Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There Are Always Pictures From Around The Web...

I have a half written post that was to go here. But the lovely Cecille, our friend from CT is visiting us, and we just got back from a lovely dinner. I am too tired to write, I had a late night yesterday(watching monday night football at home), as did the girls. *A* and C both were out late along with their friends (girls night out) to celebrate C winning an award for her achievement in her profession yesterday. Which means we all need our zzzz's tonite. So there are pictures..

Simply Red....

Gotta Get All The Crap Out And The Stench.. Oh The Stench (saw this at Watertiger's too)

Some of the comments in response to these were funny..
How can The Thinker sit perfectly still with that going up his hoohaw?

he's concentrating.
ya know if he had more fiber in his diet.....
Damn Klingons.
Bush could use that guy to follow him around in case he lets a juicy one.

Is That A Smile?

And Since Monday Was Talk Like A Pirate Day (from
Watertiger's blog)
Bush Pirate..


Keshi said...

omg that pic b4 Bush's scared me!!!


DysfunctionaL said...

johnny depp still makes the hottest pirate.
a very very hot pirate.
bush just has disturbing face- pirate or not!

Aditi said...

lolz that thinker shot was funny..

Sanjay said...


@Dysfunctional. I agre J Depp is teh hot!

@Aditi. yep

And am off to th dentist now, routine stuff, should be fun!

Shitrint said...

hilarious pics!! especially the "thinker" one!

Mr. J said...

You are tagged,

Ash said...

Interesting pictures!!

Gangadhar said...

Wow Sanjay..those pics're amazing!
And it's confirmed you 're so good at finding stuff.. :)