Friday, October 27, 2006

It's Friday Finally (And It Helps That I Am Off Too!!!)

To those of you wondering where I was. I just took a small break from blogging (one day). I was out late last night (by my standards 1o:30 PM is late.. ya I am old codger now) ;). So I slept in late and am now up and nothing like blogging with a hot cuppa chai tea!

Drinking Liberally

I was at our local chapter of drinking liberally. A lot of progressive folks don't know about this, so here is a bit from their site.

An informal, inclusive progressive social group. Raise your spirits while you raise your glass, and share ideas while you share a pitcher. Drinking Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to talk politics. You don't need to be a policy expert and this isn't a book club - just come and learn from peers, trade jokes, vent frustration and hang out in an environment where it's not taboo to talk politics.
So our Delaware chapter had it's 3rd event (my first.. so I was a drinking liberally virgin as were a couple of other folks). I got to meet a bunch of fine, funny, intelligent and politically aware folks.
There were about 25-30 people at the iron hill brewery. It included people running for office, and folks working on their campaigns as well as some of the DE bloggers who I got to meet personally like Delawareliberal, donviti and tommywonk.
It was fun and I hope to be a regular at future events.
If any of you are wondering, it's easy to find a chapter in your neighborhood or even start your own.
Thanks to Jason and the anonymous Mark for the pitchers of beer and unnamed folks for the finger food!
Donviti's take on the event here.

Uses For Endangered GOP Congressmen...

You know those endangered republican congressmen in a rush to distance themselves from 'W'. There is some use for them. With credit to Joe Snitty at whose site I found it..

10. They’re naturally full of manure, so you can bury one in your garden for better tomato(e)s.

9. Tight buttocks can be used as vice grips in home improvement projects. (Warning: Could come loose unexpectedly in the presence of congressional pages.)

8. They’re spineless, so if you’re strong enough you can crack one like a bullwhip.

7. Strap them to Humvees as supplemental armor.

6. Their brain pans are too small to use at a skull keg party, but they do make great shot glasses.

5. If you pose as a military contractor or oil lobbyist, they’ll perform fellatio on demand.

4. Cover one with papier-mache and take it to a gathering of Young Republicans as a Bill Clinton pinata. It’s a hoot when they realize there’s no candy inside.

3. Make great male escorts at nursing homes, since they love screwing the elderly.

2. They’ll watch your teenage son for free while you’re out of town.

1. If you put one’s freshly-extracted heart in a cooler, it’ll keep your beer cold for almost a week.


You Named It What????

From this site, a few samples below..


meno said...

#9, that's great, even if i could do without the visual image.

Nancy Willing said...

Quite funny!
I will get to the next drinking liberally gathering because a well greased liberal crowd beats all other entertainment, no doubt!

Foodie's Hope said...

You had a little too great a break I see! Where did you get all these?Friday does a number on your brain,eh?:D:D
Hilarious though! Halloween everyday for their employees!

Ignore all'temp' and single letter alerts!!:)) I was uploading the photos,blogger doesn't do it.Now it's on and you can take a look! Happy Halloween!!

Shitrint said...

that last pic took the cake!

Id it is said...

We have 'moveon' initiating many such meeting here on a regular basis that make for some scintillating dialectic. I enjoy these sessions a lot. Just recently they showed us a controversial documentary made by none other than Moore that generated interesting responses.
Those pictures and their labels are incredible!

Shreemoyee said...

Our work group had a formal group called the boozers club with a elected for life prez, vice prez and so on, from the looks of it, the vice prez was all set for a takeover.

Ameet said...

ROFL - funny post on the whole!

Shankari said...

Those pics r hilarious. Happy Holloween!

Maggie said...

We had a little oriental (I say that because I think it was Chinese, but I'm not positive) place near one of my last work places. It was called "Eat Ho Ho Ho".

Lucia said...

Drinking liberally sounds like my kind of group!

Teri said...

"Hello." I'd answer the phone "hello."
Because I'd get a big laugh out of people asking "is the fuk...."

Appu said...

Hehehe. Great pics, and yes, i wish there were such groups in India too. Maybe i should start one. what says

Sanjay said...

@meno..Ya I could do without a lot of the images.

@Nancy.. hope to see you at the next event.

@Foodie's Happy Halloween.


@Id it is..thks

@Shreemoyee.. sounds like a coup.


@Shankari..happy halloween to you too.

@Lucia..thanks for stopping by. are quite the devil! :)


ganga said...

Awesome pics,Sanjay..Enjoyed verymuch..tnx


Sai said...

Kinda missed ur blog on thursday and friday morning!

Lol @ the post about the uses for endangered GOP Congressmen

Hilarious Photographs!

Take care and have a great weekend.

Neers said...

whoa! those were so hilarious! thanks sanjay!

Varsha said...

heh pics...

BTW you switched over to blogger beta? is it better?? How did you switch over? Me trying....

Sanjay said...


@Sai.. Thanks. I need a mini break, and I did not put up my Friday post till late in the morning.Hope you are having a good weekend too?


@Varsha..yes. Beta is a lot more easier to use and with better features. It's easy to switch over when you log in to blogger, you may see a box on the right asking you if you want to try out the new blogger beta. It's pretty simple from there, if you want back up your old template just in case.

Aditi said...

haha pretty funny!!

oldwhitelady said...

If you put one’s freshly-extracted heart in a cooler, it’ll keep your beer cold for almost a week.

I got a great laugh from that one.

MellowDrama said...

Hey sounds cool! Bit like apna desi set up tuleeho..pretty active in the metros and it aint no book club either. THey have a site too, check it out..Btw I am dead sure the pictures have been tweaked, it is too ludicrous to be true, don't you think? Hmm...