Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Musings

Midterm Elections

The midterm election is a little over a week away. I have been wanting to go to Connecticut to help out with the races there with some friends of ours. But for various reasons I have not been able to. While dollars do help the candidates. Nothing works better than volunteering and giving some time. So I spent a few hours this weekend working with a candidate. I did some phone banking, calling potential voters who were registered as independents. Being a Saturday, a lot of people were out esp with the rain from the night before all gone. So I got a lot of voice mails/answering machines.

I got a few folks on the phone who were very receptive to the candidate. A few were just impolite in that they just hung up even as I was telling them about why I was calling and the candidate!
It's a known fact in that people tend to hang up more often if the caller is a male.

I also had one guy ask me the candidate's position on gays. Chalk that one down as someone who will not vote democratic.

I also had the lovely lady sitting next to me who had a sweet down home Southern accent. Her voice had a lovely soothing quality to it. She got hung up just once.

All in all it was time well spent. I am planning on taking the day of the election off, to help out with the getting out the vote effort. This election is just too crucial to be sitting out.

So any of you American out there reading this, please do you bit. Even if you can't donate any $, but if you can volunteer a few hours phone banking, dropping off literature or helping get out the vote, please do so.

A Pumpkin Dressed Up To Look Like ....

A Big Mac..

Revolting Recipes...from here

There's Frankenstein, and then there's snot-covered Frankenstein. On Halloween, it's all about the accessories. Vomit? Blood? Flesh wounds? They're in your kitchen pantry.

On Saturday night, Sylvia Branzei brings the recipes and demonstrates how to cook up all things gross. It's part of the Lawrence Hall of Science's "Grossology" exhibition, and Branzei is an expert on grossness.

Branzei mixes up her concoctions using everyday items found in your average kitchen or medicine cabinet.
Fake blood is a mix of corn syrup, red food coloring, cocoa powder, cornstarch and water.

Vomit, her specialty, requires applesauce, lemon and unflavored gelatin brought to a boil. The crowning touches of this edible mix are corn flakes and candied fruit. Tasty and realistic.

Nothing completes a Halloween outfit like killer flesh wounds. Just mix up some petroleum jelly, a few drops of red food coloring and cocoa powder. Dip a square of bathroom tissue into this mixture and then apply to the part of your body you'd like to look wounded. For a more realistic look, be sure to mold the edges with extra jelly. "It's going to stay nice and fresh all day long,'' says Branzei.

Is That One Ugly Fish Or Is that An Ugly Fish?

This is a fathead (genus Psychrolutes) fish found on the Norfolk Ridge, New Zealand. The photo was taken by Kerryn Parkinson of the Australian Museum Fish Dept, who affectionately called it "Mr. Blobby." Link

Our Veep...


Aditi said...

I met this year old yesterday who was in love with the frankenstein hanging at their door instead of being scared of it. hehe
I shall definitely get out and vote

Eli said...

I tried phone banking, but it made me kinda miserable. It probably didn't help that it was for a state senate candidate that I'd never heard of. So now I'm doing a ton of data entry for progressive orgs instead, although I do plan on some GOTV calls on election day.

Have you seen this blog? My brother sent it to me, but it seemed perfect for you.

Sai said...

Its great that you are donating your time, which is so precious, into volunteering!

Eww to the gross recipes and the fish! That is one helluva UGLY fish!!!

Sanjay said...

@Aditi.. Hey there.. Enjoying the weather in IL?

@Eli..I think there were times I was wondering about it too, but I can be stubborn at times, so I went thru with it. This is for a local candidate too. Will check out the link.

@Sai. :-)

meno said...

Hmm, i notice that the fish and the veep look somewhat similar.....Except the fish is cuter.

Foodie's Hope said...

Hey, I am a southern lady too, in India and in US!!:))

Gross fish , I think it ate all my food! Cute burger though but not scary!! I got to check out that site with grosser(?) ideas for my next Halloween!

Have fun with that election,what more could you ask for Halloween:D

Id it is said...

Doing my bit to undo the mistake of four years ago!

Enyur said...

Love the new look of your new blog!!

lol@ the pumpkin dressed as Big Mac! That's cute!

Intern said...

It's really nice to know about your efforts in the coming elections.

Btw any chances you called and I hung up? Just kidding!

moegirl said...

The fish picture for some reason reminded me of the cartoon character Ziggy, a sad, recovering from burn surgery Ziggy.

Cheers to you for donating your time! That's awesome.

Nancy Willing said...

It is good to hear that females give better phone!!!
I am making calls for the DEM party

I also canvassed the 7th district to help Carl Colantuono against the BIG GOPer JERK Wayne Smith.

It was nice to be out in the fresh air and doing something constructive.

Sanjay said...

@meno.. lol you are right!

@Foodie. Hope you had fun.

@Id it.. you go pal!

@Enyur.. welcome back. Long time no see?

@Intern lol

@Nancy.. You go buddy!

Teri said...

Big Macs are disgusting. Ruining a perfectly good pumpkin that way... ugh.

It looks like a bad case of the McYuckies...

Shitrint said...

that burger looked yummy! and that fish was ewww...

i dunno where u get all those links like the grossology link?!?!?
ill make use of these links wen i wanna gross someone out!!