Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Ruminations....

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In news sure to make the Christian and other fundies go nuts…
Norway now has a exhibit about homosexuality in animals?
THE birds and the bees may be gay, according to the world's first museum exhibition about homosexuality among animals.

With documentation of gay or lesbian behaviour among giraffes, penguins, parrots, beetles, whales and dozens of other creatures, the Oslo Natural History Museum concludes human homosexuality cannot be viewed as "unnatural"...

The museum said the exhibition, opening today despite condemnation from some Christians, was the first in the world on the subject. ....

One photograph shows two giant erect penises flailing above the water as two male right whales rub together. Another shows a male giraffe mounting another for sex, another describes homosexuality among beetles.

One radical Christian said organisers of the exhibition – partly funded by the Norwegian Government – should "burn in hell", Mr Soeli said. Laws describing homosexuality as a "crime against nature" are still on the statutes in some countries.

Still, it is unclear why homosexuality survives since it seems a genetic dead-end.
Among theories, males can sometimes win greater acceptance in a pack by having homosexual contact. That in turn can help their chances of later mating with females, he said.
Those godless Norwegians ;-). But you know what they got one thing right (not that there is anything wrong with the exhibition). All the money that Norway has been earning from oil is being stashed away and that should make for a nice benefits package some day. Unlike us who are spending wayyy beyond our means here in the US.

Things Maybe We Can Learn From Others.

I read this at some site, and I can't recall where. It is something to consider when our news media here ponders questions like "Is America ready for a female president?" Or the unasked "Is America ready for a President who is a person of color/non-Christian/atheist". I mean WTF? Look at other countries but the example below says something about us here in the US, and the world has a lot we can learn from.

India which has 82% as Hindu population has a Muslim (13% of population) as a president (Dr. Abdul Kalam), a Sikh (2% of population) as Prime Minister (Dr. Manmohan Singh) and Italian Roman Catholic (2% of population) : Sonia Gandhi (born and bred in Italy) as the leader of the largest political party

Link to religious demographics of India.
How long would it take for the human footprint (human generated stuff) on earth to disappear, if all humans disappeared today?
Original picture here..

Some prisons in the US have a problem with inmates on cellphones

From NPR's All Things Considered
In several criminal cases, inmates have used cell phones to run gangs operating outside of prison, to put hits out on people, to organize drug-smuggling operations and, in one case, trade gold bullion on international markets.
But this really made me shake my head...
Last month, a warden in Texas also got a call -- from the mother of one of his inmates. She was calling to complain that her son was getting poor cell-phone reception inside the prison.

"She was paying for the service, and she felt that she should get good service out of the prison," says John Moriarity, the inspector general of the Texas prison system. "That cell-phone company assured her it was within the coverage area, and she wanted to know why they were having some difficulty getting a good cell-phone signal out of the prison."

Please someone feed this woman!

This was on yahoo as a part of some story about models or fashion. I don't have the link. But is it me or does she looks emaciated? See her rib cage?


Aditi said...

Well US is also the nation that had a lot of interest in the fact that President Kennedy was its first (only?) Catholic President
so non christian is a far way to go yet.
Also despite the liberal norms.. the minorities are barely accepted in positions of vice president much less president

that model.. well that is just fashion

and the prison bit made me laugh

About the exhibit.. well unless those christian orgs exist within Norway, who are they to police what another country does?

Aditi said...

oh and first

Maggie said...

Norway exhibit: very interesting. If I had the money I would love to go see it first hand. It would be interesting to read the research involved. Perhaps a step towards accepting that homosexual doesn't mean unnatural.

Model: I just don't get why this is considered attractive. She looks like she's been in some horrible incarceration situation. She has no curves or meat on her. This is really going way too far and is extremely unhealthy.

Sai said...

Jesus ain't gonna save no Norwegians, they sure gonna burn in hell. Homesexuality ain't what the Lord intended :-D

About the prison bit: I read something similar happening in India as well.

Please someone....please give that model something to eat! She is spending all her money on couture and nothing on food.

As always funny posts and wonderful read!

Sai said...

I read somewhere (don't remember where so cannot quote the source)about the waif look among models and the subsequent eating disorders. The article said that most male designers are gay and for them the most attractive body is one that is not curvaceous. I do not know how much of it is true or it is just speculation. It does seem logical though.

It really annoys me that the fashion magazines airbrush the photographs and young teens, with impressionable minds, are fed with these unnatural and unrealistic images of beauty.

Sanjay said...

@Aditi. I agree. Obama may have a good shot at breaking down some of those. Not to mention that he is not very polarizing as a person.

@Maggie. Yup. I think there is a lot of stuff on the web about this on the web. But yes it might be an interesting exhibit.
The model also perpetutates bad body images too.

@Sai..Thanks. I believe force feeding of the model may be in order. I mean we have done it at Gitmo so why not with her? ;-)
I did not know that about gay designers.

Shitrint said...

an interesting post there!

why am i not surprised abt birds and bees or giraffes and beetles reportedly being gay?!?! my mind tells me i shud be raising an eyebrow or two!

Shitrint said...

i heard that there was homosexuality prevalent during the times of ramayana and mahabharata...umm..dont remember where and i donno if theres proof of this stuff!

tho i disagree that homosexuality is a crime against nature. ppl who are gay dont choose their sexuality...its those genes they are born with. do they hav a choice? and those orthodox christian authorities dont understand and they come out to preach things that they are completely clueles abt!!

M (tread softly upon) said...

I had heard that fact sheet on India earlier and honestly made my heart swell up in pride.
The list you have for signs that you've grown up was incredible. Loved it :))
Hope your knee is doing better now. take care.

Sai said...


In Maharabharat, the Pandavas were hiding in the 13th year, in King Virat's kingdom, from Kauravas (Agnyatvas). Arjuna, who was cursed to be a eunuch for a year, assumed the form of a eunuch Brihanala. It is acknowledged in Indian literature as the third gender or "Napunsaka" but never judged upon. I could be wrong but I am open to being corrected. I found this link on Wikipedia and thought I might include it (

Sai said...
Sorry I couldn't add to the earlier post.

Ameet said...

Norway has surprising income parity between all social classes - and yeah - they're stashing away their oil money for the day it runs out - unlike Saudi Arabia. I would love to see that exhibit. You raise a good point about why homosexuality lives on despite being a genetic dead-end. Fascinating.

Intern said...

Norwegians have a dominant anti-Christ ... subculture ... entrenched in it's history ... from the Viking times ... Even when it comes to Rock music ... they got a very heavy metal, death metal flavor ...

I read about the report on gay tendencies in animals ... good to read about it here.

Nancy Willing said...

two neat topics for the biologist in me, thanks!

that human footprint chart is sad sad sad

Ash said...

Look at that picture!


Keshi said...

No wonder the bees near my home r flying towards Oxford St.


That pic of a skeleton scared me! Ok lets say the woman was stupid enough to bring herself to that situation but what abt the organisers of the show who put her there representing fashion n beauty? Did they have their weet-bix or r they just like her too!


Keshi said...


**Laws describing homosexuality as a "crime against nature" are still on the statutes in some countries.

Wrong. Cos that is nature to them.


Appu said...

yeah, i read that too. another tid bit: apparently in vietnam, a woman sentence to be hanged got pregnant while in solitary confinement. beat that!!!