex are naturally delicious.

Tamanna said...

ooh adrak wali chai with samosas.. That's a simple pleasure I didn't wirte down but I do have my own samosa monster Tee to let the world know :D

You are so sweet. I love how you talk about *A* .. have I mentioned that I get more and more curious about her? Does she blog?

Sanjay said...

@Tamanna. No she does not. She is much more of a pvt person than I am. Also she often does not have time. And as you probably guessed our views on privacy are rather different. :)

Maggie said...

I love this part:

Her hair splayed all over the bed
dark like the pools of shadows
yet to be chased away by the first blush of dawn

Excellent work.

John said...

Samosas... man, I wish I could have just one.

And 20-30 minutes of power nap.. wow, it takes me 20-30 minutes to fall asleep in the first place