Thursday, October 19, 2006

PT..How Not To Write A Cover Letter.. Friday's Word

Physical Therapy

I also wrote the physical therapy (PT) part of the post, for one of the readers of this blog who is training to be a PT (correct me if I am wrong ok?). Not sure it makes any sense to the rest of you, you may not care but that’s ok. Just skip past it. :-)

A few weeks ago I tore the ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in my knee. There was no particular incident like a twisted knee or a contact injury that caused. I talked to the Orthopedic surgeon I am seeing. Given my history of a bad knee injury from about 20 yrs ago, and my running, coupled with the weights I have been doing probably finally caused it to give out. According to the doc I probably had a slight tear all along and it just gave out. Apparently the leg/joint is still strong and there is no buckling or locking up of the knee, neither is there any pain. The doc also wants to try a conservative approach, which means I have about month of 3 a week PT sessions intended to try to get all the other muscles/ligaments strong to try to compensate for the torn ACL. Sounds like fun?

It’s not too bad actually, compared to people recovering from more serious injuries. In a strange coincidence I have a couple of co-workers too, dealing with things like this. One has a broken foot and is on crutches with a soft cast, the other has a torn achilles. The latter is a more serious injury with a long rehab. The strange thing is we all got hurt like with a week. Some coincidence huh?

So here is what is up.

10 mins on the stationary bike. I have a cardio program that I go for. Enter my age and the resistance changes to get my heart rate to a point that apparently is ok for my age.

3 reps where I have to stand for 30 seconds on one leg each on a foam pad. Try doing this on a foam pad and not a flat firm surface, it is a bit harder. Better still try doing it with your eyes closed. You will move as you try to balance. And you can feel the muscles above your knee working to keep you upright. With my eyes closed I have not been able to stay balance for more than 15 seconds. A significant part of how we balance ourselves comes from our ability to see, take that away and its fun.

Sit on a rolling stool and hold down your hands just under the surface and propel yourself around the room (3 times). You can really feel your hamstrings with this one. I can usually feel them while I am on the second rep. Another woman taking therapy for her knee told me she really hated this exercise.

Place a band of steadily increasing tensile strength around my ankles, stand with knees slightly bent. Then move one leg sideways as far as you can as if you are taking a step. Then move the other leg to come back to a normal position. I have to move the other leg while resisting the pull of the band which can be strong. This one really makes me aware of muscles in my knee and butt that I normally not aware of.

Stairmaster with 50 lbs plates. I lean back on this machine at about 70 deg angle. My feet are on the steps and then I push them down and back up as if I am climbing steps, except that I am pushing against the 50 lb plates for about 5 mins. I just started this one this week. Was the last routine I did and is the hardest. I also do the squat jumper as well (10 x 3).

Assorted types of stretches for my leg muscles esp the quads and hamstrings. I also have to push and pull with the PT therapist holding on to my ankle and leg.

I am using the stationary bike without any issues, just not jogging yet. But the plan is to get back to that without reconstructive surgery if possible. If I have to have surgery then that is the way to go. I get antsy without physical activity too which is another reason I have to get back to where I was. I have been told that people just give up and sometimes don’t complete their PT. But I am gonna stick with this. If there is surgery I may have to sit tight for 3 weeks, Oy! That one will take some thought as far as the scheduling goes. Hope I won’t need surgery.

PS: The therapists are all good looking and in great shape both the guys and the gals. I (unfortunately) get to work with the guys!

Cover Letter For A Position At An Ad Agency (from here)

RE: Media Buyer Postion
Good Morning,
I’ve recently applied for the Junior Media Buyer/Researcher posted, and I feel it is a great opportunity for me to be employed. Reading the job description, it became very clear to me that this was something I could do. And do well. I hope we can set up and interview because it’s in the interview where I tend to shine.

So my aim is to impress your socks off, unless you don’t ware socks, then I hope to impress your shoes off. To be realistic, I don’t feel I am very qualified for this position. I understand a person with 2.5 years of sports management isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but I believe I have what it takes to be your media buyer.

I think the only qualification I have that really applies for this position is my extencive CD collection. This shows I can research and purchase media, and media related products. Media is something I have a strong passion for. Music, movies and television are large parts of my life, as well as magazines, and newspapers. It’s with that knowledge that I can certainly apply to becoming your next media buyer. I’m sure working for a “busy downtown” office would require a lot of lifting, and moving of purchased media, which I’m ok with as well.

I’m able to use a computer (sending this email is proof) and I work well with others. Another one of the benefits I bring to the table is I never have a problem with customer service. I have returned many items with no to little questions asked. I must have one of those faces people trust. I don’t cook, so most of the meals I eat are cold, and raw… so sushi is cool too.

I hope I have gone above and beyond any expectations you may have had, and proven without a doubt that I can do this job. And as for my love for dogs, pictures of some of my ex-girl friends will be available upon request.

Thanks a lot,

Friday Word

I am not sure which blogger started the Friday word thingy. Here is what we do if any opf my readers want to go with it. The friday word is "Left Behind". To quote Mona...

Feel free to sprinkle the word "Left Behind" in your blog posts for Friday, in whatever form wets your whistle...story, poem, photo, butter sculpture, recipe for world peace....
So go for it folks..


Mona Buonanotte said...

Oh man, you've GOTTA get a female PT! It's extra incentive! (When my husband had knee surgery, he would refer to his female PT as "Mistress X", and I loved hearing what she made that bad boy do....)

Thanks for the Poetry Friday word! I'm excited to see what YOU write on the subject!

Maggie said...

Sanjay, nice poetry Friday word(s). The cover letter is a hoot.

Sai said...


Hope your knee recovers soon! Sorry you have to work with the guys :-)

"Left Behind".....hmmm an interesting word. Can't wait to read what you have to say tomorrow!

Nancy Willing said...

Hey, sorry to hear about your knee.

I had to get a on a PT schedule to walk again after tearing my hip joint connectivity in a car accident.

It all went swimmingly until the lady wanted to add weights on my ankle for the leg lifts.

After one session with the weights my knees started to talk to me, pain pain I decided, no more weights!!

The next day I explained to the therapist that my knees were negatively affected by the weights and that I would not use them because it would injure my knees in as much as it might help to strengthen my legs.

I was told that I was being lazy and that I must use the weights!!!

Needless to say I quit the therapy immediately and finished the course of excersizes at home and recovered quite neicely with knees intact.

Sanjay said...

@Mona, I have to keep that in mind if I do have post surgery PT. As for the word, pls don't get your hopes too high. I suspect I am at a creativity nadir. ;)

@Maggie.. Not sure I can do a poem. ;-/

@Sai.. Thanks. It's a long process.

@Nancy.. Thanks. They should have worked with you to make sure you could do it without the pain. Thats how these ppl I go to work. But glad it worked out for you.

Teri said...

Torn ACL = OUCH!
THe boy who wrote that cover letter needs a good bitch slap - ex-girlfriends = dogs, indeed. THat's taking the memorable cover letter a shade too far, methinks.

Eli said...

In a strange coincidence I have a couple of co-workers too, dealing with things like this. One has a broken foot and is on crutches with a soft cast, the other has a torn achilles. The latter is a more serious injury with a long rehab. The strange thing is we all got hurt like with a week. Some coincidence huh?

This one guy working on this project I'm managing broke his tooth with his tongue. Another woman on the project had a root canal. I chipped a crown at lunch yesterday, and had to make an emergency appointment to get it ground down. And one of the network admins on the project has to get some dental work done tomorrow.

My manager has suggested that all the grinding and clenching and gnashing is taking its toll, but it could just be that this project is really really bad for the teeth for some reason.

Ash said...

How is your knee now ? Get well soon!

Keshi said...

ouch! Hope u'll get better soon Jay.

TC n happy Diwali mate!

Sanjay said...


@Eli. lol your project appears to have teething problems? :-)'s ok now,but to get back to where it was seems like a longish process. Thanks

@Keshi.. Thanks .U2 mate.

Paulomee said...

first of all good program for PT :) they're working ya good and hard. hehe, most of us PT's have to look good otherwise the patients dont take us seriously. im glad, ure "enjoyin" PT.
secondly ure co-worker has a torn Achilles. THOSE ARE SOOOOOO PAINFUL and sucky. my sympathies.